Why there are differences among us?

‘Why there are differences among us?

‘Why there are differences among us?

Everybody is making too much fuss.

If I am born in a Hindu family am I responsible for it?

If you are born in a Muslim family are you responsible for it?

If he is born in a Christian family is he responsible?

If she is born in a Jew family is she responsible?

Why can’t we intermarry if we please?

Why can’t we date each other if we please?

Are we all not descendants of Adam and Eve?

If it is not so why do you pretend to believe?

Tear up your divine books if you don’t have any faith in them.

Burn them all if you don’t need any more of them.

Stop the hypocrisy of going church every Sunday.

Stop the hypocrisy of reading Namāz five times a day.

Reciting of Mantrs in the Mandirs haven’t made you a human being if,

Shame on you that you even now claim your belief.

Ved Bible and Qur’an all teach us humanity.

Are their teachings now for you mere futility?

‘We one our nest one’ I’ve found in our divine books.

Please don’t destroy our nest allowing differences and crooks.

Follow the path of love every divine book does preach.

Prosperity and true happiness will not be then out of reach.’

No differences Please!


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11 comments on “Why there are differences among us?

  1. abdulmomin says:

    Excellent Post
    Very True, I being a muslim share the same feeling. I think its high time for every one to realize that we are humans first and Hindus Muslims Christians later. We should be good kind human beings and that is what is most important.
    -Abdul Momin

  2. dsms says:

    Thanks Abdul Momin http://quransunnat.com. I’m more grateful as the response comes from you, from quransunnat.com. I’ve studied qur’an in its many interpretations. Though I’ve found almost all of them very good, I love ‘Towards understanding Qur’an’ of Maulana Maududi translated and edited by Zafar Ishaque Ansari, ‘Fee Zilalul Qur’an’ of Martyr Saiyad Qutub more impressive to me. I do’nt think Ved or Qur’an oppose it. Ved Qur’an and Bible are my routine study scriptures.
    I love them to find similarities in them. Thanks again for boosting my morale.

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  5. Ashok says:

    excellently quoted i agree wit you 100% everyone has to think over this leaving their opinion that their religion is superior and their god is almighty.

  6. tribe.net says:

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