Whom do I worship?: DSM Satyarthi

Whom do I worship?

DSM Satyarthi

I always try to avoid personal discussions about me.

Yet, even then, I think, this question must be answered  once and  for all.

Some people are interested in knowing whom do I worship.
A moron thinks I worship some animal:
‘And you marry the dog…and worship the animal knowing it can not do anything…howcome?’

I certainly do not.
I’ve already answered him:

‘I marry you?


I married an extremely beautiful and intelligent girl, Saiyada Fatimah PhD.
I worship an animal?
Certainly not.
I never worshiped you.
I worship not even–the so called God of Abraham, Who was tired in creating the Universe in six days, and needed rest on the seventh day.
Only the morons like you can believe this nonsense.
I believe in, and worship a God:

S’ paryyagāchchhukramakāyamavrañam

asnāviragvong shuddhamapāpviddham

Kavirmaneeshee paribhooh Svambhooryāthātathyato’

Arthānvyadadhāchchhāshvateebhyah  samābhyah.

‘He has been attained from everywhere–
Bright,Bodiless, Woundless, Sinewless, the Pure that evil hasn’t pierced.
Intelligent, Analyzer, Omnipresent, Self existent, has constituted aims, ACCORDING TO FACTS,unto everlasting subjects/ years.

This very important Mantr forms the foundation of Hinduism.
It describes Eishan Param Brahm Paramatma in its unique way.
The qualities attributed to Him are–
1. He has been attained from everywhere.
It confirms another earlier revealed Ved Mantr:
Ekam sadvipra bahudha vadanti
‘The intelligent Ones call One Existence, in many ways.’
This Mantr confirms that from EVERYWHERE, He has been attained.
None missed Him.
It forms, thus, the religious democracy, Hindus practice.
2.’Shukram’Bright. He is not darkness, and doesn’t contain anything dark.
3.’Akaayam’Bodiless. He hasn’t any body whatsoever, neither He needs it.
4.’Avranam’Woundless. No body, no wound; it’s self explicit.
5.’Asnaaviram’ Sinewless. No human weaknesses at all.
6.’Shuddham’Pure.Nothing impure in Him.
7.’Apaapviddham’ that evil hasn’t pierced. A great expression, MATCHLESS. Not found anywhere else.
8.’Kavih’ Intelligent. His work is not foolish or childish.
9.’Maneeshee’ Analyzer. He is quite capable to analyze everything before constituting about it.
10.’Paribhooh’ Omnipresent. His constitution cannot be confined to any single place or time.
11.’Svayambhooh’ Self Existent. He is not dependent on anyone even for His Existence.

These ELEVEN qualities make Him perfectly capable to be worshiped by all intelligent persons.
The morons and animals can differ, if they want to.

It’s quite clear that Ved describes Eishan Param Brahm Paramatma in its unique way, in the above mentioned Mantr:  Yajurved 40|8.
Yet, it’s not the only Mantr that tells us about Him.

Hiran’y’garbhah samavartaagre
bhootasy’ jaatah patirek aaseet.
s’ daadhaar pr’thiveem dyaamutemaam,
Kasmai devaay’ havishaa vidhem?’

‘Hiran’y’garbh was present properly at the beginning. was the sole/ONLY Lord of the created elements/beings. He upheld this earth and celestial bodies/heaven. To what Divine/Lord of the created ones we constitute with sacrificial?’
Ved: 1 R’g Ved: 10|121|1; 2 Yajurved: 13|4, 23|1, 25|10; 4 Atharv Ved: 4|2|7

This Mantr is so important that it is repeated in Ved five times:
1.1 R’g Ved: 10|121|1.
2.Yajurved: 13|4.
3.Yajurved: 23|1.
4.Yajurved: 25|10.
5.Atharv Ved: 4|2|7

It is to be noted that while R’g Ved 10|121|1 introduces this Mantr, it’s repeated in Yajurved 3 times:
1.Yajurved: 13|4.
2.Yajurved: 23|1.
3.Yajurved: 25|10.

Why is it so important?
1. It says that there wasn’t any one before Eishan Param Brahm Paramatma:
‘samavartataagre”was present properly at the beginning’
2. He was NOT one of the creations:
‘was the sole/ONLY Lord of the created elements/beings.’
bhootasy’ jaatah patirek aaseet
3.’He upheld this earth and celestial bodies/heaven.’
s’ daadhaar pr’thiveem dyaamutemaam
There isn’t anything which does not depend on Him for its existence. He is the ONLY INDEPENDENT ONE for His existence too.
4.Due to these THREE reasons, He is the ONLY WORSHIPABLE:
‘To what Divine/Lord of the created ones we constitute with sacrificial?’
Kasmai devaay’ havishaa vidhem?’


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  136. […] Param Purush/the absolute man is Paraméshŧhī. He has been nominated by Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā Himself, to play the same role in the democratic system of all His infinite creations, as the […]

  137. […] “Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā, Fātimah Muħammad Åbdullah, you startled me.” […]

  138. […] term their religious idiosyncrasies their religious science, ‘Eīshān Vigyān’. They think they can fool non Hindus thus that Hinduism is […]

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  151. […] Choot International Club alright. I could hear the male voices talking of their Stavans, Ved and Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā. The female voices were referring to Allah Måshā Allah Subħān Allah every now and then. And […]

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  154. […] ‘YAATHAATATHYATAH’ ‘ACCORDI NG TO FACTS’: these are the two guidances from Eishan Param Brahm Paramatma that have made Hinduism […]

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  158. […] crude drawing of the Indian Sub Continent. It highlights our major Eīshān Vaigyānic bases that help us contain any overenthusiasm that may occur in India, Pakistan, Shri […]

  159. […] honest persons believed they had good reason for wanting that which Eīshān Vigyān doesn’t want. There is no point in humiliating them to the point where they can believe […]

  160. […] “Eīshān!” I groaned protesting her aggressiveness. […]

  161. […] Muħammad Ħasan was aware of the Eīshān Vaigyānic Whips with which they were […]

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  169. […] Subject: Varuñ, Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā and/or Param Purush/Ācharañ […]

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  197. […] “Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā! Tū méré mutålliq aesé kħayālāt rakhtā hai, aur phir bhī yah chāhtā hai ki main térī sasurāl mein jākar rahūn?” […]

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