Ved: Ved Bhashy: R’gved: Mandal 9: Sookt 4: Mantr 10

Ved: Ved Bhāshý:


Mandal 9:

Pavmān Som Mandal

Sookt 4: Mantr 10

DSM Satyarthi


Rayim nashchitramashvinamindo Vishvāyumābhar

athā No vasyasaskr’dhi


Rayim| nah| chitram| ashvinam| indo iti| vishv’ āyum| ā| bhar| ath| nah| vasyasah| kr’dhi.


 1Take care and bring up optimum2 Our awesome wealth3, the man of ashvinā pair4, O Indu5, the life of all6.

And then7 do Our welfare8.


1. R’shi: Hirañyastūp Mahimvat Āngiras

Dévtā/ Divine Subject: Pavmān Som

Chhand/Vedic Meter: Gāyatrī

The Sūkt/hymn contains ten Mantrs/Verses This is the last Mantr of this very important Sūkt that has its every Mantr, ending with the recurring order: ‘Athā  No vasyasaskr’dhi’ ‘And then do Our Welfare’, not before it.

This is the last Mantr of this very important Sūkt that has its every Mantr, ending with the recurring order: ‘Athā  No vasyasaskr’dhi’ ‘And then do Our Welfare’, not before it.

As it’s already been said, this Sūkt, all the ten Mantrs of it, enlist the very important things that have practically priorities even on ‘Janébhyah’, for the people.

Because if these things don’t have priorities on ‘Janébhyah’ even, practically none can do anything worthwhile for Janébhyah’ even.

The last such thing enlisted here is ‘Ashvin’, the man that makes ashvinā couple always without even a single exception.

It implies that he must always be Sukr’t despite whatsoever the circumstances are.

He can die even fighting a Dharmyuddh, Jihad, holy war, yet he never surrenders to the wicked ones.

It’s quite clear that such a man can never make any anashvinā couple with him.

He is Our awesome wealth, ‘Rayim nashchitram’.

No other wealth even can compare with him.

He is the utmost wonderful wealth even that can produce wealth itself immensely, tremendously, endlessly through constantly nonstop increasing his own Bhogchakr and that of the others.

That’s why We have called him here ‘Rayim nashchitram’, Our awesome wealth.

No wealth is ever more important than him, because he can produce wealth as it is explained above, yet no wealth can ever produce such a man.

Everyone of you that’s Indu, controller of organs that is ready to destroy the wicked ones, has not only to take care of such ‘Ashvin’, but also provide him everything that’s needed in the process ever.

You can’t excuse yourself claiming your first duty is ‘Janébhyah’, for the people.

The wicked ones are always united for their own vested vile interests.

If you aren’t united yourselves you can’t fight with them successfully.

2. ‘Ā bhar’.

The Mantr/Verse clearly and expressly orders Indu,
Indo’, the person that has controlled his/her organs for ‘Janébhyah’, to earn infinite money, ‘Idi Paramaishvaryé’ to take care and bring up optimum the man that is ‘Vishvāyu’, the life of all.

No one has any reason if s/he is really a Sukr’t, noble doer, and/or wants to save himself/herself/ his family/her family, to ignore to take care and bring up optimum the man that is ‘Vishvāyu’, the life of all.
S/he himself/herself isn’t the life of all, ‘Vishvāyu’.
S/he doesn’t understand how to save everyone himself/herself/ his family/her family if there comes a situation destroying everything.
S/he doesn’t understand how the Kālchakr, Time Cycle, works actually, nor does s/he have any proper effective hold on the Kālchakr, Time Cycle.
S/he can only fight physically with physical facts.
S/he doesn’t understand the Eternal Facts, R’t, actually working behind what is physical ostensibly.
Only the person that’s life of all, ‘Vishvāyu’, does understand them perfectly and has proper experience to use his/her knowledge and experience for the survival of all, ‘Vishvāyu’.
If such is the case, what another course of action do you have practically whether you like it or not?
It’s science you have to deal with.
It cannot be faced emotionally.
It’s not any matter of choice for you.
It’s cold and hard fact you have to face.
The survival of yourself/your family/entire humankind depends on your action.
If you decide not to take care and bring up optimum the man that is ‘Vishvāyu’, the life of all, you yourself can’t save yourself/your family/entire humankind.
You don’t have the proper/optimum scientific knowledge and personnel experience needed to the survival.
You were doing other things you thought necessary when the person that’s life of all, ‘Vishvāyu’, was training himself to face such situation if it comes.
No one else was doing it.
Now, to face the practical problem, what another course of action do you suggest for the practical survival of yourself/your family/entire humankind?

3. ‘Rayim nashchitram’.
It is the first reason that makes him life of all,

4. ‘Ashvinam’.
It is the second reason that makes him life of all,

If a person is as Shaktimān as his Bhogchakr can feed and take care of the entire rest of the others, he becomes Our awesome wealth, ‘Rayim nashchitram’, himself.
There isn’t any limit of Shaktimān or Bhogchakr.
One can have even almost infinite Shaktimān or Bhogchakr.
Param Purush is already having it.
The Eternal System that’s working in Our infinite Creations, doesn’t allow anyone to have absolute authority on the rest of the others.
It’s dangerous and harmful because none of the humankind is all knowing, neither s/he can ever be.
It’s detrimental to the system that’s based on ‘Tyaktén Bhunjīthāh’, ‘Consume and enjoy by what you relinquish’.
Kévalāgho bhavati kévalādī’, ‘Only Personified sin becomes that consumes alone’.
These entire infinite Creations are not made for any single person whosoever.
That’s why Autocracy never succeeded here whenever it was practiced.
The Eternal System working here in Our infinite Creations doesn’t allow it ever to succeed.
You may hate/ridicule Ved/Hinduism as much as you want to, but you can’t obliterate it from Our infinite Creations ever.
It’s not any superstition as the anti-Hindus think.
It’s actually the eternal scientific system We have created Our entire infinite Creations on, whether you like it or not.
The atheists dream of a world that has no creator and no faultless eternal scientific system.
It’s impossible.
It can’t be anywhere anytime.
It would cause endless chaos if it is ever there anywhere.
Why don’t these stupid ones understand it ever?
Do they want to execute their any hidden agenda whatsoever they hide from others?
They can’t hide that from Us nevertheless.
It’s Our responsibility to provide optimum consumption, luxury and enjoyment to the persons that are ‘Vāvasānā’.
They base their life on ‘Tyaktén Bhunjīthā’, ‘Consume and enjoy by what you relinquish’ and ‘Kévalāgho bhavati kévalādī’, ‘Only Personified sin becomes that consumes alone’.

R’gved: Mandal 9| Sookt 46| Mantr 2

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