Ved Bhāshý: Atharv Ved: Kānd: 20: Sookt: 5: Mantr: 3

Ved Bhāshý:

4 Atharv Ved:

Kānd: 20: Sookt: 5: Mantr: 3

DSM Satyarthi


Indr préhi purastvam vishvasýéshān ojasā,

Vr’trāñi Vr’trhan jahi.


 1Controller of organs, you keep marching ahead properly2, of all Eīshān, with elegance3.

Kill vr’trs4, chastiser of vr’trs5.


1. R’shi: Irimbiŧhi

Dévtā/Divine Subject: Indr, the controller of organs.

Chhand/Meter: Gāyatrī

3. Ojasā’.

Never forget, Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā is of course of all, ‘Vishvasý Eīshān’,

but He helps only who help themselves.

If you don’t have any self respect develop it first.

You can’t do anything ever with cowardice and/or your inherent inertia.

Moreover, never forget there’s a vast difference between politeness and cowardice.

We help the polite ones but not, never, the cowards.

We haven’t published Ved to make the humankind cowards or obsessed with their inherent inertia.

4. ‘Vr’trāñi jahi’ in original text.

It does not mean to kill the persons that are Vr’trs.

No, Ved/Hinduism is basically against every violence, including death sentence even if it can be managed not to be detrimental to the noble ones, innocent persons and entire humankind ultimately.

We have told you in Ved quite in details how it can be done.

But the actual problem with most of you persons is you have surrendered to your inertia more than you have actually surrendered to even Us/Ved/Hinduism.

Most of you neither know Vedic Sanskr’t, nor even try to learn it ever honestly.

The worse thing is that you even disbelieve a man that has invested his precious eight years plus of his life in learning Vedic Sanskr’t that you could never.

You are horrified whenever even you imagine you have to do it.

How can you solve this dilemma then?

You are horrified even imagining it, but a man among you has not only done it successfully but he has devoted even his entire life to Ved/Hinduism and humanity.

Still you doubt his sincerity.

Moreover, not only you doubt his sincerity, you even think you are a better human being than him.

You think you are more devoted to humanity than that man We prepared.

You think he is deceiving you and We still support him.

Have you thought ever it’s not a blame on him only, it’s a blame on Us too?

You think We can support even a person who deceives someone on Our name.

And you claim you have an irrefutable faith in Ved/Hinduism.

Isn’t it surprising?

Think on it exhaustively keeping your mind cool, not excited, irritated or depressed that you can’t deny his honesty.

The reason you can’t deny it, is he is actually honest and sincere in what he is doing.

Prove otherwise, if you really can.

Don’t only doubt, suspect or claim it, prove it too, as he is proving everything whatsoever he proposes, claims or tells you.


He can guide you how to serve humanity ever, without even harming yourself, your spouse, your parents, your biological family, your joint family, HVSI the federation of your families, and entire humankind.

Moreover, not only guide you all without harming anyone of you all, but he can even guide everyone of you all how to live your dream life as well, if you only do as he guides you to do literally.


What if you neither learn Vedic Sanskr’t yourself, nor believe this man?

How can you understand Ved/Hinduism then practically?

Propose another practical solution of this dilemma if you can.

Or, are you using this argument only as an excuse to get rid of your responsibilities otherwise, as a honest and sincere human being?

And you think We’ll let you?


You can try to run away from it as much as you can, but you can never get rid of it, if you are really sincere.

And if you are not sincere, your insincerity will be exposed on entire humankind.

Try to get rid of it, if you can ever.

Nobody can, now.

 R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 1| Mantr 1


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