One more great defeat of the


DSM Satyarthi

It’s a great news to all the persons who are not pseudo secular that the antiHindus are now constantly being defeated in their thoroughly dirty campaign against a particular peaceful society, Hindus.

They always supported Indian National Congress only because they wanted the Hindus shouldn’t come into power even in a country that has majority of the Hindus.

In other words the grossly unjust antiHindus wanted the majority of Hindus could never enjoy a democratic life what they themselves want to.

They must always be ruled by minorities’ wishes.

It must be noted that on the entire globe only Hindus are the society that is always democratic irrespective of their being in majority or minority.

It’s not because the always unjust antiHindus or their unashamed leader in India, Indian National Congress, has preached them Democracy.

No, the organizations that don’t have democracy in their own inner structure even, neither had it ever, can’t teach Democracy to anyone.

It was only a political propaganda to earn more and more minor votes.

Gujrat Chief Minister Narendr Modi is now a global figure due to his spectacular sincerity and his vowed commitment to develop Gujrat against every dirty campaign from antiHindus and even dirtier Indian National Congress.

Supreme Court of India had appointed a Special Investigation Team to investigate Gujrat riots.

It has found no evidence against the Chief Minister Narendr Modi and 57 others Zakia Jafri had accused in the 2002 Gujarat riots.

Her husband Ehsan Jafri, an Indian National Congress Member of Parliament, was killed in the riots.

Ten years have passed yet Indian National Congress was unashamedly barking against Gujarat Government, its Chief Minister and other functionaries that they were implicated in it.

It was a thoroughly unjust insincere and hateful political campaign against a duly chosen democratic government.

I congratulate the Special Investigation Team and our highest court, Supreme Court of India for successfully maintaining its tradition of fair and thoroughly impartial justice.


Congratulations to the always secular and Democratic Hindus too for their one more great victory on the ever hateful antiHindus and their ever unashamed leader in India, Indian National Congress.

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