Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā: 3

Tujhé Dékhā Tujhé Chāhā

Tujhé Chodā Mainé

Aur chodtā rahūn tujhé hai bas yehī duā

‘The fifteen days of intense sex, love and lust’

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

After 12.00 PM: Pahlī Raat

Naziya Khan ne apne donon bađé bađé vishāl sudaul Pakistani Musalmān koolhe oopar uthāyé bistar se aur kaskar ek dhakkā lagāyā.

Jaantā thā main.

Yahi karégī Naziya Khan.

Naziya Khan koī pahli Pakistani Musalmān lađkī nahīn thī



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9. Mérā Piyā ghar āyā,Yā Allah! Uiiii!-1

10. Mérā Piyā ghar āyā,Yā Allah! Uiiii!-2

11. Durgesh Sidrah Aħmad aur uski Bhābhījān-1

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13. Eidul Fitr-1


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16.My Social Service: My Sex Empire: Durgesh

17. A Deep Conflict-1

18. A deserving unfaithfulness

19. A deserving unfaithfulness-2

20. I’m never ashamed of it

21. Yåqūb Family-1

22. They conspired against me

23 A secret Smile

24. A new young wife at sixty

25. My dad’s new Musalmān wife

26. The Beaming Knowledge

27. The three pregnants-1

28. The three pregnants-2

29. In the Moonlight

30. The women in my life

31. Sālī, Ammījān!

32. Now entirely secured and safe

33. She needed me extremely

34. Al Jihād fil Durgesh fī sabīlillāh

35. Kħadījah Åbdullah Bājī  seduced me

36. Her Brilliant Decisions-1

37. Her Brilliant Decisions-2

38. Her Brilliant Decisions-3

39. Her Brilliant Decisions-4

40. No Hindu, Please!

41. Only Hindus, Please!

42. Scintillating Ammī and daughter

43. I do hate hypocrisy

44. I still love Durgesh, with immense pride

45. Hell, I revolt

46. She loved me all along

47. She told the untold-1

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