Ved: Ved Bhashy: R’gved: Mandal 9: Sookt 1: Mantr 1

Ved: Ved Bhashy:


Mandal 9:

Pavmān Som Mandal

Sookt 1: Mantr 1

DSM Satyarthi


1.1. Svādishŧhayā madishŧhayā pavasv Som dhārayā,

Indrāý pātavé sutah.


Padpāŧh: Svādishŧhayā| madishŧhayā| pavasv| Som| dhārayā|

Indrāý| pātavé| sutah.


1. 1In the sweetest2 and exhilarating3 stream4, Som5, purify6 for indr7, for security8, Effused9!


1. This is the ninth Mandal/Book of R’gved.

R’shi: Madhuchchhandā Mahimvat Vaishvāmitr

The word ‘Mahimvat’ is honorific, added in the name, meaning ‘glorious’.

Dévtā: Pavmān Som

i.e. The Sexual intercourse/ the couple authorized for it, that purify.

It is generally understood that the Sexual intercourse impurify the concerned couple.

This entire ninth Mandal, the entire 114 Sookts/hymns are devoted here to explain why every Sexual intercourse does not impurify the concerned couple.

There is a wide difference between the Sexual intercourse, performed to satisfy one’s animal desire; and the Sexual intercourse that is performed for the growth and survival of humanity.

Ved/Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā calls this second Sexual intercourse ‘Pavmān Som’, not the first one.

Chhand/Meter: 1 Nichr’d Gāyatrī

Svar: 1 Shadj

The Mandal/Book contains 114 Sookts/hymns.

The first Sookt/hymn contains 10 Mantrs/Verses.

2. ‘Svādishŧhayā.

Its sweetness is not for destruction.

It is for creativity:

Ath Saumyah. Somo rétodhāh. Mithun év réto dadhāti’.

‘Now, about Som. Som are the holder of semen, individually. The couple authorized for Sexual intercourse, is the only one that holds semen.’

Kapishŧhal Kaŧh Samhitā: 46|2| p. 317

3. ‘madishŧhayā’.

Exhilarating, exciting, elating, thrilling, enlivening, invigorating, lifting, bracing, and heady.

This sexual intercourse, or the couple authorized to perform it, is not exciting; because Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā wanted us all to have animal pleasure.

Ved recognizes the fact that we human beings are, basically, social animals.

Ved does not deny it.

Ved emphasizes the fact that only education and training can convert these basic animals into human beings, nothing else.

If this education and training is not arranged for, the basic animal can show his/her basic animal instincts in his/her social attitudes too:

‘Vi tishŧhantām māturasyā upasthānnānāroopāh

pashavo jāymānāh,

sumangalyup sīdémamagnim

sampatnī prati bhūshéh dévān.’

‘Let there come forth from the genital organ of this mother, animals of various forms, being born.

Beautiful benevolent! Sit down on this Agni, proper wife! confer culture to the divine ones here.’

 Ved: 4 Atharv Ved| 14| 2| 25

 R’gved: Mandal 9| Sookt 4| Mantr 10


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