The ultimate holy war with the anti Hindus

The ultimate holy war

with the anti Hindus

DSM Satyarthi

The esteemed election of the five states in India, Goa, Punjab, Uttarakhand Uttarpradesh and Mañipur is over.

The anti-Hindu media has tried its best to deceive the citizens of India that both the national alliances NDA and UPA have lost the elections.

It’s a rotten lie.

Our anti Hindu media has never spoken truth if the truth is pro Hindu.

It always licks the dirty impious feet of anti-Hindus.

It’s still serving the vested vile interests of anti-Hindus in India, irrespective of the fact that mostly Hindus inhabit India.

I’m not telling that India is a Hindu country.

No, India is a secular country, so it was always and so it would be always despite every rotten attempts of the imprudent anti Hindus to convert it too into an anti-Hindu country.

The fact is Goa is the biggest loss to anti Hindus and the biggest victory for really-secular Hindus in this election.

Every election in India is now actually between secular forces and anti Hindus forces.

The anti-Hindus forces call themselves secular forces but actually, they are not.

They always behaved anti Hindus and that’s what they are still doing.

So they have wept the tears of crocodiles once more that both the national alliances have lost these elections as if the rotten liars are actually impartial ones.

No, never.

These are the tears of the crocodiles.

They were never impartial and they are still not.

They have never spoken truth in the matter, neither they are doing it now.

They are glad if the pro scams party wins.

They are glad if Anti Jan Lokpal Bill party wins.

But they are weeping that anti scams and pro Anti Jan Lokpal Bill alliance has won.

The anti-Hindu media is a rotten liar and so it was always.

Goa is a big loss to the Pseudo Secular Forces.

Punjab is also the same to them.

Uttarakhand is also the same to them.

So, the Pseudo Secular Forces have lost these elections bitterly.

The secular Hindus have shown them that they are not so stupid anymore as they were once.

But is it the victory of only actually secular Hindus?


It is equally the victory of secular Musalmīn, secular Christians secular Jews and secular atheists.

What do you think, Goa is won by RSS?


Let the ever liar Pseudo Secular Forces tell it to deceive themselves.

They love to do it very much.

This very self-deception of them is their roadway to the ultimate defeat at the Center too.

Just wait and watch patiently and sophisticatedly.

Let them dance naked in the eve of their self-destruction not very far away.

They are enjoying telling themselves that NDA has also lost these elections as well as the pro scams and anti Jan Lokpal Bill UPA.

No, NDA hasn’t.

NDA has won Goa.

NDA has won Punjab.

NDA has won Uttarakhand.

Out of five states, NDA has won three states.

In Goa, it has successfully defeated the rotten pro scams and Anti Jan Lokpal Bill Pseudo Secular Forces led by Congress.

In Punjab, it has made a history by repeating the NDA Ggovernment after 46 years’ history of never repeating any government whichsoever.

In Uttarakhand, they have 31-32 dilemma.

In UP they have the ever-worst defeat of their entire history losing Amethi and Raebareli too.

The so-called yuvraj and the Prime Minister in waiting, Rahul Gandhi, could not save even their traditional seats.

Hurray NDA.

Congratulations for this great victory over the pro- scams, Anti Jan Lokpal Bill, Pseudo Secular Forces.


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