Ved: Ved Bhashy: R’gved: Mandal 7: Sookt 1: Mantr 1

Ved: Ved Bhashy:


Mandal 7:

Sookt 1: Mantr 1

DSM Satyarthi


1.Agnim naro dīdhitibhirarañyorhastchyutī janayant prashastam,

Dūrédr’sham gr’hpatimatharyum.


Padpāŧh: Agnim| narah| dīdhiti-bhih| arañyoh| hast-chyutī | janayant|prashastam|

Dūré-dr’sham| gr’h-patim| atharyum


1. 1Men, individually2, give birth to Agni3, glorious4, far-sighted5, master of the home6, vibrant7; by fingers,8 by swift movements of hands9, from two sticks10.


1. This is the seventh Mandal/Book of R’gved.

R’shi: Vasishŧh Maitrāvaruñi.

Dévtā: Agni.

Chhand/Meter: Virāŧ, 19-25 Trishŧup.

The Mandal has 104 Sookts/hymns.

The first Sookt has 25 Mantrs/Verses.

2. ‘Narah’.

Generally, in matriarchal system of life, it is believed and they feel pride in believing, that the women give birth to men and women both.

This Mantr does not contradict this popular belief.

Yet, it wants to remind something else, cold and hard fact, to its followers.

It says that certainly it’s a fact that:

‘Sā vishvāyuh sā vishvkarmā sā vishvdhāyāh’

‘She is the life of all. She is the performer/ manufacturer of all. She is the holder/ milk giver to all’.

Ved: 2 Yajurved| 1| 4

Nevertheless, we are not talking of a general matter here.

We are talking of Agni, a person who leads to light.

This person owes his/her life to his/her mother.

But, his/her transformation into Agni, into a person who leads to light, is an altogether different matter.

He/she does not owe it to his/her mother.

Instead, in the patriarchal system of Hinduism, he/she owes it to his/her father.

Hinduism/Ved advocates building a society of Sukr’ts/noble doers.

That’s why it sets the responsibility on men, individually.

It is necessary for the responsibility, set here, that the men must be, individually–

1Agni, a person who is himself enlightened and leads to light.

2.‘Glorious’ ‘Prashastam’.

3.Far-sighted’ ‘dūrédr’sham’.

4.‘Master of the home’ ‘gr’hpatim’.

5.‘Vibrant’ ‘Atharyum’.

Otherwise, he can’t build a successful and progressive family.

R’gved: Mandal 7| Sookt 104| Mantr 24


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