Never mistake it: It’s Suicidal

Never mistake it

It’s Suicidal

DSM Satyarthi

Some writers are quite mistaken due to their western, self-imposed blindness.

The Western Culture is actually a Business Culture.

Consequently, it’s natural that Humanity, Morals and Ethics are always secondary for it.

Of Course, it doesn’t accept it in so many words.

Who did accept his/her suicidal mistakes ever?

Everyone longs for his/her own survival, and why shouldn’t s(/h)e?

I’ve already commented on the subject:

The mental slavery of the English-educated Indians’.

I’ve said in the article:

‘This erroneous westerner view is entirely baseless.’

Actually, the western culture is doing the same mistake now, once HinduismPersianism,JudaismChristianityIslam and even the Communism did.

The history stands to evidence that once all these six global conquerors did this mistake, they could not survive.

We must try to understand this everfatal, suicidal, historical mistake that kills a dominant culture gradually ultimately.

The western culture is listing itself on its seventh place.

Soon we’d say:

‘Actually, the xxxxxxx culture is doing the same mistake now, once Hinduism, Persianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Communism and even the western culture did.’

Let’s analyze what this everfatal, suicidal, historical mistake is.

Ved/Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā instructs us to concentrate on two principles and never to forget them:

Yet, we forgot them.

The principles are:

1. ‘Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt’.

2. ‘Yāthātathyatah’.

We forgot them.

The Hindus were ruling the globe then:

‘The wonder that was India’.

Hinduism says:

‘As nar nahin janmeu jag māhīn,

Prabhutā pāi jāhi mad nāhīn.’

‘No such person has taken birth in the Multiverse that has got the sovereignty and hasn’t become mad.’

—Shri Rāmcharit Mānas

We forgot the admonition of Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā/VED to us, and refused to understand the facts the Persians had realized then and requesting us to act accordingly:

1. ‘Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt’.

2. ‘Yāthātathyatah’.

We refused to see that those are the facts actually.

What happened?

The Constitution of the Creations, Ved, worked.

It was never biased in the favor of Pseudo-Hindus.

We lost our power gradually ultimately to the Persians.


Because, now the Persians were following the two principles practically, and we were NOT:

1. ‘Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt’.

2. ‘Yāthātathyatah’.

We thought we are Hindus whether we practice Ved actually or not.

The constitution of the Creations did not recognize our such authority.

It refused our victory, recognizing that of the Persians.


Had the Ved failed?


Certainly not.

It decided in the favor of Persians, because the Persians followed the two Principlesdiscussed above:

1. ‘Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt’.

2. ‘Yāthātathyatah’.

They did not have their names in Vedic Sanskr’t.

They had their own language that was a distortion of Vedic Sanskr’t.

They called it Persian.

They had their names in it.

Pseudo Hinduism was defeated and the actual Hinduism won.

Persians replaced Pseudo Hindus in leading the globe.

Unfortunately, even the Persians forgot the fact why and how did they win over the so-called Hindus then.

It was remembered till the original winners lived.

It did not last forever.

Their children and the children of their children, eventually, replaced them.

They were taught the wrong history.

They were not told the fact that their ancestors won on Hindus due to the mistakes of then Hindus.

They were told that their ancestors were great persons.

It always does happen, as if it’s an immortal law.

Every person, who is interested in studying how a culture is replaced by the next,must understand that it happens due to the mistakes of heirs of the successful persons.

Enjoying success of their forefathers/ancestors, their successors gradually forget how their forefathers/ancestors had achieved it.

No success is achieved ever, by anyone, by enjoying life only.

Enjoying life is an absolutely different thing from achieving success.

It’s one thing to get success, it’s quite another thing to live and keep it.

The successors of the achievers forget it.

They forget how the success was achieved, what hard work had been done to get it, and what sacrifices have been made.

They act very irresponsibly, and lose what their forefathers/ancestors achieved through anon stop chain of hard work and sacrifices.

The westerners are also suffering from the same process.

The word ‘Meditation’ does not come from Indo-European root med-, meaning “to measure”, as it’s claimed.

It comes from Vedic Sanskr’t Dhātu/root/verb ‘Médhr’ sangamé ch’ (Bhvādigañ 601), meaning ‘synchronization’.

The word ‘Médhā’, in Vedic Sansskr’t, is itself derived from this Vedic Sanskr’t Dhātu/root/verb ‘Médhr’ sangamé ch’ (Bhvādigañ 601), meaning ‘synchronization’.

According to ‘Mādhavīyā Dhātuvr’ttih’,  the word ‘Médhā’ is ‘Bhidāditvādang’(Bhvādigañ 601).

I strongly advise to put down the suicidal mistake, pointed out here in quite detail, and get the correct information.

Ved is Not in the Vedmantrs we recite


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