Ved: Ved Bhashy’: R’gved: Mandal 1: Sookt 45: Mantr 6

Ved Bhāshý:



 Mandal 1

 Sūkt 45: Mantr 6

Ashŧak 1| Adhyāý 3| Anuvāk 9| Varg 32

 DSM Satyarthi


Tvām Chitrshravastam havanté vixu jantavah

Shochishkésham Purupriýāgné Havyāý vodhavé



Shochih’késham|puru’priý|agné|Havyāý| vodhavé


 1The insects2 in subjects3/especially projected ones4, call you, O the best in whose hearings are stunning5, you radiant haired6, beloved to many7, agni8, to carry and dispose optimum9 the Havý10


1. R’shi: Praskañv Mahimvat Kāñv

Dévtā/Divine Subject: Agni, the one that leads to light

Chhand/Vedic meter: Virāŧ Anushŧup.

2. ‘Jantavah’ in original text.

Ved classifies the entire humankind in two classes by birth, until the human beings are not educated properly.

After education, Ved divides the educated ones

according to their nature, attributes and actions:

Yathémām vācham kalyāñīmāvadāni janébhyah,

Brahmrājanyābhyāgvong shūdrāý chāryāý ch’ svāý chārañāý.

Priyo dévānām daxiñāyai dāturih bhūyāsamayam mé kāmah samr’dhyatāmup mādo namatu.’

  1. Brahm: The persons who have immensely insatiable lust to know almost everything as authentically as possible.
  2. Rājaný: The persons that are interested in politics and administration to such an extent that everything else is not as important to them as the politics and administration.
  3. Shūdr: The persons who are interested neither in getting knowledge infinitely nor in politics and administration.

They are not interested even in business too whether it’s corporate or otherwise.

They are interested only in serving others and getting its remuneration.

They damn care if their employer(s) earn even too much manifold more than they are getting as their remunerations.

Similarly they damn care even their employer(s) are even broke.

They must get their remunerations at least as it was agreed upon basically.

 4. Arý: The persons who are interested in money, getting it mainly through Business, i.e. the Businesspersons.

5. Sv’ Chārañ: Self praisers, even if they do nothing ever.

They never accept Karmphal Siddhānt, the Result of Action theory of Ved/Hinduism.

They always blame others for everything negative they face in their life ever.

In their bright opinion they are never responsible for anything negative they get or face in their life.

Every time someone else is responsible for their sufferings, they themselves are never.

But if they get anything positive in their life, they immediately claim its credit.

Then no one else is credited ever.

All the positive things in their life are only because they deserve them due to their own attributes, planning and actions.

The persons having such an arrogant irrational attitude are called ‘Sv’ Chārañ’ here.

They always praise themselves whatsoever the events and circumstances are.

Before education, Ved divides the entire humankind in

two groups, however:

  1. Jantavah’.
  2. Pashavo Jāýmānāh’.

 R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 58| Mantr 6


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