Man ‘Aaman Billaahi Wa Al-Yawmi Al-’Aakhiri Wa `Amil Saalihaaan’

Man ‘Aaman Billaahi Wa Al-Yawmi Al-’Aakhiri Wa `Amil Saalihaaan’

DSM Satyarthi

When we peruse Al Qur’an Al Majeed, we find an entirely different version of Islam, from what is being practiced today by some of the everobscene persons, in the Pakistan forum.
The sixty second Aayate Kareema of AlQur’an Al Kareem states:
‘Innallazeen ‘Aamanoo Wa Allaazeen Haadoo Wa An-Nasaaraa Wa As-Saabi’een Man ‘Aaman Billaahi Wa Al-Yawmi Al-’Aakhiri Wa `Amil Saalihaan Falahum ‘Ajruhum `Ind Rabbihim Wa Laa Khawfun `Alaihim Wa Laa Hum Yahzanoon’

‘Verily! Those who believe and those who are Jews and Christians, and Sabians, whoever believes in Allāh and the Last Day and do righteous good deeds shall have their reward with their Lord, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve .’

2Al-Baqarah: 62

This Aayate Kareema had it’s proper importance in Islam before the counter revolution Islam had to face at Karbala.

After the unfortunate counter revolution, UNFORTUNATE FOR ENTIRE HUMANITY, NOT FOR MUSLIMS ALONE, Yazeed Mal’oon and his extremely selfish followers started their inhumane campaign against entire humanity setting aside this Aayate Kareema completely.
They argued, this aayat has a different meaning from what it appears to has.
What an argument!
But it was advertised with full force they could muster for the same.
It was declared that according to Islam, the Jannat is only for the Muslims.
And, who is a Muslim?
Obviously, who follows Yazeed Mal’oon and his bandits.

This Aayate Kareema states, only Eiman will not suffice, ‘Amale Saalih is also necessary.
‘Man ‘Aaman Billaahi Wa Al-Yawmi Al-’Aakhiri Wa `Amil Saalihaaan’
‘Wa ‘Amil Saalihaan’ was made as unimportant, as they could make it.

Our great morons abc to xyz, ever changing Id idiot, Jack, Shul, Leo, HKR, KBK, AAAA, Double AAAA, Triple AAAA and 99xAAAA also belong to this lobby.

Therefore, they deny all the calls for ‘Amale Saalih’ ‘Good deeds’ and insist and advocate sheer obscenity that’s quite against Islam.


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