According to Hinduism: We must be polite, not coward

According to Hinduism:

We must be polite, not coward

DSM Satyarthi

There are always some persons, everywhere, who can’t differentiate between politeness and cowardice.

Actually, they don’t want to.

Hinduism advocates politeness, not cowardice.
Angad tells  Ravan:
Ram tej bal budhi vipulaai,
Shesh sahas shat sakahin n’ gaai.
Sak sar ek shoshi shat saagar,
Tav bhraatahin poochheun Naynaagar.
Taasu vachan suni saagar paaheen,
Maangat panth, kr’paa man maaheen.’

‘Even hundreds of thousands Shesh can’t describe Ram‘s vigor, capability and vastness of wisdom.
He can dry hundreds of seas with only one arrow.
Yet, he has asked your brother.
Respecting his advice, he is asking a way from sea. He has kindness in his heart.’
Shri Ramcharit Manas: 5 Sundarkand 55|1-3

This incidence is very important to learn how we should behave, according to Hinduism.
We should not lack vigor.
It’s one thing to use our vigor unjustifiably, it’s quite another thing we lack vigor, at all.
Our Lord Ram, did not lack vigor, yet he never used it unjustifiably.
He was not incapable.
His capability was almost unlimited.
Yet, he never used his capability for anything unjustified.
He was not a fool.
The vastness of his wisdom can be seen analyzing every decision he took in his life.

Yet, he never used his wisdom to exert and impose even his decisions on others.
He always encouraged every person, who came into his contact, to express his views if he/she had a difference of opinion.
He even acted on their advices, REJECTING HIS OWN PERSONAL OPINION.
This is why he is called MARYADA PURUSHOTTAM.

But, even then, is this politeness  indefinite?
Certainly not.
Even this very incidence makes it quite clear:

‘Vinay’ n’ maanat jaladhi jad, gaye teen din beeti,
Bole Ram sakop tab, bhay’ binu hoi n’ preeti.’
‘Three days have passed. Foolish sea did not grant the request.
Lord Ram, then, quite angry, said:’There won’t be love until it isn’t afraid.’

Lachhman baan sharaasan aanoo,
Sokhaun vaaridhi vishish Kr’shaanoo.’

Laxman! bring the arrow and the bow.
with a special arrow, I’ll dry the sea.’

‘Shath san vinay’, kutil san preetee,
Sahaj kr’pan’ san sundar neetee.
Mamtaarat san gyaan kahaanee,
Ati lobhee san virati bakhaanee.
Krodhihi sham, kaamihi Hari kathaa,
Oosar beej bhaye phal yathaa.
As kahi Raghupati chaap chadhaavaa,
Yah mat Lachhiman ke man bhaavaa.’

‘Request to a wicked, Love with a wicked diplomat schemer,
Nice policy with a vowed mean,
Describing ultimate truth to an obsessed selfish,
Peace to an angry person, and the divine history of Param Purush to a sex obsessed one;
All these things are as if sowing seeds into an unfertile land.’
Speaking thus, Lord Ram became ready to throw the arrow.
Laxman appreciated this policy.’
Shri Ramcharit Manas: 5 Sundar kand: 1-5.

The lessons to learn from this incidence are:

1. Our first approach must not be aggressive, however powerful we are.
2. We should wait for a reasonable time to let our request to be granted.
3.We should not wait indefinitely.
4. If all the possibilities of peace are exhausted, we should NEVER surrender to wickedness.

5. WE MUST attack it.

It  was the policy till we flourished.
Unfortunately, there emerged some impractical persons who did not know anything of human psychology.
They advocated indefinite politeness that was never taught by Hinduism.
All the cowards praised them.
Unfortunately, cowards are always more everywhere than the brave ones.
Cowardice does not require anything to be done.
Bravery does.
So, every person who does not want to work, always supports cowardice in the disguise that they are supporting PEACE.
No, they are certainly not.
They are supporting future slavery of the entire society to the wicked.

It’s what happened with Hindus once.
If they again want to let it happen, I’ve nothing to say.
You are free to take your own decisions.

In my opinion terrorism should be fought against, if you are really a Hindu/human being.


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