Counter Revolution

Counter Revolution

DSM Satyarthi

1. Why does counter-revolution take place even to the best revolution, sooner or later?

2. What can be done to stop it for ever?

3. Even the best revolution can’t convert everyone to his/her optimum.

4. The part less optimum, in everyone, is negligent, at least somewhat, to the persons who were not with the revolution, but now have submitted, due to the success of the revolution.

4. The persons against revolution capitalize on it.

5. They build their strategy on it to counter revolt.

6. How did it happen with Islam , and why and how did Yazīd Malåūn succeed?

7. Why did Ħazrat Ålīrzu not revolt against Ħazrat Siddīq-e-Åāzamrzu, Ħazrat Fārūq- e-Åāzamrzu and Ħazrat Ůsmān Ghanīrzu?

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Counter Revolution