Innallāh lā yahdī alqawmalfāsiqīn

Innallāh lā yahdī alqawmalfāsiqīn


In fact, Allah guideth not the fāsiqīn,

who bring chaos


DSM Satyarthi

Al Qur’an Al Karīm specifically and expressly deals with the persons that are not honest, not sincere, in their interaction with other persons.

Its 63rd Sūrat, Al Munāfiqūn, especially deals of such persons.

The Musalmīn of India are facing nowadays a severe political problem.

After 67 years of Independence of India, they are now feeling that they are cheated so long politically by their so called well wisher, pseudo seculars.

Who is responsible for it?

Their so called well wisher, pseudo seculars?

Certainly not.

Never blunder once again.

We, Musalmīn, ourselves, are responsible for it, none else.

Al Qur’an Al Karīm guides us ab initio:

Ihdi nassirātal mustaqīm

‘Guide us to the straight path.’

1 Al Fātiħah: 6

Sirātallazīn anåmt ålayhim ghairimaghzūbi ålayhim wa lā azzwāllīn

The path of the persons who earned your bounty, not of those who evoked your wrath, nor of those who go astray.’

1 Al Fātiħah: 7

Now, let’s analyze our past 67 years.

What the hell we did in this wretched period that these munāfiqīn could succeed in cheating us so successfully?

Why Allah didn’t guide us the ‘sirātal mustaqīm’, the straight path’?


Did, nauzbillah, Allah Himself has cheated us too?

It can’t be.

Allah never cheats someone who never cheats Him.

Alħamdulillāhi Rabbil åālmīn.

So, now we enter in the troubling zone.

Have we ourselves cheated Allah, therefore Allah cheated us?

Are we fāsiqīn, the persons who bring chaos that consequently Allah didn’t guide us?

Well, let’s think honestly, sincerely, not for others, for ourselves at least.

Can we be sincere to ourselves at least?

Is it possible Allah has punished us for our indefinite persistent tolerance to terrorism in His name?

Why the hell shouldn’t He?

Innallāh lā yahdī alqawmalfāsiqīn

In fact, Allah guideth not the fāsiqīn,

who bring chaos.

Al Qur’an Al Karīm: 63|6

Isn’t it clear thus also why Allah doesn’t guide the terrorists and criminals?

They too are fāsiqīn in Allah’s eyes.

Try to explain why otherwise they aren’t guided.

Isn’t it a fact that:

Wallāhu yakħtassu biraħmatihi man yashāu

And Allah selects for His Mercy whom He wills

─ 2 Al Baqarah| 105

Not whom the Musalmīn/Ummat-eMuslimah wills.

We forgot it.

Yet our forgetting some law doesn’t imply ever that Allah does too forget it.

We have to follow Allah’s constitution, Allah doesn’t have to follow whatever the hell we understand erroneously due to our vile vested interests.

Wallāhu zul fazlil åzīmi

And Allah is of great bounty.’

─ 2 Al Baqarah| 105


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