Ved 1 R’g Ved: Mandal 1| Sookt 99| Mantr 1

Ved 1 R’g Ved:

Mandal 1

Sookt 99 | Mantr 1

DSM Satyarthi

Jātvédasé sunavām somamarātīyato ni dahāti védah,

S’ nah parshadati durgāñi vishvā nāvév sindhum duritātyagnih.


1We purify SOM for the one born for VED.2

Ved certainly scorches off the persons, reaching those who don’t give Āýpanchamānsh.3

He protects all our forts4, like a ship, one who leads to light, bravely crosses the sea5.

  1. R’shi: Kashyap Mahimvat Mārīch.

Dévtā/Divine Subject: Agni, the one who leads to light.

Chhand/Meter: Trishŧup.

  1. Arātīyato ni dahāti védah.’

Ved here actually does not mean the Book named Ved.

It is actually the system that’s found working everywhere in the entire infinite creations.

The Book ‘Ved’ is called Ved because it describes that System;

Swayambhūryāthātathyato’arthān vyadadhāchchhāshvatībhyah samābhyah.’

The Self Existent constitutionalized the Aims, according to facts, for the eternal subjects/years.’

Ved: 2 Yajurved: 40|8

There are some persons who think it’s a superstition only and it happens with you only if you believe it.

If you don’t believe it, it doesn’t happen with you.

The entire history of humankind stands against it.

If you study the entire history of humankind, you find that no person/organization here ever flourished financially that never spent at least one fifth of its income for human welfare.

The persons/organizations that don’t believe it have always suffered from some circumstances or diseases that caused them to lose the money they didn’t spend for any human welfare.

The Eternal System working in the entire creations never supports the utter selfish persons/organizations.

Some of them argue it doesn’t have any connection with the human welfare.

Ved doesn’t believe it.

Neither does the entire history of humankind if you study it entirely unbiased.

According to Ved, the entire creations are created for humankind:

Yathémām vācham kalyāñīmāvadāni


Brahmrājanyābhyāgvong shūdrāý

chāryāý ch’ svāý chārañāý.

Priyo dévānām daxiñāyai dāturih

bhūyāsamayam mé kāmah

samr’dhyatāmup mādo namatu.

1Appropriately, I deliver this welfare speech2 for ALL THE PEOPLE3: the intelligent ones4, the politicians5, the workers6, the businesspersons7, the self-praising ones8.

Let me be dear to the divine ones9, for daxiñā10 of the giver11, here12. My this Kām be enriched13. Bow me he being near14.

Dadhushŧvā bhr’gavo mānushéshvā rayim n’ chārum Suhavam janébhyah,

hotāramagné atithim varéñyam mitram n’ shévam divyāýjanmané.

1The pure ones established you2, the beautifully called one3; for people4, properly, in human beings5, like beautiful wealth6, Hota7, Agni8, guest9, worthy to be chosen10, like affectionate friend11, for Divý Janm, Divine Birth12.’

Abodhyagnihsamidhā janānām prati dhénumivāyatīmushāsam,

Yahvāiv pr’vayāmujjihānāh pr’ bhānavah sisraté nākamachchh.

 1Knew Agni samidhā2, for the people3, coming dawn4; like milchcow5. Like the ones who call6, properly rise7, shooting up on high8 like a bird9, proper suns10, to the right place11where there isn’t any sorrow12.

  • Ved: 1 R’gved: 5|1|1
  • ‘Scorches off’ ‘Ni dahāti’ does not mean the actual scorching off a person that reaches the persons/organizations who don’t give at least the fifth of their income for human welfare.

    It’s actually a figure of speech.

    It means, however, the Eternal System working everywhere in the entire infinite creations, never spare any person(s)/organizations to get benefited of the one-fifth part of their income if they don’t donate it for human welfare.

    They may think they are smart and they can prove this Vedic principle wrong.

    Yet, they aren’t the ever first of such thinking persons/organizations.

    The entire history of humankind is full of them and the results of their such unwise adventures.

    If someone still wants to take the risk of same scorching ‘Ni dahāti’, he/she/ they are free to experiment and suffer consequently.

    There are some persons who think Āýpanchamānsh is all right, but they would never donate “Havý’.

    They forget that there is no one that asked them ever to donate something if they don’t want to.

    HVSI isn’t organized to make them donate their money even if they don’t want to.

    All such persons should put their palm on their heart and tell honestly how many times in their own entire history in HVSI they are forced to do so?

    If never, and who is honest and can claim it’s ever, what is the meaning of such nonsense attitude?

    Doesn’t it imply that HVSI use to do something as it?

    Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak, whose such status is now physically proved beyond entire reasonable doubts, has always watched carefully that not even a single dime is brought in HVSI under any false pretense.

    Do you want to deny or challenge it?

    Can you be honest even and deny it?

    And if not, what’s the sense there that you would never donate Havý?

    Nobody has ever asked you to donate anything, even Āýpanchamānsh, if you don’t want to.

    HVSI is the only religious organization that ever opposed monetary contributions from the outsiders, who aren’t its members.

    It was a severe practice, ‘Sādhanā’, for HVSI, and every member of HVSI must be proud of it, even if you aren’t, that HVSI has successfully completed it for previous forty-six years.

    Their Sādhanā is rewarded ultimately and ‘Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam’ is completed politically successfully by Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak.

    Isn’t it true?

    Isn’t it a Perfect Bloodless Revolution in the entire history of humankind?

    Yet you still suspect the ever-flawlessly perfect system of Vedic System of life?

    What more evidence you need of its Ever Flawless Perfection?

    Doesn’t it prove that you are a hopeless negative thinker?

    The difference between Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak and you is that Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak has infinite faith in Our ever-flawlessly perfect system of Vedic System of life, that you don’t.

    That’s the main reason why Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak is ever more successful than you are.

    Whenever any project of HVSI failed, you always questioned the project itself and the Vedic principles involved in it.

    You never analyzed the persons that were involved in that failed project.

    What do you think they were flawless?

    And that’s only Our Vedic principle that could have the flaw?

    How incomplete your Second Ācharañ Stambh!

    Isn’t it?

    You don’t even know and understand Our ever-flawlessly perfect system of Vedic System of life, enough to keep Yourself ‘Sthitpragý’.

    Because you never studied Ved as gravely as you should have.

    Lord Buddh has concluded:

    Samam samādāý vatāni jantu uchchāvacham gachchhati sanýsatto,

    Vidvā ch’ Vedehi saméchch dhammam na uchchāvacham gachchhati Bhūripanýo.’

    • Suttnipāt Shlok 292.
  • R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 113| Mantr 1

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