Durgesh Sidrah: One More Mastermind–6

Durgesh Sidrah: One More Mastermind–6:


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

I smiled,

“Thank you, Imām Sāħab!”

“I did not praise you.”

“So you think.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your wife, Nauheed Muhammad is also included in those Musalmān Beauties.”

“Nonsense! I didn’t mean it.”

“You did not. I do.”

“You old rascal

“I’m ever young, Imām Sāħab! But you are both, old and rascal, I mean.”

“You shameless old man, fucking your granddaughters, incestuous

“I haven’t any granddaughter, idiot! If you

“You fucked my teenage daughter Asmah Imām. Shameonyou. You fuck her Ammī Nauheed Muhammad, yet

Nauheed Muhammad is glad that I’m fucking her daughter too.”

“She is mad.”

“Yes. She married you.”


“In legal parlance, Imām Sāħab! you’re avoiding my question. The question was what gave you impression that I’m representing Al Ħabībah Al Ħusain.”

“She herself told me that you would be representing her.”


“Shortly before noon.”

“You were talking with her?”

“She talked with my daughter and your beloved Asmah Imām. Now, pleased?”

“I was in my bedroom when Mrs. Deepak Khandelwal called to see me. She didn’t wait. At the moment I don’t have any legal authority to represent her.”

“Well,” Åbdullāh Imām softened somewhat, “She’ll be in to see you again. There isn’t any question at all that you are her choice for an attorney. You don’t welcome Musalmān Beauties on your visiting chairs. You welcome them in your bedroom on your bed. They get two services from you for payment of one, one of a barrister and the second, of a husband.”

“Well, if you were not impotent, you could have also done it.”

“If I’m impotent, do you claim that Asmah Imām is your daughter?”

“Asmah is my unwedded wife. And if you are not impotent, why do you act like one?”

“I do nothing of the sort. And you must bear in mind, in the Khandelwal case, that as far as a settlement is concerned; your client does not have any leg to stand on.”

“I don’t expect you to say anything else.” I smiled.

Åbdullāh Imām also smiled,

“All the Khandelwal’s property is separate property. As far as the divorce is concerned, my client has been most cooperative as far as one can go in such matters without collusion. I think you’ll understand what I mean.”

I did not say anything.

I was listening to.

If I had to protect Al Ħabībah Al Ħusain’s interests in court, in property settlements, I had to listen to him carefully.

Åbdullāh Imām went on to say,

“Of course, Deepak Khandelwal doesn’t want to see her left without money. It’ll naturally defame my client for further matrimony.”

“Is it already in the air?”


“Further matrimony.”

“Your client says there’s a Sidrah Aħmad.”

“Is there?”

“Ask your client.”


“I think your client has some exalted some high, ideas to a property settlement. It might be a good thing if she understood right at the start that she isn’t going to feather her nest at the expense of my client Deepak Khandelwal.”

I smiled,

“Isn’t there any community property?

“Not worth mentioning. Of course, we’ll make some sort of a settlement. In fact, we’ll make a generous settlement.”

“Would you care to outline your proposition?” I asked.




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27 comments on “Durgesh Sidrah: One More Mastermind–6

  1. sana shaikh says:

    salam mera naam sana hey aur main pakistan se hoon.mujhey ye sub kahanian bohat passand ayi hain is site ka mujhey merey aik hindu dost ney batay tha jis sey main roz net pe chudti hoon.plz mujhey is site ke barey main briefly batain.

    • Durgesh says:

      Thanks for the comment.
      The site is dedicated for Hindu Muslim integration in sex too.
      It’s a serious site if you read the articles posted here too.

      • Shabana says:

        durgesh aap hindi main poory poory story likha karo aur aisa show kia karo jasa muslim aurat muslim mard ko pata b nahi chalna dety aur aap sa chudwaty ha aur muslim mard ko pagal bnaty ha

  2. fatima khan says:

    w salam sana aap mujh se her baat shair ker sakite hen mujhe b bhaht acha lage hen ap mere email per muj se baaten shair kerskte hen fatimakhan520@gmail.com jo be dil men ho muje btao men wait kronge

  3. Asma says:

    mene apni aik randi momina behen ko bataya tha, jab hum namaz perhte hen aur koi hindu hamen chode tu us namaz perhne ka sawab use bhi milega, jese jab koi momina randi rukku men jaye tu use chodne ke liye hindu bhi rukku men chala jata ,tab momina sache dil se bolti he,,,ssuuubbbbbahhhannna rrabbii yalll aallla,aur udher us ke upper charrha huwa hindu jhatke marte huwe zoor se bolta he JAI SRIRAM ,JAI HANUMAN,JAI BAJRANG BALI ,,,aur usi wakt momina cheekh ke bolti he Allah rehem,,yane wo allah se dua karti he ke us pe rehem kare ,,matlab namaz men chudaye ka matlab he hindus ko tableegh karna ,aur apne nabi ka kaam poora karna ,,mere khayal men ye koi bura kaam nh he ,,ap kiya soochte hen reply me, khas tor per durgesh,, ap kahan hen mere raja durgesh ,ap ki randiyan buhut bekarar hen chudaye ke liye, plz jaldi se koi ,,muslim randi ki kahani likho,, aur han plz urdu men likho ,, OK ALLAH HAFIZ

    • Shaheen Bano says:

      Dear Asma, Assalamua Laikum, kaise ho tum behan, tumare choti si kahani se me poori tarha ittifaq karti hon, jis me tum ne poori koshish ki ha ye samjhane ki k Islam ki ya Pak Islamic chejon ki agar chudai k waqt insult karne ya chudwate waqt Islam ko degrade karne se maza aye to is me koi burai nahi ha, kion k is me kisi ka koi loss nahi ha aur koi hurt bhi nahi hota, bura to wo kam ha jis se koi dosra hurt ho, agar dono partners ko maza ata ha to fir ye bura nahi ha, balke aik tarha ha accha hi ha, k dono ko khushi milti ha, aisa kam to bar bar karna chahye jis se dosro ko khushi hasil ho. Allah ne aur hamare Rasool ne bhi farmaya ha k dosron ko khush karna to swab ka kam ha. Namaz padhte hue Sajde me hindo lund se chudwa k mujhe aur mere hindo padosi ko itni khushi hui me bata nahi sakti, wo peechya se jhatkay mar raha tha, aur me sajde me padi mu se Allah Allah kar rahi thi. Me inti hot ho gai thi k me ne end me Jai Namaz pe hi peshab kar dia tha, aur us hindo ko itna maja aya k mere andar discharge hone k bad bhi us ka lund fir se khada ho jata tha, us ne muje aik hi session me 3 bar choda. Me tum se kuch aur batain bhi share karna chahti hon behan, aur pochna chahti hon k me aur kaise maza le sakti hon religious chudai ka. Thanks k tumari choti si bat ne muje kuch kehne ka hosla dia. Mera email addrss ha shaheenbano66@yahoo.com Allah Hafiz

  4. Abdullah says:

    ARABON KI DUNIYA(IN FUTURE) wow bhai kamran ap ki aur asma ki baat mere dil k touch kar gaye ,, khas tor pe wo baat ke masjid men loudspeaker men quran ki talawat ke sath muslim aurton ki cheeken bhi sunaye den gi ,, aur dekhna jis tarah se hum ne ye tableegh ka kaam shuroo kiya he is se hum buhut jaldi he terrorrist se convert ho ke bharwa geri ka dhandha shuroo ho jaye ga ,,aur jese her masjid ka naam hota he jese jame masjid waghera,, phr ye naam kuch yon ho jayen ge,,chakla masjid, randikhana masjid,,maa ki lori masjid,,aur in masjid men humenbarabari ka sabak diya jaye ga,jesa ajkal nhi ho raha …..for example hum chakle ko buhut neecha samajhte hen aur masjid ko zyada izzat dete hen ,per un masjid men aesa nhi hoga ,un masjidon men sab aurten aur mard sath namaz perhen ge,aik taraf koi muslim namaz perh raha hoga tu doosri taraf kisi muslim larki ki chudaye hoti hogi..aur jab aazan deni hogi,tu aik aurat aazan degi ,usi wakt us ko nanga kar ke gand men danda dala jaye ga ,,tu wo aazan ko yon degi ,,,,,,,,,,,,,Alllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh uuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Akbarrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…………………………………………in masjidon ki khas baat ye bhi hogi ke ke is men islam ke sare rules sakhti se poore honge,,,,jese ke islam men he ke apne se zyada doosron ko izat do ,,tu is masjid men hindus ko zyada maza diya jaye ga jab bhi koi muslim kunwari choot masjid men laye jati hogi tu ,molana sahab hindus ka lund pakar ke us ki choot men lund dalte,,aur usi wakt azzan mil jati,aur us ke background men sexy awazen bhi shuroo ho jati ,,jese hee azan milti her hindu ko pata chal jata ke aj koi aur murghi masjid men chudegi ,tu sab apna hisa lene aa jate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,In masjidon men tablegh ka kaam buhut hota hoga,,,in men muslim aurton ko masjid men nanga kar ke hindus ke samne namaz perhne hogi ,jise dekh ke hindu unen chodte honge, jese hee muslim aurat rukku men jati hindu ko majborun rukku men jana perta jese wo sajde men jati hindu bhi use chodne sajde men jaata,isi tarah hinduon ko namaz perhne ki saadat hasil hoti hogi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ramzan shareef ke maheene men jab aftari masjidon men hoti hogi,,sare ke sare muslim hindu ke lund ke pani se aftari karte honge,,,phr usi doran chudaye shuroo hoti hogi ,,aur sari masjid men kafiron ke hansne ki awazen kehkhe honge aur muslim aurton ki cheeken gonj rahi hongi,,,,isi doran sirf JAI SIRIRAM ,,JAI HANUMAN,JAI, KRISHNA,,,,,KOI BOLTA HOGA JAI BAJRANGBALI KHOL MUSLIM KI CHOOT KI GALI,,, aur phr sab hanste honge…phr aftari ke baad sab muslim hinduon se permission lene jate honge ke aur kehte honge ke hazrat muhtram hindu sahab plz ap kuch der ke liye in behen ki lorion ,randion ko choren ,hamari namaz ka time ho gaya he,tab sab hindu hanste aur phr sab se bare lund wala hindu imam sahab ko laat mar kar gira deta aur apne sathiyon ko safe awal men laa ke khara kar deta aur kehta ,aur phr bare lund wala hindu kehta ke ,hamare lund ko sjda karo ye tumhara allah he,,phr sare muslim aesa karte,,phr muslim sab namaz men lag jate ,,aur hindu , aese muslimas ke ooper charh jate jese koi murga zabardasti murgi ke opper charh jata he aur murghi ki cheeken nikal deta he,,,,,muslim ko jab bhi wazoo karna hota hoga sab hinduon ke peshab se wuzzu karte honge ,takreebun sare ke sare safaye waghera hindu ke peesha aur virya se hoti hogi,,,,jese ke masjid ki safai men pani nhi hinduon ka peshab istmal hota hoga,,wazoo men hinduon ka peshab istemal hota hoga Aftari hinduon ke peshab se hoti hogi,,,aur jese hee muslim quran paak ki talawat ke liye quran kholta tu us men se hinduon ke peeshab ki khushboo aana lazim hota agar kisi quran se peeshab ki khushboo na aati tu us quran ko usi wakt phar diya jaat,,, masjid men hindo kahin pe bhi poti kar sakte ,,aur un ki safai muslim pe lazim hogi ,,,wo un ki poti apne munh se uthaya karte honge,,aur ye dekh ke hinduon buhut zoor se hanste honge aur imam sahab se kehte honge ,,,behen ke lore tere masjid men tu islam ke sare rukun poore kiye jate hen,,,,aur usi wakt molana sahab kehte han ab hum muslimanon men islam kamil(mukamal) ho gaya he… tabhi hindu masjid se bahar jate wakt hamen aik perchi denge aur kahen ge,,,,ke ye masjid chaklageri ,,RANDIPAN, BHARWAGERI,,,AUR BEHENCHUDAYE MEN NUMBER ONE PE HE IMAMA SAHAB,,AUR US IMAM SAHAB KA NAAM HE ABDULLAH ,,,TABHI JATE WAKT HINDU MUJH SE KEHTE TUMHARI KOI BEHEN YA BETI YA BIWI HE JISI HUM APNE YARON KE SATH SHARE KAR SAKEN ,,TU MEN ABDULLAH IMAM SAHAB KAMEENI HANSI SE UNHEN DEKHTA AUR APNE GHAR KA ADRESS UNHEN DE DIYA,, JATE WAKT MEN NE UN KE PER CHOOM LIYE HONGE,,,PHR UNHOON NE MUJHE DARHI AUR SAR KE BALON SE PAKAR KAR UTHAYA ,,AUR KAHA KE AAJ TERI MAA BEHEN BETI KI KHER NHI AAJ UN KI CHOOT AUR GAND AIK NA KARDI TU HUM HINDU NHI,,PHR UN MEN SE AIK NE KAHA IMAM ABDULLAH SAHABYE LO 1000 RUPE,,,MEN UN KO MANA KAR DETA PER YE BHARWA GERI KE ASOOL KE KHILAF THA,,,TABHI UN SAB NE MERE MUNH PE THOOKA AUR HANSTE HUWE ISLAM KE OPPER MEETHI MEETHI MAZHABI GALIYAN DETE HUWE CHALE GAYE,,,,,,,,,,,,PHR USI WAKT aik aur hindu group aaya aur ye kahan phr shuroo ho gaye…………… kahani kesi lagi reply zaroor karen tu aik aur story post karon ga.. allah hafiz

  5. Zubeidaa says:

    Durgesh me b ek kuwari muslima hu muje add karlijye please:
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  8. mumtaz ansari says:

    assalam waalaekum..
    is site ki story padhke muze apni islami bahno
    ki haqiqat pata chali..
    aur unse jalan ho rahi hai k wo asli lund ka maza le chuke..
    koi kattar hindu jiske pass aisi mazhabi chudai k pic ho to muzse rabta kare..

  9. nadia says:

    only hindu lund contact me

  10. mahakfatima tabbasum says:

    salam mera naam mahakfatima hain muja chat karna ka liya meri id maha121@yahoo.com

  11. naren says:

    how can muslim women agree with this blog story are they real person ? i have huge doubt ? but i like story

  12. sultanafarheen94@yahoomail.com says:

    me abhi online hun muja islamic baate karna hain

  13. me stories read nhi kar paa rha i m new here anyone can help me

  14. Zara says:

    How to read the stories??? PLz send me on my email.. zara.hayat008@gmail.com

  15. Maria Tariq says:

    Hello i am aa muslim girl mein boht nek naamazi larki houn mein ne aj tak sex nehi kia meri umar 22 sal hai muje garmi ati hai boht garmi nehi mita sakti gunah na ho baarao friends mein kia karun kia mein naamaz k waqt sex ka maza le sakti houn pleas tell me

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