One more Meer Jåfar Muftī Shamīm Kāzmī

One more Meer Jåfar

Muftī Shamīm Kāzmī

DSM Satyarthi

Ultimately, Indian National Congress has succeeded in finding one more Meer Jåfar to fight against the Secular Indians.

Our UPA government dramatizes it heavily that it is the only secular political organization that should rule India despite the countless scams of countless rupees it has allowed blindly to go on in its hateful administration.

It hopes the Indian citizens must be blind to its countless loot and still let it complete its five years term.


So that it can loot India more?

Team Anna is constantly fighting against it.

To fight against Team Anna, Indian National Congress has gone to every undemocratic means.

First, it sent its shameless spy Slave Agnivesh.

Yes, they call him Swami.

But his activities have always proved him not to be a Swami.

Instead, his activities have always proved him to be a purchased loyal slave of Indian National Congress.

Slave Agnivesh was the Jaichand of Team Anna.

He spied shamelessly  in Team Anna for ever-undemocratic ever antiHindus Indian National Congress.

Now, Muftī Shamīm Kāzmī has proved to be one more Meer Jåfar.

He has argued that Muslim Interest is different from fighting against Corruption and Black Money.

Is it true?

Are Muslims sharing the loot of India with the Scammers and Black Money Holders?

Muftī Shamīm Kāzmī has claimed that it is the case.

I certainly invite the views of other Indian Muslims too.


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