The anti-Hindus are constantly being rejected now

The antiHindus are constantly

being rejected now

DSM Satyarthi

It is a good news for the better persons who aren’t pseudo secular that ultimately the citizens of India are proving that they are now intellectually free.

Congratulations to the citizens of India.

One must never forget that India is the only country that always refused to surrender to the tyrants and the conspirators against humanity.

It rejected the totalitarians always whether they are Persian dictators, Muslims or British Empire.

It rejected even Communism because it proposed the dictatorship of the downtrodden.

We, Indians, no matter we are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Dalits or whosoever we may be, must be proud of the fact that the entire history stands to evidence we Indians always refused to surrender to every dictatorship however disguised it may be.

The antiHindus tried to divide Indians in the name of religion.

They wanted to exercise traditional policy of the dishonest politicians ‘Divide and rule’.

Therefore they pictured Hindus to be the oppressors of the minors.


They said only antiHindus can protect the Dalits, Muslims and Christians from the ever tyrant Hindus in majority.

They succeeded in their dirty conspiracy by teaching fake oppressions of the minorities by the Hindus in majority.

They divided Indians and won the elections to loot Indians.

The black money and the so many scams are evidences to it.

Yet, the Indians have now understood very well what the antiHindus do really want.

Therefore now they have decided to defeat them continuously till they don’t surrender to the Jan Gañ Man Adhināyak of India.

Hissar by poll was the first warning.

The five assembly results were the second.

Now, MCD results are the third.

One can easily understand the next move would be the Centre.

Isn’t it obvious even now?

Good bye from power at Center, antiHindus.

Your shameless leader in India, Indian National Congress, is constantly being rejected by Jan Gañ Man Adhināyak of India now.

One can’t fool everyone forever.

Isn’t it?

The Ultimate Holy War with the anti Hindus


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