How to live a successful life

How to live a successful life

DSM Satyarthi

Most of us humankind never even think how to live our life successfully.

We just start living seeing our parents and other persons around us.

We never even bother to think our parents and the persons around us, maybe wrong.

Isn’t it possible that our parents and other persons around us are unaware of the necessary knowledge to live?

If we never even think of it, how the hell can we improve ourselves?

Most of us treat the life for granted.

We just keep learning from our parents and other persons around us.

We never even bother to criticize them logically.

If our parents and other persons around us do something illogical, we just go on repeating it, quite unaware of how irrationally we are living our life.

Is life really so unimportant not even to think about it gravely?

Should we really continue it?

Shouldn’t we pause for a moment and really think over it rationally, prudently?

Why do we treat our life so for granted?

That’s what actually the animals do.

In our evolution process, we still treat our life only as the other animals do.

Aren’t we something different?

Aren’t we something ahead of the animals in our evolution process?

Shouldn’t we take somewhat grave and somewhat more rational attitude toward our own life?

It’s not as unimportant as our parents, and the most of the persons around us, are treating it imprudently.

Our existence depends on it.

We are wasting our life irrationally.

Shouldn’t we even think how to live our rest of the life, at least, successfully?

Most of us erroneously believe it isn’t possible for everyone to lead a successful life.

We are wrong.

Isn’t it even possible we should try to understand what a successful life means to us individually?

If we come out of the utmost imprudent attitude, we have adapted to our life, we would find surprisingly that every one of us could lead a successful life profoundly only if he/she wants it truthfully.

Our success is waiting for us if we only respond to it positively.


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Ved Bhāshý: Atharv Ved: Kānd: 5: Sookt: 3: Mantr:1

Ved: Ved Bhāshý:

Atharv Ved:

 Kānd 5: Sūkt 3: Mantr 1


DSM Satyarthi


 Mamāgné varcho vihavéshvastu

vayam tvéndhānāstanvam’pushém.

Mahyam namantām


pr’tanā jaýém.


Mam| agné| varchah| vihavéshu| astu|

vayam| tvā|indhānāh| tanvam|pushém|

Mahyam| namantām| pradishah| chatasrah| tvayā| adhyaxéñ|

pr’tanā| jaýém.


 1My splendour be, Agni2, in various calls3. We, kindling4, safeguard thee5, female body6. Let the four directions bow to me7. With you President8, let’s conquer great armies9.


1.  R’shi: Br’haddivo’tharvā

Dévtā/ Divine Subject: Agni, one who leads to light

Chhand/Vedic Meter: Trishŧup

2.  Mamāgné varchah’.

Agni, the person who leads to light is addressed here.

It means if a person who is reading this VED Mantr is

not ‘Agni’, not a person that leads to light, he/she has to get light himself/herself to the extent that s(he) can rise above his/her immense selfishness.

If s(he) doesn’t rise above his/her immense selfishness, s(he) can’t get benefited from this Ved Mantr optimum.

‘My Splendor be in various calls’ ‘‘Mamāgné varchah vihaveshu’.

We have called you in Ved variously various times.

Never forget in entire those various calls of Us that those calls are ultimately from Us.

Never treat them lightly if you really think the Ved is from Us.

The atheists, whether Westerners or their blind imprudent followers, never take Our VED Mantrs gravely.

Most of them are still imprudently have faith in the scientific facts as they were being preached when Communism was being publicized by Communists of those days.

They imprudently forget that Communism has failed politically almost everywhere.

Even a country that claims she is practicing Communism still today, is not true in her claim.

Moreover, she herself knows it extensively, profoundly.

Shouldn’t the scientific facts be studied, consequently, afresh coming out of the influence of that immensely failed era?

3.    Vihaveshu’.

We have called you in Ved variously various times.

Take the words We used there to call you gravely if

you really want to take guidance from Us.

If you don’t want to take guidance from Ved, no one is compelling you to do so.

You can immediately leave the organization(s) that are founded to take entire Ved gravely.

If you still want to remain a member of that organization(s), at least you must declare your true status to the rest of the members of that organization(s), if you are honest.

Our obedients are not indiscreet enough not to watch your activities extensively, profoundly.

They are running an immensely successful Movement after all for forty plus years now.

What do you think, it was possible for them if they were as indiscreet as you carelessly think they are?

They know very well what you are and what you are actually after.

They are eloquently letting you waste your time, if you are doing the unwise act.

If you are not doing it, and actually spying for others, never forget what Lord Ram did when Rāvañ’s two spies, Shuk and Sārañ, were captured spying in Hindu Army then.

Lord Ram instructed Vibhīshañ, Sugrīv, Pavan Putr, Angad and Jāmbvant etcetera to let them investigate everything they wanted to so that they could tell it to Rāvañ when they return to him.

Hindus, Our obedients, are never afraid of any nescience/Vr’tratv.

They are successfully defeating the nescience/Vr’tratv for forty plus years now and they continue their sincere efforts to defeat it.

None, whosoever he/she may be, can stop their spiritual Movement now ever.

Their unhistorical success is their inevitable destiny now due to their immense sincerity and profound honesty.

Just watch and wait for it.

Even the entire Multiverse is not capable now to stop it.

Test yourself/yourselves the truthfulness of their Movement physically practically, if you want to.

4.  Vayam indhānāh’.

Plural is majestic here.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā if kindled.

How can you kindle Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā?

He is already kindled Himself optimum.

Then how can His obedients kindle the already kindled one optimum, more?

Obviously, by kindling Him in their own hearts/brains.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā is already kindled optimum, but not the hearts/brains of his obedients too, optimum, necessarily.

That’s what His obedients have to do.

That’s what Eīshān means here by ‘Vayam indhānāh’ ‘We, kindling’.

Kindle your hearts and/or brains with the wisdom generated by Our Knowledge in Ved and your experiences in obeying Us.

5.   Tvā pushem’.

We safeguard you when you kindle your hearts/brains with Our guidance in Ved.

Peruse your own history.

You were not actually slaves even when the outsiders, Musalmīn and the British were ruling you.

Your history of the period is not written unbiased.

They couldn’t even understand you optimum.

How could they understand your history and your achievements then consequently?

They claim your history is fictitious.


Because they think, it’s impossible to dominate the ostensible rulers.

Nevertheless, you know it’s normal and routine for you.

Democracy isn’t even infinitesimal foreign to you.

Ved/Hinduism means Democracy.

Absolute Democracy.

If not, what else?

You are especially, laboriously, trained by your own religion, your own system of life, how to control your Democratic rulers every day, in your Stavans, Mandrs, Satrs and Adhiveshans.

Even your Teerth Gamans teach you the same thing.

Democracy isn’t being taught to you by Westerners.


The Westerners themselves have learned Democracy from your ancestors’ Democratic History, whether they acknowledge their contribution or not.

You cannot be safeguarded if you don’t kindle your brain/heart with Our guidance given to you in Ved optimum.

If you do it half-heartedly, you will be safeguarded to the same extent.

Never expect Us to safeguard you optimum even if your brain/heart isn’t kindled optimum.

In the Eternal Scientific System We’ve created for the Multiverse, survival of the fittest is an eternal law.

And if you think We’ve created an Eternal System in which the evil doers or lazy persons can survive you are acting against both the utmost prevalent eternal laws working always in Our System:

  1. Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt
  2. Yāthātathyatah.
  3. 6.  Tanvam’.

In Vedic Sanskr’t/Sanskr’t ‘Tanu’, meaning ‘body’,

is in feminine gender.

However, it doesn’t mean that this word ‘Tanu’ cannot be used for male body.

We have, Ourself, too used this word ‘Tanu’ for male bodies in Ved itself.

Why so?

So that you must understand, your body must be as dear to you as your own wife is/must be.

However, you are Not your body only.

You are actually your soul, not body.

However, your wife doesn’t need your soul only primarily.

Primarily she needs your body more than your soul even.

If your body is not capable to fulfil the physical needs of your wife, no sensible woman will marry you ever.

Neither will you, yourself, need any woman ever to marry her.

Entire your Gr’hasth Āshram, entire your family life, depends on your body too, as well as on your soul.

Of course, you are not your body only, but it doesn’t mean your body is somewhat less important to you, for your own evolution and/or consumptions.

Similarly, when you marry a woman, you’d never marry her if physically she were not capable to fulfil your physical and family needs.

Here again her body takes prevalence on her soul.

A marital relationship doesn’t depend on soul only.

It depends on physical bodies more.

Therefore never listen to the unwise persons/hypocrites if they say only your soul is important, not your body.

They are either hypocrites or damn fools.

In both the cases, they themselves need proper guidance instead of leading/preaching others.

7.   Mahyam namantām pradishashchatasrah.’

None should be imprudent enough not to understand

the importance of his/her body as well as his/her soul too.

Your marriage is utmost necessary if you really want to enjoy your life.

Your marriage is utmost necessary even if you really want to serve the people.

Either Most of the people are married, maintain live in relationship or at least enjoy sexual relations with woman/women.

It needs bodies.

But if you fully want to enjoy it, your soul must also be involved in this/these relation(s), whatsoever they are: marriage, live in relationship or physical relations only.

It doesn’t make any difference in the matter whether you are an atheist or otherwise.

Whatsoever the case maybe you need proper guidance in the matter, unless you opt for learning by mistakes.

That’s what most of the persons as you are, are doing and wasting their precious time in unnecessary labor.

If you are too one of them who waste their time in doing foolish efforts that’s your option and you are authorized to do it.

We are inviting here the wise persons only.

If you are one of the unwise ones and insist to remain the same, despite every negative consequence(s) you’ve gone through until now, there is no necessity for you to read, understand or peruse Ved.

Atharv Ved: Kaand 8| Sookt 1| Mantr 4


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Ved: Ved Bhashy’: R’gved: Mandal 1: Sookt 33: Mantr 10

Ved Bhāshý:



 Mandal 1

 Sūkt 33: Mantr 10


N’ yé divah pr’thivyā antamāpurn

māyābhirdhandām parýbhūvan.

Yujam vajram vr’shabhashchakr indro

nirjyotishā tamso gā aduxat.


n’| yé |divah| pr’thivyāh| antam| āpuh| n’| māyābhih| dhan’dām| pari’abhūvan| yujam| vajram| vr’shbhah| chakré| indrah| nih| jyotishā| tamsah| gāh| adhuxat.


They who neither did get the end of divine

heaven and earth, nor altogether disgraced the

female wealth giver, with wisdoms, vr’shabh did

yuj vajr.

The controller of organs, continuously,

with light, milked the cows from out of darkness.


  1. R’shi: Hirañyastūp Mahimvat Āngiras.

Lord Bhagvān Hirañyastūp Mahimvat Āngiras has witnessed so many Ved Mantrs in R’gved, Yajurved and Sāmved.

He has witnessed Sūkt 31-35, entire five Sūkts/hymns of R’gved, Mandal/Book 1, that Lord Bhagvān Agni Mahimvat R’gvedarshi have actually seen these five Sūkts.

He hasn’t written them himself from his own intellect.

It is said in Aétréý Brāhmañ 3|24, that Lord Bhagvān Hirañyastūp Mahimvat Āngiras achieved the throne of Indr, controller of organs.

Nirukt 10|3|32 states that Lord Bhagvān Hirañyastūp Mahimvat Āngiras was a R’shi, a seer, a Psychological Engineer.

According to Br’haddévtā 3|106, Lord Bhagvān Hirañyastūp Mahimvat Āngiras was honored with the friendship of Param Purush, the Absolute Man himself:

Hirañyastūpatām prāpý sakhyam chéndréñ shāshvatam…’

Hirañyastūp, receiving the eternal friendship of the controller of organs, Param Purush…’

Āchārý Sāyañ has also certified that Lord Bhagvān Hirañyastūp Mahimvat Āngiras was a R’shi, a seer, a Psychological Engineer:

Āngiraso Hirañyastūp R’shih…’

R’gved 1| Sūkt 31 Sāyañ Bhāshý

Dévtā/Divine subject: Indr, controller of organs.

Chhand/ Vedic Meter: Trishŧup.

2.    N’ yé divah antam āpuh’ ‘Who didn’t get the end of divine heaven.’

The Heaven is divine and endless.

Every reality is different from another and endless.

We have created you with a miraculous brain/body.

Your brain has its Conscious, Sub conscious and Para Conscious parts.

Similarly, your body has infinite etheric bodies inside it.

Each of your etheric bodies is related with a reality you

may conceive.

There are seven Chakrs, Cycles, in your physical body.

You may activate them one by one if you want to.

Thus, you may start your Heaven right from the very moment you want to.

This Heaven is already there for you, yet you can transform it according to your wishes, desires and needs.

It’s divine, endless and flexible to your wishes, desires and needs, if you are Shaktimān enough.

However, if you are an atheist and don’t believe in the existence of Para Normal, that’s what you get for you.

There’s no compulsion for you to believe in what you don’t want to believe in.

There’s no compulsion for you to have a faith in what you don’t want to have a faith in.

It depends on your option what the reality you want to live in for you.

The fools create their own hell for them by opting for it.

We haven’t created you for hell.

Nevertheless, we haven’t created you for creating hell for others too.

If you do it, Our Automatic Scientific System working everywhere is bound to punish you, and you can’t break Our Automatic Scientific System ever, however Shaktimān, however Powerful you are/might be ever.

3. ‘N’ yé pr’thivyā antamāpuh’.

The earth is similarly endless for the persons of action.

Everything depends actually on your point of view that how you see it ab initio.

If you are basically a negative thinker, you see everything with a negative point of view.

It leads you gradually eventually ultimately to helplessness and depression, consequently.

If you are basically a positive thinker you would never find yourself helpless, never reaching to depression ultimately.

A positive thinking always leads to action ultimately.

Whereas a negative thinking always leads to depression.

No positive thinker has gone mad anywhere ever, neither has s/he committed suicide ever anywhere.

It doesn’t mean there isn’t any negativity anywhere.

The negativity is there doubtlessly.

But you have to destroy it, and ignore it until it isn’t destroyed if you really want to survive and progress.

There is poison in existence too.

But it doesn’t imply ever that you are bound to eat/drink the poison.

It has another purpose altogether.

The poison is used in medicines positively.

There are some medicines that can’t be made if poison isn’t used in making them.

Similarly only the existence of negativity doesn’t mean you have to surrender to it too, necessarily.

There are some persons who argue with their immense stupidity that everything is made by Us for its use.

So, there are bound to be some persons to resort to stupidity, negativity and death.


We haven’t created negativity ever.

It’s your own creation due to your immense stupidity.

We never created death for you.

It’s your own creation due to your ever adamant ever insistent ever persistent inertia and negativity.

Your inertia stops your further evolution into humanity and divinity.

You have to fight with your inertia and the resultant negativity if you really want to survive and progress ever.

Your death isn’t in action ever.

It’s always in inaction:

‘Kurvannév karmāñi jijīvishéchchhatagvong samāh,

Évam tvayi nānýthéto’sti n’ karm lipyaté naré.’

 Doing Karm only, here, one should wish to live hundreds of years.

Only this is the way for thee, none else;

So Karm cleaveth not to man.’

̶Ved: Yajurved: 40|2

4.      Pari’ in original text.

5.      Abhūvan’ in original text.

Never disgrace any female whosoever she is, and/or whatsoever her attributes are.

Her usefulness for humanity is never in her human attributes only.

She is useful for humanity even if she is a female animal.

A Sukr’t, a sāliħ, a good man can still use her for the existence and/or survival/progress for humanity.

That’s why there isn’t any human culture at all, even if it is even infinitesimally human, that has allowed death sentence for womankind and children.

A woman is always ‘Dhandā’ ‘Wealth Giver’, even if she is used by the wicked persons ever.

It’s self-explicit therefore why one should never disgrace her/womankind.

6.      Dhandā’ ‘Wealth Giver’.

The offspring a woman gives is itself a wealth if

You ever understand.

7.      If you disgrace a woman you actually disgrace the wealth itself.

8.      It isn’t wisdom at all.


‘Māyā’ iti pragyā nāmasu paŧhitam.’: Nighanŧu: 3|9|9

11. ‘Yujam vajram vr’shabhashchakr’‘chakré’.

Most of the commentators from Brāhm denomination of Hinduism, not only insist but they even persistently keep arguing that ‘Vajr’ does not mean sexual male organ of a male that controls his organs and never uses any of his thus controlled organs against Our movement ‘Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam.

There are always some persons who charge Our obedients that they are liars/potential liars.

They say they have doubt in their credibility and therefore they are valid in not respecting them.

You may definitely leave them on their own anti Hindutv thoroughly erroneous thinking if they don’t want to improve them ever.

You may leave them with their ever erroneous ever harmful philosophy, but never bear, never tolerate if they disgrace your higher authorities in Hindutv.

Disgrace those morons yourselves to protect your own Hindutv.

Of course, you can’t order anyone out of Our Mandr, even if s/he is an atheist, but at the same time, you can’t allow them to disgrace or smirk your own higher authorities in Hindutv.

Your parents are of course not the parents of any guest that comes to your house, but it does not mean the guest can disgrace or smirk your parents and you have to tolerate it.


If you have to respect your guest, the guest must also respect you, your parents and your values.

The guest can discuss your values with your permission, but s/he does not have any cordial right even to disgrace or smirk them.

Disgrace or smirk that scoundrel yourself/yourselves.

You never have to tolerate if any person even discuss your values with you disgracing or smirking you.

It’s never a discussion.

It’s a holy war between two cultures orally under the disguise of discussion.

Never run away from any sort of Dharmyuddh, Vāj, whatsoever.

It may make you Yātudhān even.

Never tolerate or bear any disgrace or smirk of not only your higher authorities in Hindutv, but of that any Sukr’t even, nor that of your values too.

Svayambhūryāthātathyato’arthānvyadadhāchchhāshvatībhyah samābhyah.’

The Self existent has constituted the Values, according to facts, for eternal subjects/years.’

How can you allow anyone disgrace or smirk  these Values and can still value them yourselves?

If the Vr’trs/ Brātr’výs can respect their erroneous, even harmful to them religious values, why can’t you yourselves?

Make the scoundrels to respect your values and your higher authorities in Hindutv even when they want to discuss them with you.

Let them not accept Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak, if they don’t want to.

It’s not one of Trishapt.

One can still be Our obedient if s/he respects and believes in Trishapt.

But s/he has to discuss it until s/he does not establish the fact beyond all reasonable doubt that s/he is justified in doing so.

As far as this argument is concerned that he is valid in not accepting Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak until he does not complete Our Dharmsansthāpan, it’s absolutely unjustified prima facie.

What is there to accept after it’s complete?

Hinduism has in its basic Mantr:

Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt

That impel our wisdoms’.

Where the wisdom is needed to understand anything if that is in front of your eyes.

Even an insect and an animal can see what is there in front of their eyes.

Then what for a human being needs wisdom?

Nobody is compelling any person(s) to accept Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak.

We have never compelled even an atheist to accept Our Existence.

A person(s) is absolutely free not even to reject Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak as Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak, but even to act against him.

We are absolutely capable to protect him from all the scoundrels whoever come in his pathway to infinite humanity leading ever to divinity infinite.

We have protected him from the earlier holy wars some communal traditional Hindus fought against him.

We have protected him from terrorists and criminal Musalmīn.

We have protected him when he was fighting in writing for Us through an Islamic Magazine.

We have protected him when a Yātudhān challenged him that he is the worst sad person of the Multiverse that he doesn’t have a son.

We prophesied in Our Yogdr’shŧ Commentary of Ved then that not only Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak but everyone that was following him then, would too have a son thereafter till further Yogdarshan otherwise.

The history stands to evidence it happened literally.

Didn’t it?

If you are really true in your conviction can you explain this phenomenon ever?

How Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak could manage to do it if he were not Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak?

We are always proving him that he is Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak.

You haven’t proved even a single time that he is NOT Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak.

Neither anyone can ever.

You can only create and spread suspicions, nothing else.

But even none of those suspicions is ever justified.

Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak is building one after another  new heights for the entire humanity to reach, and what are you yourself doing?

Stand before a mirror and find it out yourself.

Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak is fighting for humanity, NOT for any of his own selfish interest, whatsoever it may be.

Can you prove against it, beyond all reasonable doubt?

If ‘yes’, go ahead and prove it.

If ‘not’, shame on you that you are fighting against a selfless person even,

instead of fighting with the wretched lobby of the wicked ones.

Yujam vajram vr’shabhashchakr’‘chakré’ ‘Vr’shabh did yuj Vajr’ means the showerer, the sprayer, of semen unites his Vajr when he does it.

Never spill it out of any female organ.

The semen of a Vr’shabh is not as unimportant and worthless as to spill it ever out of any female sexual organ.

It’s an ever productive element.

Anything that’s made for any sort of production must never be wasted without production.

The Vr’tr Western Culture differs with Hinduism in this matter materially.

It says even masturbating is not as wrong as the entire religions say.

It says even lesbianism and gayness are not as wrong as the entire religions say.

Actually it has fought with these problems to its best but since it could not win these problems, gradually eventually ultimately it surrendered to them.

Hinduism/Ved is basically against everything and every action that’s ever unproductive if it can be made productive ever, by changing the social system/some arrangement that isn’t as productive as the new proposed system/ arrangement is.

Lesbianism is not actually a natural activity.

Gayness is similarly not a natural activity itself.

They are natural consequences of the gradual deviation of the West from the natural and scientific system of life the East had proposed in the form of Ved/Hinduism.

We know very well that most of the non-Hindus hate Ved/Hinduism very much, some of them even to the extent that they are uncompromisingly anti Hindu.

But it’s not because they know Ved/Hinduism competently.

On the contrary, it’s because they don’t even know what the real Ved/Hinduism is.

We suggest such persons not to lose their manhood, their family, the sanctity in their society and the infinite existence and endless progress of human beings.

It can be done still now if only you dissociate your unscientific prejudices against religion/Ved/Hinduism.

You were never taught what the true religion is, what the true Ved/Hinduism is.

Get rid of your prejudices against religion/Ved/Hinduism that you inherited from your ancestors, or from your ancestral society.

The humanity has come too far ahead now from the era when your ancestors, your ancestral society derived those prejudices against religion/Ved/Hinduism.

The fact is that these prejudices have brought you to your end if you can really see it.

Your ancestors, and your ancestral society hated Ved/Hinduism basically because it proposed to discipline your ancestors’ sex life too.

Due to their natural inertia they never wanted to discipline their sex life according to Ved/Hinduism proposed.

Your ancestors, your ancestral society was not alone that opposed Ved/Hinduism those days.

Even some of the sons of Hindus did it, were exiled ultimately and formed a new religion, Pārsism.

They claimed the Hindus were irons and the Parsis were Pāras, a stone that converts every iron into gold when it touches the iron.

They hated Hindus for their sex oriented religious practical scientific teachings.

The anti Hindu movement thus started first.

It was not easy to understand what the grave mistakes they were doing then.

But now it’s a history and we can study it perfectly unemotionally.

The irrefutable fact today is that the persons who were claiming they were the stones that were converting the iron Hindus then into gold, now have lost even their homeland for ever and are living in the homeland of Hindus they called irons once.

What happened?

Their over piety, not to understand the necessity of sexual discipline in their own household and society, ultimately started to destroy their family bindings.

It made their womankind vulnerable.

They surrendered to Hindus.

They had to.

We find Kaikéyī married to Dashrath and Mantharā conspiring against then better Hindu household and political system.

We find Gāndhārī married to Dhr’trāshŧr and Shakuni conspiring against then stronger empire Hastināpur.

In both the cases the women from outside were brought to India, not otherwise.

Do you need any more proof that Imām nārīm sukr’té dadhāt and Indro nirjyotishā tamso gā aduxat were really being practiced in ancient Hindus?

And India was stronger then, when India was practicing Imām nārīm sukr’té dadhāt and Indro nirjyotishā tamso gā aduxat.

Wasn’t it?

Should not the scholars and even other persons who claim Ved was neither ever interpreted principally nor practiced ever, it was only a book of worthless rituals, think afresh on what they believe erroneously still now?

It’s not detrimental to practicing Hindus now, it’s detrimental to yourselves.

Isn’t it?

The Hindus have their family bonds still stronger but can you say your family bonds are too as strong as that of Hindus?

Yes, you have some of the Apsarās from some traditional Hindus too.

But that was even when Hirañýkashipu conspired against Ved/Hinduism/Democracy.

Wasn’t it?

Didn’t Hinduism overcome it?

Didn’t Satī Dāxāyañī Brahmāpautrī revolt against such a rotten political system, successfully?

Didn’t entire Brahmarshis, Devarshis, Maharshis, and R’shis supported her even against Param Purush?

That’s the inherent attribute of Hinduism, ingredient into it.

It never surrenders to the wicked absolutely.

Yes, despite this inherent attribute of Hinduism the traditional Hindus were politically under the British and Musalmīn.

But it was never unopposed neither it lasted long ever.

What do you think Dīn-e-Ilāhī was?


Study it more deeply getting rid of your false historical prejudices.

R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 45| Mantr 6


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Ayesha Ahmed disagrees with the Women’s High status and Privileged Position

Ayesha Ahmed disagrees

with the

Women’s High status

and Privileged Position

DSM Satyarthi

Some of my readers have taken the trouble to inform me that an article of Ayesha Ahmed is not available to them when they click the link I’ve given to them in some of my writings.

I don’t know why it is so, if it is so.

However, I copy paste that article here for their, as well as others’ benefit, as I have previously did for some of the writings of my intimate friends Khadijah Muhammad and Sidrah Ahmad:

Women’s High status and

Privileged Position

by Ayesha Ahmed : Aug 2, 2003 :

Dear sisters: How many times have you heard this claim “sisters, you should be very happy that you have a very high status and a very privileged position in our religion” by the bearded ones in the mosques?

God alone knows what high status and which privileged position they talk about….

To be declared in the holy books that we are deficient in intelligence and that most of us will go to hell for being ungrateful to our husbands; and that we will make the big majority of the hell’s population?

To be told to share the husband with three other wives and many concubines, sex slaves and captive women which his right hand posses?

To be divorced by him at the drop of a hat by just his proclaiming 3 times “I divorce you” and we not having the same right to divorce him?

Husband getting 72 perpetually virgin beautiful houris with big eyes and swelling bosoms in the paradise and we getting the same old husband and share him with the 72 voluptuous houris? (Believe me sisters; he will be so busy there with the lovely houris that the only time he will see you will be in the hallways when he is going from one houri’s room to another houri’s room).

To be disciplined by the husband, by being beaten up by him with scourge (lash) and green sticks? (Unless you are into the kinky stuff and actually enjoy the beatings)..

Being raped and then be stoned to death for reporting it because you need 4 male witnesses to prove your innocence otherwise you yourself get accused of adultery? (Your only chance of finding 4 male witnesses is that if the attacker was of very low IQ or was really drunk and attacked you in the broad daylight in front of a bunch of degenerate horny men who watched and cheered and are later willing to testify)

Being wrongly accused of adultery by a conniving husband and be stoned for it because he does not need 4 male witnesses if he swears 4 times himself?

Being married at the age of 9 years to a much older man because it is sunna? To submit to him every time he desires you even if he wants it on the back of a camel, if he gets an untimely urge? (Not recommended, you both may fall down from camel’s back during the action and sustain injuries).

Being cursed all night by thousands of angels if you refuse him even for a genuine reason? (What a boring job for angels who are assigned to watch your bedroom, always waiting for the action, unless of course they enjoy watching; in that case they have a reason to be disappointed and pissed by your refusal).

To be declared half a person as witness in court or inheriting property?

To be asked to stay at home by scriptures and only leave home if husband permits; that too fully covered by a tent like garment even if it is scorching hot (hey, sweating is good for you as it opens skin pores, besides the tent covering protects you from the hot sun and elements which keeps you fair and beautiful; sisters you need all the help you can get to compete with the other wives and concubines).

The Muslim Beauties are wooing Hindu Men FASTEST


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Actually what the Western Culture is?

Actually what the Western



DSM Satyarthi

There are some persons who think I am the profoundest critic of the Western Culture.

They, naturally, are surprised immensely when they find that my own standard of living, and that of my family, is itself based profoundly on Western Culture.

Only my values are Indian/Hindu.

Why so?

Because I believe in FAMILY.

Sorry, most of the Westerners have lost their family altogether, either completely or at least on the path of losing it.

I don’t want to be one of them.

I not only believe in family, I believe in United family too.

The destruction of the family in the West is the root cause of most of the crimes, madness and suicides there.

Naturally, I want to safeguard my family members, and myself too, from these quite inescapable consequences if I too blindly follow the Westerners as so many of my friends are doing in their blind imprudent enthusiasm.

The Westerners are unfortunate enough that they couldn’t safeguard their families from these ultimate destructive negative consequences.

They were gradually led to it.


We can easily find out and understand it if we really want to.

The million dollar question is do we really want to find out and understand  it?

We should be at least sincere enough to admit to ourselves that most of us don’t want to do even it.

What a tragedy!

Most of us want to keep our eyes closed and continue to march ahead further in the path of destruction only because we don’t want to bring any POSITIVE change in our life style.

The fact we forget/ignore when we resort to this ever-detrimental luxury is that when we refuse to change ourselves, actually we refuse to follow our own evolution process.

We forget our evolution process is still continued.

It’s not complete yet.

Humanity is NOT the end of our evolution.

It’s only a temporary stoppage whence the journey of evolution is still continued ahead.

Our Creator hasn’t designed us to end as a human being only.

Our Creator hasn’t designed us to end as a mortal only.

Death is not an inescapable ultimate truth of life.

Most of the Westerners and their ever-blind ever-adamant supporters think every thing lies beyond our body.

Hinduism/Ved suggests us it certainly isn’t a fact.

Hinduism/Ved suggests instead everything is inside ourselves.

We can evolve ourselves even to the extent to be immortal and quite capable enough even to control the entire infinite Multiverse if we actually want it.

Our body/brain is the ultimate ever best creation, of our Creator.

If we use it properly optimum prudently, we don’t need anything outside except our sexual counterparts.

We can ourselves produce everything we need if we meditate and have our sexual counterparts with us.

Most of the Westerners/atheists do not even believe it, even if they are informed that it’s a fact.

They are, I’m sorry to inform them, but I can’t help it, childishly, incurable, negative thinkers.

They think life is not a permanent phenomenon the death is instead.

Hinduism/Ved is uncompromisingly, inflexibly, rigorously, resolutely, unwaveringly, unyieldingly, determinedly, doggedly, and absolutely against this ever detrimental negative attitude towards life.


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