Ved: 2 Yajurved: Adhyāý 1: Mantr 10

Ved Bhāshý: 2 Yajurved:

Poorv Vinshati:

Adhyāý 1: Mantr 10

DSM Satyarthi


Dévasý tvā savituh prasavé ashvinorbāhubhyām pūshño hastābhyām.

Agnaýé jushŧam gr’hñāmi.

Agnīsomābhyām jushŧam gr’hñāmi.


1In the perfect creation2 of the Divine Creator of all3, with arms of ashvinā couple4, with both the hands of the one that takes care of and brings up5, I take thee the sincerely loved one6, for Agni7.

I take for Agni and Som8.


1 .Rshi: Paraméshŧhī Prajāpati.

Dévtā/ Divine Subject: Savitā, the Creator of all.

Chhand/Meter: BhurigBr’hatī.

Svar: Madhyam.

2. The creation isn’t imperfect as so many of the people complain whenever they don’t get their desired results, ‘Prasavé’.

Lord Bhagvān Kr’shñ has answered this complain perfectly:

Karmañýévādhikārasté mā phaléshu kadāchan,

Mā karmphalhéturbhūrmā té sango’stvakarmañi.


Your right is only in action, never in results.

Never be obsessed in the results, neither your obsession be in inaction.’

Shrīmad BhagavadGītā: 2|47

Nevertheless the persons have destroyed its actual meaning Lord Bhagvān Kr’shñ meant.

The fault is not in the Creations.

The Creations are perfect, ‘Prasavé’.

The fault is in the complainers themselves.

They don’t know and understand the ever perfect system working in the entire infinite Creations ever.

Neither they are ever serious to understand it.

They even don’t understand it’s immensely injurious to themselves, to none else.

Until and unless they don’t understand it, their problems would never be solved.

Complaint isn’t its solution.

Its correct solution is to understand the system correctly and then act accordingly.


 Yajurved: Adhyaay’ 1| Mantr 11


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