The Foundation Story Continued

The Foundation Story Continued-1


Chapter One


It was the time when Nexon was not overpopulated, nor there any Solaria anywhere in the Galaxy, settled by the Nexonians.

Mahārānī Ållāmāzādī Shéikħzādī Dr. Firdaus Al Saůūd Al Sabeeħā were quite restless.

Her own daughter Rājkumārī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī had termed her nympho maniac only because she celebrated the ‘Nandoī husband Paramount’ ritual as the other Mahārānīs and Rānīs did.

She had refused to do the same when she was married with then Bhārgav Chakrvartī Dashrath Bhārgav.

Rājkumārī Dr. Kaikéýī Trivédī became the third Mahārānī of Bhārgav Brahm Ayodhyā, now Durgesh Seetā Vaidéhī Bhārgav Creations.


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