Ved: 2 Yajurved: Adhyāý 1: Mantr 16

Ved: Yajurved

Poorv Vinshati

Adhyāý 1: Mantr 16

DSM Satyarthi


Kukkuŧo’si madhujihvah.

Ishamoorjam āvad.

Tvayā vayagvong sanghātagvong.

Sanghātam jéshm.

Varshvr’ddham asi.

Prati tvā varshvr’ddham véttu.

Parāpootagvong raxah.

Parāpootā arātayah.

Aphatagvong raxo.

Vāyurvo vivinaktu.

Dévo vah Savitā Hirañýpāñih pratigr’bhñātu achchhidréñ pāñinā.


 Kukkuŧah|asi|madhujihvah| Isham|oorjam| ā| vad| Tvayā| vayam| sanghātam| Sanghātam iti sanghātagvong Sanghātam|jéshm| Varshvr’ddham iti Varshvr’ddham|asi| Prati| tvā| varshvr’ddham iti Varshvr’ddham|véttu| Parāpootam iti Parāpootam |raxah| Parāpootā iti Parāpootāh|arātayah| Aphatam iti  Aphatam|raxah. Vāyuh| vah| vi|vinaktu| Dévah| vah Savitā| Hirañýpāñiriti Hirañýpāñih| prati| gr’bhñātu| achchhidréñ| pāñinā.


[1]Cock art thou2, sweet- tongued3.

Tell properly will power energy4.

By you, We are organization5.

Let’s win organization6.

Flourished art thou annually7.

Everyone must know thou, the annually flourished one8.

Defeat absolutely the evil doers9.

Defeated are the ones who don’t donate the fifth part of their incomes10.

Expend away fiends11.

The person, who is the oxygen12, analyze you absolutely13.

The Divine Creator, golden handed14, receive you each15 with flawless hand16.


[1] .Rshi: Paraméshŧhī Prajāpati.

Dévtā/ Divine Subject: Vāyu, the oxygen and Savitā the Creator.

Chhand/Meter:  Till ‘vivinaktu’ Svarād Brāhmī Trishŧup

Svar: Dhaivat,

After it Chhand/Meter: Virād Gāyatrī Svar: Shadj.


  1. As a Cock wakes everyone everyday every morning, you have to do the same thing if you really want to worship Us/to enjoy everything We have created for you to enjoy it.If you want to enjoy it alone, it’s not possible for anyone.It has been clarified by Us in Ved not only here, it has been clarified elsewhere in Ved as well.‘Kévalāgho bhavati kévalādī’.

    Only sin becomes the person that eats alone.’

    Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 11| Mantr 1




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