Family in Hinduism and West

Family in Hinduism and West

DSM Satyarthi

Some of the Hindus are blindly imitating the West without thinking, without paying proper attention to it, and even without studying it properly.

Hinduism/Ved does not want us to imitate anyone blindly.

Our basic Mantr even is Gāyatrī Mantr.

It instructs us not to follow even Ved blindly.

It says:

Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt’.

Who impel our wisdoms.’

Thus, even Ved must be understood and followed using our wisdoms, ‘dhiyah’, not blindly.

Moreover, it must be understood and followed according to facts:


I can’t understand how even the educated persons behave so foolishly and so childishly, as they do unfortunately.

Everything that shines is not gold, and neither it can ever be.

Here, I must clarify myself that I’m not advising here the persons who never update themselves, on their own, before following/imitating others.

In India, it was unfortunate that Mahatma Gandhi was praised very much by Congress, but was never followed.

Did Jawahar Lal Nehru/Congress follow Gandhi ever?


Both Nehru/Congress only used Gandhi for their own vested political interests.

Nehru was not as patriotic as the Congress publicize for its ever undemocratic vile political interests.

His clothes were being washed in Paris.

It was Nehru’s patriotism.


Ask the blind praisers of Nehru and his ever-undemocratic family.

Didn’t India have enough washerpersons to wash Nehru’s clothes?

Or did India lack enough water?

The patriotism  of Nehru and his ever-undemocratic family is ridiculous when we study it unemotionally.

It’s unfortunate that a large number of Indians still make their decisions emotionally, rather than rationally.

It was one of the main reasons we had gone to slavery.

Yet, we haven’t learned, even from our own history, even now.

Gandhi wanted the Congress to be dissolved as soon as India is free.

It was never done.


Why Nehru/Congress did not follow Gandhi in the matter?

Because Nehru/Congress never were as foolish as to follow Gandhi’s impractical ways.

They always used Gandhi, never followed him.

In Nehru’s/Congress’ own opinion, Gandhi was never practical.

They always obeyed Gandhi when it was  in their own personal benefit.

They never obeyed Gandhi when it was not in their own personal benefit.

After independence, Nehru/Congress never tried to change our Education System.


Because it suited their vile political purposes.

It was easy for them to follow the policies their predecessors, the British, adopted to control their realm.

Congress only replaced them, nothing else,  actually important, was changed

In the name of protecting minorities, Nehru/Congress always tried to widen the social gap between Hindus and Musalmeen.

They acted as shrewd as the British did in their time.

The British, after 1857, never lost any chance to make Hindus and Musalmeen fight with each other.

So did Nehru/Congress after independence.

The family also suffered from the same policy.

In British India, the British were always after breaking the strongest Hindu family.

They encouraged Hindus to marry Musalmān Beauties and British Beauties even on this or that pretext.

The Hindus who married Musalmān Beauties and British Beauties were given recognition, money and wealth.

They were dearer to the British and Musalmeen both.

Nehru was as romantic as his father, Motilal Nehru, was.

It’s always suspected that Sheikħ Åbdullah was in fact, Motilal Nehru’s son from his romantic extramarital affair with Sheikħ Åbdullah’s extra ordinary beautiful Ammīs.