Ved: 2 Yajurved: Adhyāý 1: Mantr 5

Ved: 2 Yajurved:

Poorv Vinshati:

Adhyāý 1: Mantr 5

DSM Satyarthi


Agné vratpaté vratam charishyāmi

Tachchhakéyam tanmé rādhýatām



1Agni, the master of vrat2, (say) I’ll follow vrat3. May I have strength therefor4. That both5 give me success/wealth6.

From this absolute untruth7, I take to truth8 by worship9.


 1 .Rshi: Paraméshŧhī Prajāpati.

Dévtā/ Divine Subject: Agni.

Chhand/Meter: Ārchī Trishŧup.

Svar: Dhaivat.

This important Mantr declares that the order given to Vishñu, the all pervading one, in previous fourth Mantr is not a general order.

It’s a vrat, a sacred vow instead.

Vishñu has to protect Havý, but it doesn’t mean Agni doesn’t have to do anything with it.

It’s at least a vrat for Agni.

Even if he/she is not as capable as Vishñu to protect Havý, it is too nevertheless his sacred duty to help Vishñu in it.

S/he doesn’t understand its all-pervading significance, but even then, it’s his/her duty to take the normal persons to light.


  1. Vratpaté.

It’s a sacred duty of a person who spreads Our knowledge to everyone that s/he understands his/her position correctly in the system.

A person that doesn’t understand his/her responsibility in the system and a person that understands it, can’t act similarly.

Agni is not one of the ‘Vixu Jantavah’ nor one of the ‘Pashavo Jāýmānāh’.

He/she is an educated person.

The main difference between sacrificial translations and commentaries of Ved according to Sāyañ, Mahīdhar etcetera, and its Principles Oriented Commentary such as this one I am presenting is that Agni is presented in them as a deity.

The orders of Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā are presented in them as the hymns written in the praise of deities.

They never bother to explain even, if their translations and commentaries are correct what the meaning of ‘Y’ ék it tamu sŧuhi’ ‘Worship only Him Who is One only’ is.

It was a great conspiracy actually to weaken India of the British realm.

A sincere student of history can’t understand how it was possible that the Hindus and Musalmīn who fought the holy war of Independence in 1857 together cut each other’s throat only after 90 years in 1947.

The British administration did what East India Company could never even think.

No, I am not telling hate the today British and today Britain for it.


We, both the Hindus and Musalmīn of India are responsible for it.

We allowed them to do it.

We let them to poison our hearts against each other to the extent that ultimately we cut our throats instead of cutting theirs.

The polytheistic translations and commentaries of Ved were deliberately done and spread everywhere.

Under the disguise of the upliftment of the downtown actually the monotheistic intellectuals of Ved were deliberately ignored and suppressed.

The tyrannies of Savarñs on the downtrodden and the tyrannies of Musalmīn on Hindus were exaggerated immensely out of proportion.

Yes, there were tyrannies of both, but not to the extent, it was told to Hindus and downtrodden deliberately.

  1.  ‘Rādhýtām’ Dvivachan. Lot lakār.

If there isn’t anything contrary in the context, generally it implies the spouse, husband for a wife and wife for a husband.

Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 6


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  1. […] 1She is the life of all2. She does all the work3/She is the constructor4. She holds all5/She feeds milk to all6. You the share of indr7, I extend with som8. All pervading9, shield the Havý10/sacrifice. […]

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