Ved: Ved Bhashy: R’gved: Mandal 10: Sookt 1: Mantr 1

Ved: Ved Bhashy:

R’gved: Mandal 10: Sookt 1: Mantr 1

DSM Satyarthi


1.Agré br’hannushsāmūrdhvo asthānnirjaganvān tamaso jyotishāgāt

Agnirbhānunā rushtā svang ājāto vishvā sadmānyaprāh.


Padpāŧh: Agré| br’han| ushsām|ūrdhvah| asthāt| nih-jaganvān| tamasah| jyotishā| ā| agāt|

Agnih|bhānunā| rushtā| su-angah| ā| jātah| vishvā| sadmāni| aprāh


1.  1First, great Agni2, of dawns3; was high4. Came doubtlessly out of darkness5, with brightness6.

With shining light7, beautiful part8, evolved properly9, filled all the dwellings10.


1. This is the tenth Mandal/Book of R’gved.

R’shi: Trit Mahimvat Āptý

Dévtā: Agni

Chhand/Meter: Trishŧup

The Mandal/Book contains 191 Sookts/hymns.

The first Sookt/hymn contains 7 Mantrs/Verses only.

2.‘Br’han agnih’ in original text.

3. ‘Ushasām’.

It enlimits and describes a particular kind of persons who lead to light, meant here by Ved/Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā.

He must be of dawns: ‘Ushasām’.

The dawn has a quality to spread its light more and more.

It never complains that there is intense darkness, and it can’t remove the same.

It just penetrates the darkness, and goes on penetrating it more and more until there’s broad daylight.

So, the persons meant here by Ved/Eīshān Param Brahm Parmātmā are the persons who lead to light in extreme darkness.

They never complain that there’s extreme darkness so they can’t lead the others to light.

They just penetrate the darkness, and keep penetrating it until there’s broad daylight.

The second point to remember here, is that though there’s extreme darkness, the persons required to work there are NOT just literates only in Hinduism.

They must be well and fully equipped with the intense knowledge of Hinduism: ‘Br’han agnih’.

It requires a sun to penetrate the intense darkness of night.

Secondly, ‘Ushsaam’ is the plural of ‘Ushas’in shashthi.

If we carefully read  and study all the verses in Ved pertaining to ‘Ushas’ it’s quite evident the word is used for beautiful and vivacious young woman too.

Brahan Agnih Ushsaam‘ ‘Great Agni of beautiful and vivacious young women‘ means, he is not allowed to have an option of leaving the beautiful and vivacious young women. He is made for them. They are his responsibilities.

It rejects the erroneous view that the brilliant and intelligent men must pay attention to their studies only. According to this Vedmantr/verse they must pay attention both to their studies as well as to the beautiful and vivacious young women.

Why beautiful and vivacious young women especially?

Because they need men, and if the Sukr’ts are not intersted in them, ‘Dushkr’ts’, the wickeds,  are always intersted in them with making them their utmost priority.

It does not suit to the Vedic Movement of building a society of Sukr’ts.

One thing more:

‘Br’han Agnih’ ‘Great Agni’ can’t escape from his duties if the beautiful and vivacious young women are not interested in him.

He must study why is it so, if it is so, and then painstakingly he has to see that he must become their dream man. He must improve himself painstakingly so that he can pass their dream criteria of man.

They are his responsibilities after all, and he can’t leave them for dushkr’ts, the wicked ones.

4. ‘ūrdhvo asthāt’.

There isn’t any down place for this ‘Br’han agnih’.

He must remember it, and must be fully equipped and prepared for it.

That’s why it’s necessary that he must be ‘Br’han agnih’.

A person who can lead to light but is not fully equipped and prepared for reaching high, cannot penetrate the intense darkness of nescience.

‘Vidyām chāvidyām ch’

yastadvédobhayagvong sah,

avidyayā mr’tyum tīrtvā


‘The person who knoweth well both, Science and Nescience, crossing death by Nescience, by Science gaineth Endless Life.’

Ved: 2 Yajurved: 40|14

Lord Rām has demonstrated it in his life completely.

When there was intense darkness protected by Rāvañ and his almost undefeatable armies of the wicked ones, he did not send others to fight with it.

He fought with it himself and with Laxmañ.

‘Ikchhvākūñāmiyam bhoomih sashailvankānanā

mr’g paximanushyāñām nigrahānugrahéshvapi

tām pālayati dharmātmā Bharatah satývānr’juh

dharmkāmārthtatvagyo nigrahānugrahé ratah

nayashch’ vinayashchobhau

yasmin satyam ch’ susthitam

vikramashch’ yathā dr’shŧah s’ rājā déshkālvit

Tasý dharmkr’tādéshā vayamanýé ch’ pārthivāh

charāmo vasudhām kr’tsnām dharmsatānamichchhavah.’

‘This earth with its mountains, woods, and forests, even along with the authority to condone or condemn the animals, birds, and humans on it belongs to Ikshvaku-s.’|6

‘He who is virtue-souled, truth-abiding, plain-speaking, and the knower of the import of probity, pleasures, and prosperity, and the one who is concerned in controlling or condoning his subjects, that Bharat is the ruler of earth.’|7

‘In whom both scrupulousness and benignancy are there, truthfulness is firmed up, and valour as evinced by scriptures is evident, and he who is the knower of time and place is the king, namely Bharat.’|8

Holding his virtuous decree desiring to keep up the continuum of righteousness, we and some other kings are wayfaring this earth in its entirety.’|9

Aarsh Rāmāyañ: 4 Kishkindhākānd|18| 6-9

R’gved: Mandal  10| Sookt 85| Mantr 42


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