My Social Service: My Sex Empire: Durgesh

My Social Service

My Sex Empire


I never knew that it would really transform like this, into a Social Service, as Āyeshah Siddīqah had planned after my grand affair with her.

However, that was my fate and destiny of the Muslim Beauties.

Until now I have countless regular Muslim Beauties, most of them working on high posts.

It also includes beautiful Musalmān housewives whom I love to fuck, as I would get much time to fuck and cooperation.

Even my beautiful Musalmān women friends ask me for charging for it, as the other popular most Hindu Call Boys, in city, demand.

I politely tell them that I’m not a Hindu Call Boy, like them.

I’m a social worker.

I don’t need money, moreover, by the grace of Eishan.



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9 comments on “My Social Service: My Sex Empire: Durgesh

  1. zrqdpwnhgfh says:

    X7Ugan oujvymrupxbs, [url=]cvybbdxgeehg[/url], [link=]sctcbvesdscl[/link],

  2. […] consented, eventually, for the sake of us unsatisfied Musalmān females’ […]

  3. Asma says:

    mene apni aik randi momina behen ko bataya tha, jab hum namaz perhte hen aur koi hindu hamen chode tu us namaz perhne ka sawab use bhi milega, jese jab koi momina randi rukku men jaye tu use chodne ke liye hindu bhi rukku men chala jata ,tab momina sache dil se bolti he,,,ssuuubbbbbahhhannna rrabbii yalll aallla,aur udher us ke upper charrha huwa hindu jhatke marte huwe zoor se bolta he JAI SRIRAM ,JAI HANUMAN,JAI BAJRANG BALI ,,,aur usi wakt momina cheekh ke bolti he Allah rehem,,yane wo allah se dua karti he ke us pe rehem kare ,,matlab namaz men chudaye ka matlab he hindus ko tableegh karna ,aur apne nabi ka kaam poora karna ,,mere khayal men ye koi bura kaam nh he ,,ap kiya soochte hen reply me, khas tor per durgesh,, ap kahan hen mere raja durgesh ,ap ki randiyan buhut bekarar hen chudaye ke liye, plz jaldi se koi ,,muslim randi ki kahani likho,, aur han plz urdu men likho ,, OK ALLAH HAFIZ

  4. sissycuck says:

    Reading your comment, story i become your fan & also becoming Hindu’s Golam.So keep writing more & more…………………Pls.

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