Muslimahs! Come to India. I recommend Hindu lovers for all the Muslimahs.: Khadeejah Muhammad

Muslimahs! Come to India. I recommend Hindu lovers for all the Muslimahs.: Khadeejah Muhammad

In Saudi Arabia Forum–
Ash wrote:
Pathetic. If those women just went and drove, the country would have no choice but to give them the right to drive. What are they gonna do? Arrest every woman in the entire country?
But no, instead they choose to submit and whine.
My friend, Khadeejah Muhammad responded to it:

‘You are right. It’s hell. All Islamic countries are real hell. Wafa Sultan is right.
I love you, Durgesh! for everything you are doing for us Muslimahs. you are a darling! I know,Hindus are better not only in bodies, but in minds as well. Muslimahs! Come to India. I invite you. Don’t pay any attention to Saudi/Pakistani bastards.India is heaven as compared to those living hells on earth, called Islamic countries. I don’t hate burqa. In fact, I myself use it. But it should not be forced, as it is in Muslim countries. India is better for us Muslimahs. We are not alone here, as India has a large Muslim population. In addition to that, we Muslimahs can have better lovers here too, Hindus I mean. Hindus treat us Muslimahs equal, not inferior to them as Muslims do. In fact, I recommend Hindu lovers for all the Muslimahs. Just try them and experience the real bliss of life.’

My same friend, KhadeejahMuhammad; elaborates it  somewhere else, when my another friend, Zubeda Sheikh; said:

<quoted text>
Hahaha. Ulloo ka Pattha. Mardua. Jealous of Hindus. We Muslimahs love Hindus very much. We hate you all morons. We are grateful to Hindus that they welcome us in their sex lives. Be jealous and die of shame.

She is right. REAL FULL UNCUT PLEASURE. That’s what we all Muslimahs want, you cut co*ks! Sorry. You lose to Hindus for ever.

Everyone can’t get the FULL REAL UNCUT PLEASURE, Zubeda! She is a damnfool and unlucky. Hahaha. Ulloo ki Patthi. Stupid bitch.’

Khadeejah Muhammad, the lioness;  goes on boldly:

Why do Muslim Women Love Hindu Penis into their Crotches Extremely?

Because they are uncut, full, as natural as made by God, extremely sexy, and faithful lifelong. I suggest even Non Muslim Women must try Hindu penis.They would also love them, and will thank me for ever. Best of luck to all womankind. Have a nice Hindu penis, you all, in your crotch. None else, ever.’

Zubeda Sheikh welcomed her:

‘Wow! What a girl you are, Khadeejah! You are brave. Bravo!’

To abc, my same friend, Khadeejah Muhmmad, said:

‘Lol. You are jealous of Durgesh. You should be. A large number of us Muslimahs love him, and we are even proud of having sexual relations with Durgesh. Don’t worry. You are getting more of it from more different Muslim young women. It’s the hardest slap, we all have decided, to slap you with. Hahaha. Ulloo ka Pattha. Mardua.’

She said:

In your dirty fight with Durgesh, WE ARE WITH DURGESH, idiot abc. Now say none have come to his side. He is fighting for our honor, not for him.
You’ve called us DURGESH‘S MOUTHPIECE RANDIS. You have to suffer for it.’

Another person says:

‘Muslim women are DESPERATE for non muslim dikck. at least this is what one concludes after seeing them behaving here.
mind you, i speak only of what i know, namely muslim women living here in canada.
one should probably expect that, once they come to our free country, and once they see that they actually can go to police and complain if their husband misbehaved toward them.
it is amazing to see the metamorphosis the go thru once they get to know canada or us.
lol, i wouldn’t wanna be a muslim man living here for anything in the world.
i screwed so mani muslim women, many married, i lost count.
in my opinion, this gives them the release valve the so need, since islam is so restrictive on them. when they see they can walk on the street uncovered and nobody gives a shit, of course they gather courage and probe their new life further.
human nature, if you want.
oh, and another thing: it is quite easy to please a muslim woman, just pay attention to her need. i felt complimented when one told me once that her husband never gave her that kind of experience. she said muslim men go in, move their arse a couple of times and that’t it, the little muslim dikck squirts and that’s the end of that.
no wonder frustration and inner fury builds up, after years of such a marriage.
i suggested her she should divorce, she can do that in canada, and guess what, she did so!
now she’s a free woman, free to choose whatever she likes.’

Wafa Sultan also says:

“ “I have decided to fight Islam; please pay attention to my statement; to fight Islam, not the political Islam, not the militant Islam, not the radical Islam, not the Wahhabi Islam, but Islam itself…Islam has never been misunderstood, Islam is the problem….(Muslims) have to realize that they have only two choices: to change or to be crushed.”[11]’

I repeat.

Isn’t it–

‘A moment of grave thinking for the entire sophisticated Muslim community’?


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