No differences Please!

No differences please!

DSM Satyarthi

No differences please! No differences please!

Not racial, not fathial, never one of these!

No gender differences even I would like ever,

If she is a woman I’ll love her, it is clever.

I will give her every right whatever I have,

If she is in trouble, I would like her to save.

If she is a Muslim I’m Hindu if so what?

Together we each other will share every thought.

Don’t try to make us fight, keep both together,

Keep us happy, you will find, nice it is ever.

Don’t make it prestige point, try to make us love,

Humanity, friends, you find overall above.

Let’s laugh to each problem,

Weeping never better,

Even we may solve them if,

We’ll work together.

Let’s try to find everything common we have,

Keep positive ourselves ever, we should behave.

Try to find differences we have lots of them,

Try what we have in common,

Plenty they are same.

Try begin with common, try begin with common

We’ll find happiness thus, we will be in heaven

Why there are differences among us?

Why can’t  we   love each other?


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6 comments on “No differences Please!

  1. timbob says:

    Greetings. To love our neighbor as ourselves; looking not at the outward, but to the soul which is eternal.

  2. dsms says:

    Thanks for the comment and boosting my morale thus.

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  6. […] tips of our tongues met refusing to allow any discrimination on the ground of communalism, and stabbed at each other in a warm, damp, love […]

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