The everbest wives-22: Her Brilliant Decisions-2

The everbest wives


Chapter 1: No Hindu, Please!

Chapter 2: Only Hindus, Please! The discovery

Chapter 3: I do hate hypocrisy

Chapter 4: In the Moonlight

Chapter 5: I still love, Durgesh, with immense pride

Chapter 6: Kħadījah Åbdullah Bājī  seduced me

Chapter 7: She loved me all along

Chapter 8: My dad’s new Musalmān wife

Chapter 9: She needed me extremely

Chapter 10: Hell, I Revolt

Chapter 11: Scintillating Ammī and daughter

Chapter 12: Now entirely secured and safe

Chapter 13: The women in my life

Chapter 14: The Beaming Knowledge

Chapter 15: A Secret Smile

Chapter 16: A deserving unfaithfulness-1

Chapter 17: The three pregnants-1

Chapter 18: The three pregnants-2

Chapter 19: We both, Nādirah, and Arzumand, love Durgesh

Chapter 20: After the death of my husband

Chapter 21: Her Brilliant decisions-1

Chapter 22

Her Brilliant decisions-2

I was so confused that I hardly eat anything.

At Night, after everything finished, we slept as usual.

As I hit the bed, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

I knew that there was no way that I could do anything with Sādiā Kħalīl again.

My enjoyment was all over now.

Almost 6/7 month I was enjoying with Sādiā Kħalīl’s sleeping, extremely beautiful, Paŧhān Musalmān body.

I tried to sleep but couldn’t as I was missing my night game badly.

I stared blankly in the darkness.

Suddenly I sensed some movement on my left side.

I turned my head there.

My eyes were adjusted in the darkness that I could see everything clearly.

I realized that Sādiā Kħalīl, who was sleeping around two feet away from me, now slide near to me.

She was covering herself with chādar sheet from top to bottom.

I felt cold touch of her hand on my hand, and before I realized what was happening, Sādiā Kħalīl pulled my hand under her chādar, and put on her Paŧhān Musalmān breasts.

It was a kick you know!

My elder Paŧhān Musalmān half sister was putting my hand on her breasts.

I was still careful.

Maybe she had told her parents and they had instructed her to catch me red handed!

It was never impossible.

I acted so dumfounded that I didn’t move my hand a bit.

Sādiā Kħalīl must have sensed my apparent shock as she put her hand on me and started to squeeze her Paŧhān Musalmān breasts with my Hindu hand.

So! That’s that reason why she didn’t tell to anybody.

She liked what I was doing with her and she doesn’t have any objection.

In fact she wants me to play with her sexually, to explore her.

When I realised that how can I stay behind then?

I started to knead her Paŧhān Musalmān breasts vigorously.

Sādiā Kħalīl removed her hand from me and let me fondle her more freely.

I was in heaven.

Before, I was feeling Sādiā Kħalīl Saåūdī Årab Musalmān Boobs secretly, fearing she would wake up.

But now I could feel her Paŧhān Musalmān breasts more freely with no fear in mind.

I didn’t remember what I had done with them exactly.

I knead her breasts, squeezed, pressed and etc. etc.

All the time Sādiā Kħalīl was calm and steady allowing me to play freely with her Paŧhān Musalmān breasts.

I was hard like rock.

My Uncut Hindu Cock  was throbbing in my shorts.

After some time when Sādiā Kħalīl had had enough with her breasts, she guided my hand to her Paŧhān Musalmān crotch.

She raised her skirt all the way up to her waist under the chādar and placed my hand on her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy above her panties.

I started to play with her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy, More freely.

I was cupping her, pinching her moving my hand up and down her Paŧhān MusalmānSlit.

Sādiā Kħalīl  was hot down there.

I realised that her panties started to get wet.

That was surly new sensation for me.

Before, whenever I felt her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy, she wasn’t getting wet as she was in deep sleep.

But now, when I was feeling her defiantly, Sādiā Kħalīl  was aroused as she started to leak her Paŧhān Musalmān vaginal juices.

That was making me also wet as pre-cum started to ooze from my Uncut Hindu Cock.

Suddenly Sādiā Kħalīl placed her hand on my hard Uncut Hindu Cock  above my shorts.

I was NOT shocked, even as first time she touched my Uncut Hindu Cock .

It was evidently her next possible step.

Sādiā Kħalīl  started to move her hand up and down on my Uncut Hindu Cock , which was throbbing because of her gentle Paŧhān Musalmān touches.

That sensation was too much for me as I sensed that I would come any Moment.

Sādiā Kħalīl  must have excited too also as I sensed her beautiful smooth Paŧhān Musalmān body was shaking lightly.

She pressed her other hand on me, which was cupping her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy and pressed forcedly inside.

I felt wetness on her panties and she relaxed afterward.

I realised she came in her panties.

I was so hot realising her Paŧhān Musalmān orgasm that I explode in my pant.

Sādiā Kħalīl i sensed my orgasm also.

Every time my Uncut Hindu Cock  would twitch she would press it tightly.

We took our hands off our bodies and calmed down gradually.

After some time I went to toilet and cleaned my underpants.

Eīshān! So much cum was there in my pants.

When I returned and sleep back Sādiā Kħalīl also went to toilet afterward.

Defiantly for the cleaning etc.

By the time she returned to bed I was doze off, as it was too much for me.

Next day in the house whenever I met Sādiā Kħalīl’s extremely beautiful Paŧhān Musalmān eyes, she would give me a mischievous Paŧhān Musalmān smile.

I would meet her eyes bravely, winking at Sādiā Kħalīl.

At one time when we got some privacy she said to me,

“So Durgesh! How are you now?”

“I’m OK Sādiā darling! I thought you were angry with me. Thanks for not to tell father and Ammījān.”

“Did you enjoy last night?” she asked.

“Yes darling! I thought I would never ever get chance to feel them.” I replied her bravely. It was a big surprise when you yourself took my hand and put on your…” I diddn’t say anything further deliberately.

“Put where Durgesh?” Sādiā Kħalīl  asked mischievously.

“There! On your…”

“Oh come on Durgesh! Don’t shy! Tell me where I put your hands?”

“On your  Paŧhān Musalmān Boobs…” I said smilingly.

“On  my Paŧhān MusalmānBoobs only? Where else also?”

“On your pus… Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy also.”

“There you’re!” Sādiā Kħalīl  smiled and said, “if you’re touching my breasts and my Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy,  then don’t shy to take name of those parts. Ok?”

I nodded smiling.

“To tell you truth, Durgesh. I also enjoyed everything, and not only enjoyed, ENJOY. Only we have to take care that nobody should know about this. We can have more fun like that. Tonight more surprise will be there for you.” Sādiā Kħalīl  said smilingly and went inside.

Whole time I kept guessing what the surprise she might have for me.

At night everybody slept and in the midnight Sādiā Kħalīl slide near me.

Taking that as a signal I slipped my hand on her breasts under the Chādar.

She let me fondle her  Paŧhān Musalmān Boobs for a while from her blouse.

Then she took my hand, slide it under her blouse from bottom and placed on her bra-cupped breast.

That was much better as one layer of cloth was reduced.

I kept fondling her both  extremely enticing Paŧhān Musalmān breasts above her bra.

Fabric of her bra was so thin that I could clearly touch her erect nipples.

Some time I would pinch them with my fingers, which would cause her to twitch.

While I was fondling her Suddenly Sādiā Kħalīl raised her back and brought her hands under her back.

Then she unhooked her bra from back.

As she unhooked I felt her bra loosen front of her breast.

She then brought her hand front and put my hand on her bare Paŧhān Musalmān breasts pushing her bra up.

Wow! That was amazing!

Feeling Sādiā Kħalīl’s Paŧhān Musalmān breasts without any restriction or clothes.

That was my fantasy.

I kneaded them, squeezed them, and pressed them.

I would play with her nipples with my fingers.

I don’t know how long I was playing with Sādiā Kħalīl ‘s  Paŧhān Musalmān Boobs.

I was hard and so much excited.

After, Sādiā Kħalīl slide my hand down on her panty-covered Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy.

I started to play with her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy then.

Again another surprise came.

While I was feeling her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy,  she held my that hand, pushed her panties aside with other hand and placed my hand directly on her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy lips.

Man! That was kick!

Feeling her bare Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy.

I felt her pulic hair around her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy.

I didn’t know what to do that I just kept moving my hand on her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy lips.

Sādiā Kħalīl  was already wet, so my fingers were slipping there.

To my surprise, Sādiā Kħalīl held my two fingers and slide them between her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy lips until half of them went inside.

She showed me how to finger her and when I took rhythm she removed her hand.

I kept fingering her and Sādiā Kħalīl  started to produce more juice there.

Now she slide her hand on my hard Uncut Hindu Cock .

Sādiā Kħalīl  kept fondling it for a while and…

One more surprise??

She slipped her Paŧhān Musalmān hand inside my shorts and underpants and held my Uncut Hindu Cock .

Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā !

It felt sooo good when Sādiā Kħalīl  held my Uncut Hindu Cock .

It was heaven when she started to move her hand up and down on my Uncut Hindu Cock .

That was amazing!

I was finger fucking Sādiā Kħalīl ‘s Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy and she was jerking my Uncut Hindu Cock .

Every time when my hand touched her hard knob above her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy lips she would twitch her beautiful smooth Paŧhān Musalmān body lightly.

I realised that must be very sensitive part of hers.

I removed my fingers from her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy and started to play with that knob above her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy lips.

That was too much for Sādiā Kħalīl .

Her beautiful smooth Paŧhān Musalmān body tensed and she held tightly my wrist.

I kept playing with her and at last she came.

Her Paŧhān Musalmān orgasm was powerful that my fingers and hand was wet with her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy juice.

When Sādiā Kħalīl’s orgasm subsided she started to jerk me faster and I couldn’t hold anymore.

I exploded and came in my underpants and in her hand.

When my hard Uncut Hindu Cock  stopped twitching and got soft she removed her hand.

I wasn’t sure but in the darkness I saw that she brought her hand to her extremely beautiful Paŧhān Musalmān mouth and licked my Hindu cum from there.

Her head was covered with Chādar so I wasn’t sure whether she really did that or not.

As usual afterward we went to toilet to clean ourselves one after another.

Around two-week Sādiā Kħalīl and me kept going this night enjoyment.

Mean time whenever we had privacy we talked about our night game.

She told me that it was awkward to undo her back hook bra every time.

So she bough new front hook bra.

Now it was easy to unhook bra and freed her Paŧhān Musalmān breasts.

Also instead of pulling her panties one side and holding it there I started to slide my hand in her panties from top waistband.

So I would able to play with her pubic hair also and when she orgasmed most of her Afghan Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy juice would soak by her panties without wetting bed sheet.

Now Sādiā Kħalīl  also started to play with my Uncut Hindu Cock  more freely while sliding my shorts and underpants down.

That was comfortable for me also to get more pleasure.

One day while we were alone Sādiā Kħalīl asked me,

“So Durgesh! Are you enjoying our game at night?”

“Yes darlng! Too much! Only problem is my Chādar getting wet all the time and you could see dry Hindu cum stains on it. It is hard to keep them wothout noticing, you know.”

“Yes! I realised that Durgesh! My bed sheet also getting wet every time when I come. It’s very difficult to keep this out from Ammījān’s eyes. We have to do something for that otherwise we would get caught,” Sādiā Kħalīl  replied with worry.

After thinking for a while her lovely, stunning, extremely beautiful, Saåūdī Årab Musalmān face lit up and she said, “Don’t worry Durgesh! I have solution for that also. Do one thing only. Tonight while sleeping just announce that you are getting cold by fan air and sleep other way with your legs on my head side and your head on my legs side, ok?”

I nodded yes but couldn’t understand what she had in her mind.

In the Night as per our planning I announced and slept other way.

I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to feel Sādiā Kħalīl’s boobs in this position.

As per our previous play I was ready sliding my shorts and underpants down and holding my freed Uncut Hindu Cock .

I saw in the darkness that Sādiā Kħalīl  slide near to me much closer and down.

She pulled me closer on my side.

I guess she was also lying on her side facing me.

I felt that my Chādar was raised slightly and felt she hold my Uncut Hindu Cock  with her hand.

She started to slide it up and down on my Uncut Hindu Cock  jerking motion.

I was hard and excited.

Sādiā Kħalīl  held my Uncut Hindu Cock  at the base for a while and I felt something soft and wet things engulf my Uncut Hindu Cock .

Also I felt warm breath air blowing on my Hindu balls.

Oh Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā ! Oh Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā ! She was sucking, Sādiā Kħalīl was sucking my Uncut Hindu Cock  with her extremely beautiful Paŧhān Musalmān mouth.

That thought and sensation forced my Uncut Hindu Cock  to grow immediately.

My Uncut Hindu Cock  was throbbing in Sādiā Kħalīl’s  extremely beautiful Paŧhān Musalmān mouth.

She sucked the head of my Uncut Hindu Cock  like lollipop, then moved her extremely beautiful Paŧhān Musalmān mouth up and down taking my whole Hindu length in her extremely beautiful Paŧhān Musalmān mouth.

Feeling of her luscious Paŧhān Musalmān lips and mouth was too much for me.

After around thirty minutes I couldn’t hold anymore and ejaculated into her extremely beautiful Paŧhān Musalmān mouth vigorously.

Jet after jet I shot into Sādiā Kħalīl’s  extremely beautiful Paŧhān Musalmān mouth and surprisingly she gulped it down.

Not a single drop she missed, and drank my whole Hindu semen.

My Hindu orgasm was so powerful that I exhausted and fell on my back, with my Uncut Hindu Penis still into Sādiā Kħalīl’s extremely beautiful Paŧhān Musalmān mouth.

After around ten minutes I came in sense.

Sādiā Kħalīl really shocked me taking me in her extremely beautiful Paŧhān Musalmān mouth.

That was the most intense sexual pleasure I ever got in my life, with Sādiā Kħalīl,  at that time.
I kissed her Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy  hard.

she was pressing her beautiful smooth Paŧhān Musalmān thighs tightly.

It wasn’t long that I realised she’s cumming.

That night we both slept peacefully that we were both contented.

Next day Sādiā Kħalīl asked me, “How was that surprise Durgesh?”

“Great, darling! That was my fantasy.”

“Which one Durgesh?” she asked me teasingly, “the one I sucked your Uncut Hindu Cock  or other you kissed my Paŧhān Musalmān Pussy , tell me.”

“Both darling!” I replied proudly.

“Oh that means you were fantasising about your Paŧhān Musalmān half sister ha?”

“Yes darling!” I replied bravely, “ever since we started doing with each other I dreamt about that. Can I ask you something, darling?”

“Yes! Go ahead!”

“How did you know about those things… I mean… sucking coc… and all these thing”

“You are also 18, Durgesh! I’m only two days elder than you.Tell me then how did you know about these?”

“Me… In college we all  Hindu boys talk about Musalmān girls and everybody tells something different and new. Also…,” I said further bravely, “also some  Hindu boys have got some magazines… about sex… showing all kind of sex… you know.”

“Oh! So you’re doing all this things in the college! Talking about sex and looking dirty magazines, haa??”

“No.. No darling,” I said hurriedly, “not all the time….”

Sādiā Kħalīl  laughed and said, “don’t be afraid Durgesh! I won’t tell anybody. In fact we Musalmān girls also do the same about you Hindu boys, in the collage.”

“You mean..! You also saw those magazines?” I asked surprisingly.

“Of course I did! I mean not so much but one or two. So many Musalmān girls having sexual relations with  Hindu boys.”

“Like us darling? I mean… ”

“No.. Not like us. At least nobody told like that but with some  Hindu boys in the collage.”

“Sādiā darling! You are so beautiful and attractive. So many Hindu guys must be behind you. Have you ever had any relations… with anybody… I mean not sexually but like love or something…”

“No! No way Durgesh! My parents would kill me if I make any relations with anybody. Also it’s very dangerous with collage guys. I mean they are not very serious about relationship. They just want to enjoy and after they go to other Musalmān girls. Also if a Musalmān girl make relations with anyone he shares her with his friends.”

“What! They share the Musalmān girl??” I asked in horror.

“Yes they are! Once a Musalmān girl submitted to the  Hindu boy or makes sexual relations that he would take advantage and some time blackmail her and compel her to have sex with his Hindu friends. ”

“That is horrible Sādiā darling!” I said, “please darling! Don’t make any relations with any  Hindu boys in the collage. I cannot bear those Hindu guys sharing you.”

“Don’t worry Durgesh! I won’t do that. Perhaps I don’t need to make any relations out side when my Hindu half brother is there to satisfy me,” Sādiā Kħalīl replied playfully patting my face.

“Thanks darling!” I said happily.

After that Sādiā Kħalīl and me kept our night sex activities like that for a month or two.

Her Abbū and Ammījān never suspected anything, as we were normal half brother-half sister front of them.

Never ever in their wildest dream they would think that their 18-year-old Hindu half son is having sexual relations with their 18-year-old real Paŧhān Musalmān daughter.

We were taking all possible care not to know anyone.

In the night, while we were intimating, by chance if Ammījān or father, anybody, wake up to go to toilet we would just cover us with our chādar.

There was no way they could suspect that their kids are half-naked under sheet.

Only problem was all this game was going on in the night with darkness.

Although I had seen Sādiā Kħalīl so many times half-naked, I was dying to see her full naked or to feel her in the bright light.

We were not getting complete privacy that all the time her Abbū, Ammījān or either of them used to be there in the house.

I was waiting for opportunity to be alone with Sādiā Kħalīl in the house.

One Saturday afternoon I got back from college.

I saw that Ammījān and Sādiā Kħalīl were on the mezzanine floor cleaning old stuff.

As I told before, one wooden loft floor was there in our living room.

Normally we used it as a storeroom or to keep things, which we don’t use, daily basis.

Access of that loft floor was one wooden ladder, which we keep outside in the passage if we don’t use.

When I saw that, I went up by ladder to help them.

When we were done with major things Ammījān told us to continue and went down to do other jobs.

After some time Ammījān shouted from down that she was going out to purchase something and would be back in a hour.

She instructed to keep eye downstairs if somebody comes, and she left.

Now I was alone with Sādiā Kħalīl in the house on mezzanine floor.

I thought that as a great opportunity.

I saw she was sorting some magazines on the table.

I went behind her and put my hands on her lovely, stunning, extremely smooth, extremely beautiful, Paŧhān Musalmān buttocks.

She kept doing her things ignoring me.

I started to move my Hindu hands up and down from her lovely, stunning, extremely smooth, extremely beautiful, Paŧhān Musalmān buttocks to her armpits.

Seeing no resistance from her, I slide my hand front on her belly.

Then slowly I raised my hand under her breasts.

And finally I cupped her Paŧhān Musalmān breasts with both my Hindu hands from behind.

Sādiā Kħalīl stopped what she was doing.

I kept my hand on her  Paŧhān Musalmān Boobs for a while then started to squeeze them gently.

Sādiā Kħalīl turned to face me.

When our eyes met, we smiled to each other.

She asked me, “What are you doing, Durgesh?”

“Nothing, darling!” I replied cunningly, “just feeling your boo…  Paŧhān Musalmān Boobs.”

“What? you’re not getting enough in the night?” she asked teasingly.

“yah! But couldn’t hold back when I see them now.”

“Do you want we get caught?”

“How can we get caught? We are alone here. Ammījān is not down stair.”

“What if somebody comes from outside?” she still teased me.

“If anybody came downstairs we’ll know. And if anybody wanted to come upstairs they have to position this properly,” saying that I straightened up ladder at loft entrance and looked at her smilingly.

“Very smart  Hindu boy Haa!” Sādiā Kħalīl smiled back to me.

“So am I! After all I am your practical husband now. Smart Paŧhān Musalmān wife’s smart Hindu husband.”

And we both laughed loudly.

“Ok now! Don’t talk too much and come here.”

I went closer to her.

“What do you want to do my Hindu husband?” Sādiā Kħalīl asked me.

I kept staring at her breasts, that stood proudly in front of my eyes.

“Are you going to stare those only or want to do anything?” she said mischievously.

I placed my both hands boldly on Sādiā Kħalīl’s  extremely enticing Paŧhān Musalmān breasts Looking directly in her beautiful Paŧhān Musalmān eyes  and squeezed them hardly.

She sighed and closed her beautiful Paŧhān Musalmān eyes  in anticipation.

I kept fondling her Paŧhān Musalmān breasts for a while.

“Darling, my Paŧhān Musalmān wife! Can I ask you something?”

She opened her beautiful Paŧhān Musalmān eyes  and looked at me,

“What’s that Durgesh?”

“Can you show me your…. this,” I squeezed her breasts hard to indicate.

Chapter 23: Her Brilliant decisions-3


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