Ved Bhāshý: Atharv Ved: Kānd: 14: Sookt: 1: Mantr:59

Ved Bhāshý:

4 Atharv Ved:

Kānd: 14: Sookt: 1: Mantr:59

DSM Satyarthi


Udyachchhadhvamap raxo hanāthémām nārīm sukr’té dadhāt.

Dhātā vipashchit patimasyai vivéd bhago rājā pur étu prajānan.


1Stand up2/Raise ye3. Smite away the demons4. Set this woman for well doer5. Inspired holder/guardian6 must know especially7 the husband for her8. The well knowing politician9 come first/ahead10 for her genital organ11.


 1.R’shikā: Sūryā Sāvitrī

Dévtā/ Divine Subject: Ātmā, Soul

Chhand/Meter: Trishŧup

2. ‘Ut yachchhadhvam’.

Don’t remain idle, neither as you are.

You have to do something that the wickeds never do.

Even the wicked ones are never idle, nor obsessed with their inherent inertia as you are.

Never forget your inherent inertia would invariably lead you to your death ultimately.

The life is actually the endless fight with your inherent inertia, and nothing at all.

The animals surrender to their inherent inertia and die eventually ultimately.

If you too act similarly, you haven’t upgraded yourself/ yourselves to a human being.

Pashavo Jāymānāh.

3. ‘Ut yachchhadhvam’.

You have to do some effort if you really want to progress/survive/do something.

Never surrender to your inherent inertia.

Kurvannévéh karmāñi jijīvishéchchhatagvong samāh,

Évam tvayi nānyathétosti n’ karm lipyaté naré.’

Only doing actions here, wish to live hundreds of years. Only in this way in you, never otherwise, action cleaveth not to man.’

Ved: Yajurved: 40|2

7. that her husband must be a Sukr’t, a well doer, and well doer only.

He must ensure absolutely, beyond doubt, that he is not a wicked.

It should never be taken lightly.

He must know and guarantee it especially, ‘Vivéd’.

After all he is a Dhātā and he must be Vipashchit.

If he is a Dhātā and he is not a Vipashchit, he must take the help of other Vipashchits.

 Atharv Ved: Kaand 14| Sookt 2| Mantr 25


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