‘SET THIS WOMAN for WELL DOER’: ‘Imaam naareem Sukr’te dadhaat’

‘SET THIS WOMAN for WELL DOER’: ‘Imaam naareem Sukr’te dadhaat’

DSM Satyarthi

Hinduism builds its society on SUKR’TS:
‘Udyachchhadhvamap raxo hanaathemaam
naareem SUKR’TE dadhaat.
Dhaataa vipashchit patimasyai vived,
bhago raajaa pur etu prajaanan.’

‘Stand up/Raise ye. Smite away the demons. SET THIS WOMAN for WELL DOER. Inspired holder/guardian must know especially the husband for her. The well knowing politician come first/ahead for her genital organ.’
Ved: 4 Atharv Ved: 14/1/59

Hinduism is, thus, a society of SUKR’TS WELL DOERS only.
An evil doer does not have any matrimonial rights, in Hinduism, thus; while the woman marrying him, is not bound to be a well doer.
She may be a well doer, she may be NOT.
That’s why PITR’YAGY’, Not MAATR’YAGY’.
That’s why ‘ANUVRATAH PITUH PUTRO’, not ‘Anuvratah MAATUH putro’
It’s not gender biased actually.
It’s GOOD DEED biased, to build an eternal humane society MARCHING AGGRESSIVELY TO DIVINITY always.
‘Ut devaa avhitam devaa unnyathaa punah,
Utaagashchakrusham devaa devaa jeevyathaa punah.’

‘Divine ones! Divine ones!
raise up the downtrodden.
And, Divine ones! Divine ones! Make him to live again, who hath done evil.’
Ved: 4 Atharv Ved: 4/13/1
‘Om ishe tvorjje tvaa vaayav sth’ devo vah savitaa praarpayatu shreshthtamaay’ karman’aapyaayadhvamaghnyaa’in draay’ bhaagam prajaavateeranameevaa’ayaxmaa maa v’ sten eishat maaghshagvagvonso dhruvaa’asmin gopatau syaat bahveeryajmaanasy’ pashoonpaahi.’
‘Om! for food/the energy of desire, thee. For energy, thee. Breezes are ye. Divine Creator impel, you all, to noblest work. Complete properly, Inviolable female! share for the controller of organs.Rich in offspring/subject. Free from sickness. Free from diminishing. No thief rule on you, no evil-praiser. Be constant in this master of ‘go’, numerous! Guard the cattle of the worshiper.’
-Ved: 2 Yajurved: 1/1

Lord Kr’shn’ announces:
‘Yada yada hi dharmasy’ glaanirbhavati, Bhaarat!
abhyutthaanamadharmasy’, tadaatmaanam sr’jaamyaham.

paritraan’aay’ saadhoonaam,
DHARMSANSTHAAPNAARTHAAY’ sambhavaami yuge yuge.’

‘Whenever persons feel humiliation for noble deeds, Bhaarat! and pride on evil deeds; then I create myself. To protect the nobles and to destroy the wickeds, to establish humanity leading to divinity, I do appear in every era.’
Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta: 4/7-8

‘to establish humanity leading to divinity’

What is Dharmsansthaapan?
What is establishment of humanity leading to divinity?
Destruction of wickeds: VINAASHAAY’ CH’ DUSHKR’TAAM’
Then who will remain?
To which particular well doer?
The woman HERSELF will decide it, none else:
‘Brahmcharyen’ kanyaa yuvaanam vindate patim,
anadvaan brahmcharyen’aashvo ghaasam jigeershati.’
‘By following orders of Brahm girl obtains a young husband. By following orders of Brahm a draft ox, a horse, strives to gain food.’
-Ved: 4 Atharv Ved: 11/7/18

Only the foolish and childish persons, like Hassan 007, can claim, thus, that women are not given any right in Hinduism.
If not women, who are?
The laughable thing is, that they claim, a religion, that says women have half authenticity than men for evidences in courts, a religion that does not acknowledge that a woman is raped till there are not four eye witnesses, has given more rights to womankind than Hinduism.
Even blind communalism must have some limits of its idiosyncrasies.


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