How to live a successful life

How to live a successful life

DSM Satyarthi

Most of us humankind never even think how to live our life successfully.

We just start living seeing our parents and other persons around us.

We never even bother to think our parents and the persons around us, maybe wrong.

Isn’t it possible that our parents and other persons around us are unaware of the necessary knowledge to live?

If we never even think of it, how the hell can we improve ourselves?

Most of us treat the life for granted.

We just keep learning from our parents and other persons around us.

We never even bother to criticize them logically.

If our parents and other persons around us do something illogical, we just go on repeating it, quite unaware of how irrationally we are living our life.

Is life really so unimportant not even to think about it gravely?

Should we really continue it?

Shouldn’t we pause for a moment and really think over it rationally, prudently?

Why do we treat our life so for granted?

That’s what actually the animals do.

In our evolution process, we still treat our life only as the other animals do.

Aren’t we something different?

Aren’t we something ahead of the animals in our evolution process?

Shouldn’t we take somewhat grave and somewhat more rational attitude toward our own life?

It’s not as unimportant as our parents, and the most of the persons around us, are treating it imprudently.

Our existence depends on it.

We are wasting our life irrationally.

Shouldn’t we even think how to live our rest of the life, at least, successfully?

Most of us erroneously believe it isn’t possible for everyone to lead a successful life.

We are wrong.

Isn’t it even possible we should try to understand what a successful life means to us individually?

If we come out of the utmost imprudent attitude, we have adapted to our life, we would find surprisingly that every one of us could lead a successful life profoundly only if he/she wants it truthfully.

Our success is waiting for us if we only respond to it positively.


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