‘According to facts’: ‘Yaathaatathyatah’

‘According to facts’:


DSM Satyarthi

It’s a well known fact that Gaayatri Mantr has the same important place in Hinduism, as Kalmae Tayyaba does in Islam.
I’ve compared both, in my, now famous, article:
Gayatri Mantr and Kalmae Tayyaba:

The Gayatri mantr is:
‘Bhoorbhuvah svah!
tatsaviturvarenyam, Bhargo devasy’ dheemahi,
In Hinduism, this Mantr is called MoolMantr, Mahamantr, Mantrraj, etc.

‘Who guide our wisdom.’
In this way, principally, Hinduism is quite different from what it’s being practiced, normally, today.

Ved is the Basic book of Hinduism.
Even, Guru Granth Sahab says:
‘Asankh granth mukhi Vedpaath’.
‘Perusal of Ved is utmost important even in infinite books.’

Lord Bhagvan Buddh said:
‘Samam samaadaay’ vataani jantu
uchchhvacham gachchhati sanysatto,
Vidvaa ch’ vedehi samechch’ dhammam
n’ uchchhvacham gachchhati bhooripanyo.’

‘An ordinary person practices different rules
as per his wishes, and goes to up and downs.
BUT the intelligent person, who KNOWS VED, is TOO INTELLIGENT TO GO TO THE UPS AND DOWNS.’

Why is it so?

First of all, ‘DHIYO YO NAH PRACHODAYAT ‘Who guide our wisdom’.
Ved is interpreted wisely, and intellectually.
The second factor is:

S’ paryyagaachchhukramakaayamavra namasnaaviragvang shuddhamapaapviddham.
Kavirmaneeshee paribhooh svayambhooryaathaatathyato’art haanvyadadhaachchhaashvateebhy ah samaabhyah.’

‘He has been attained from everywhere–
Bright, Bodiless, Woundless, Sinewless, the Pure that evil hasn’t pierced.
Intelligent, Analyzer, Omnipresent, Self existent, has constituted aims, ACCORDING TO FACTS,unto everlasting subjects/ years.’

–Ved 2Yajurved: 40|8

It’s the second most important thing that’s necessary in interpretation of Ved.

‘DHIYO YO NAH PRACHODAYAT’ ‘Who guide our wisdom’
these are the two guidances from Eishan Param Brahm Paramatma that have made Hinduism IMMORTAL.


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