Should we really ban Islam?

Should we really ban Islam?

DSM Satyarthi

‘Islam is a cult.

It is time to wake up and realize that this cult is a threat to mankind and there can be no co-existence with Muslims.

As long as Muslims believe in Muhammad, they are a threat to others and to themselves.

Muslims must either leave Islam, discard their culture of hate and join the rest of mankind as fellow humans, or non-Muslims must separate themselves from them, ban Islam, end the immigration of Muslims and send home those who plot against democracy and refuse to integrate.’


These are the words, word by word, written by Dr. Ali Sina in his most important book, ‘Understanding Muħammad: A Psychobiography of Allah’s prophet’ on page 7.

I won’t go in the useless time consuming discussion whether Dr. Ali Sina is right or Islam.

I want to discuss here about the solutions of Dr. Ali Sina he has proposed to get rid of the problems the entire humanity is facing, due to Islam, in his well-perused opinion.

I promise not to deviate from it, unless it isn’t utmost necessary.


Dr. Ali Sina’s solutions are:

Firstly, Muslims must leave Islam, discard their culture of hate and join the rest of mankind as fellow humans.

Isn’t it against Democracy not to let Muslims decide what they themselves must do?

Of course, we can’t, and we shouldn’t ever, let any human society, Muslims or someone else whosoever, to have a culture of hate against any human group whatsoever.

Yet, should we do it by banning that particular society or by teaching and punishing her if she still acts against humanity?

We should never forget, as for as India is concerned, Indian Muslims have contributed to make present Indian society in a very big manner.

They never hated their fellow citizens Hindus as we find in other countries.

If they had, India couldn’t have been a Hindu Majority country still now.

Even the too much-fussed Two Nation Theory of Muħammad Ålī Jinnah could not make entire Musalmīn to leave India and go to Pakistan.

Can anyone say today that Indian Musalmīn don’t love India, instead they love Pakistan more?

Why Dr. Ali Sina’s theory that Islam itself is a culture of hate never worked in India?


It isn’t a simple question to be ignored in a general way.

Instead, I claim it’s the utmost important question that must be answered before planning any campaign to abolish Islam herself from everywhere.


Why Dr. Ali Sina’s theory that Islam itself is a culture of hate never worked in India?

Islam was always one of the most popular ideologies in India in Hindus even.

The Hindus go to Ajmer Sharīf more, than even the Musalmīn do.

Isn’t it a fact?

Apply Dr. Ali Sina’s theory that Islam itself is a culture of hate and explain this phenomenon in India.

You can’t avoid it.

You can’t ignore it ever.


Isn’t it a fact that the first holy war of Independence of India was fought in 1857 under the leadership of the great Mughal Emperor, Bahādur Shah Zafar?

If Hindus were hated by the Musalmīn and had really suffered in their rule, why the hell they wanted to establish Muslim rule against the then East India Company rule?

Why their leader wasn’t some Hindu, instead of Bahādur Shah Zafar?


Shouldn’t Dr. Ali Sina and his co authors explain this historical phenomenon in India?


Dr. Ali Sina’s second proposed solution to the Pseudo Islamic terrorism is:

Non-Muslims must separate themselves from Muslims, ban Islam, end the immigration of Muslims and send home those who plot against democracy and refuse to integrate.’

It is exactly what was done in Partition of India.

Non Muslims didn’t separate themselves from Muslims, but the Pseudo Musalmīn then themselves separated from then Hindus.

Somewhat the same thing is still being done by present day Pseudo Musalmīn everywhere.

It isn’t even needed now for Non Musalmīn to separate Muslims from them.

The ever stupid Pseudo Musalmīn are already doing it themselves everywhere and deliberately, either clandestinely or openly, conspiring against Non Muslims, plotting terrorist activities against them.

These ever stupid Pseudo Musalmīn are not creative, not productive, neither they want to be ever.

They even don’t understand no human society can survive herself if she isn’t creative and productive.

They only want to kill the Non Muslims so that they themselves can get Jannat.

Does Islam really preach this ever anti-human doctrine?


Dr. Ali Sina and his co authors say ‘Yes’.

Yet, the learned persons who have really perused Islam without any bias, say ‘No, Certainly Not’.

Al Qur’an Al Karīm says:


Wallazīn måhu Ashiddao Ǻlā alkuffāri ruħmāo baynahum.’

Muħammad is the Messenger of Allah.

And those with him are severe against Al Kuffār, Merciful among themselves.’

Al Qur’an Al Karīm : 48 Al Fatħ| 29

Pseudo Musalmīn terrorists and criminal/criminal minded Pseudo Musalmīn have interpreted this āyat-e-Karīmah in their favor that this āyat-e-Karīmah orders them to kill the non Musalmīn.

They go ahead further and quote one more āyat from Al Qur’an Al Karīm to support their vile interests:

Fa qatulū almusharikīn

ħaisu wajadttumūhum.’

 Then kill the associators

wherever you find them.

Al Qur’an Al Kareem: 9 Attawbah|5


Well, it’s the interpretation Yazīd MalåūnǺrab

Burdāfaroshs and their supporters Mullahs and Maulavīs allotted to it

They damn cared if this interpretation of this āyat-e-Karīmah is against Al Qur’an Al Kareem itself.*


The Pseudo Musalmīn terrorists and criminal/criminal minded Pseudo Musalmīn keep repeating only two āyat-e-karīmahs:


Wallazīn måhu Ashiddao Ǻlā alkuffāri ruħmāo baynahum.’

Muħammad is the Messenger of Allah.

And those with him are severe against Al Kuffār, Merciful among themselves.’

Al Qur’an Al Karīm : 48 Al Fatħ| 29

 ‘Fa qatulū almusharikīn

ħaisu wajadttumūhum’

Then kill the associators

wherever you find them

 —Al Qur’an Al Kareem: 9 Attawbah|5

They keep repeating these two āyat-e-karīmahs as if the entire Islam is centralized on these two āyat-e-karīmahs.

Is it true?

Anyone who has really perused Islam without any bias, without any prejudice, can tell everyone it isn’t.

Isn’t it a negative approach of these PseudoMusalmīn terrorists and criminal/criminal minded PseudoMusalmīn to their own religion if their claim is taken prima facie?


Now, let’s analyze their claim itself.

How many PseudoMusalmīn terrorists and criminal/criminal minded Pseudo Musalmīn are there in the entire Ummat-eMuslimah?





What about the rest of the Musalmīn who aren’t Pseudo Musalmīn terrorists and criminal/criminal minded Pseudo Musalmīn, neither they ever were?

Why should they suffer for something they haven’t done ever?

Because their fellow religionists did it?

Is it justice to them?


What the hell we want?

To face their injustice with our own injustice?

Then how the hell are we better than Pseudo Musalmīn terrorists and criminal/criminal minded Pseudo Musalmīn?

Can’t we really teach them humanity?

Can’t even we punish them if they refuse to learn?

The entire humankind can’t do it?

Are the Pseudo Musalmīn terrorists and criminal/criminal minded PseudoMusalmīn so much large in number?

Are they so much capable in resources even?

Isn’t what I propose more justified, more rational, more logical, more practical and more human?


Why compel even the Musalmīn that believe in humanity to join these inhuman PseudoMusalmīn terrorists and criminal/criminal minded Pseudo Musalmīn?


Isn’t that’s what you are proposing to do?


Even if I believe, though I can’t be so insane ever to believe it, what you say:

Every Musalmān is a terrorist or a potential terrorist.’

Isn’t it smarter to break the unity of our common enemy?

If a large number of such Musalmīn claim they aren’t with these wretched animals, the Pseudo Musalmīn terrorists and criminal/criminal minded Pseudo Musalmīn, why shouldn’t we take advantage of it?

Why should we send them too to our enemy’s camp?

To strengthen our enemy’s capability to fight with us more effectively?

Must be us so stupid?

I don’t think so.

I can’t even imagine to think as stupid as it’s being proposed.


Islam according to Ved

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Innallāh lā yahdī alqawmalfāsiqīn

Innallāh lā yahdī alqawmalfāsiqīn


In fact, Allah guideth not the fāsiqīn,

who bring chaos


DSM Satyarthi

Al Qur’an Al Karīm specifically and expressly deals with the persons that are not honest, not sincere, in their interaction with other persons.

Its 63rd Sūrat, Al Munāfiqūn, especially deals of such persons.

The Musalmīn of India are facing nowadays a severe political problem.

After 67 years of Independence of India, they are now feeling that they are cheated so long politically by their so called well wisher, pseudo seculars.

Who is responsible for it?

Their so called well wisher, pseudo seculars?

Certainly not.

Never blunder once again.

We, Musalmīn, ourselves, are responsible for it, none else.

Al Qur’an Al Karīm guides us ab initio:

Ihdi nassirātal mustaqīm

‘Guide us to the straight path.’

1 Al Fātiħah: 6

Sirātallazīn anåmt ålayhim ghairimaghzūbi ålayhim wa lā azzwāllīn

The path of the persons who earned your bounty, not of those who evoked your wrath, nor of those who go astray.’

1 Al Fātiħah: 7

Now, let’s analyze our past 67 years.

What the hell we did in this wretched period that these munāfiqīn could succeed in cheating us so successfully?

Why Allah didn’t guide us the ‘sirātal mustaqīm’, the straight path’?


Did, nauzbillah, Allah Himself has cheated us too?

It can’t be.

Allah never cheats someone who never cheats Him.

Alħamdulillāhi Rabbil åālmīn.

So, now we enter in the troubling zone.

Have we ourselves cheated Allah, therefore Allah cheated us?

Are we fāsiqīn, the persons who bring chaos that consequently Allah didn’t guide us?

Well, let’s think honestly, sincerely, not for others, for ourselves at least.

Can we be sincere to ourselves at least?

Is it possible Allah has punished us for our indefinite persistent tolerance to terrorism in His name?

Why the hell shouldn’t He?

Innallāh lā yahdī alqawmalfāsiqīn

In fact, Allah guideth not the fāsiqīn,

who bring chaos.

Al Qur’an Al Karīm: 63|6

Isn’t it clear thus also why Allah doesn’t guide the terrorists and criminals?

They too are fāsiqīn in Allah’s eyes.

Try to explain why otherwise they aren’t guided.

Isn’t it a fact that:

Wallāhu yakħtassu biraħmatihi man yashāu

And Allah selects for His Mercy whom He wills

─ 2 Al Baqarah| 105

Not whom the Musalmīn/Ummat-eMuslimah wills.

We forgot it.

Yet our forgetting some law doesn’t imply ever that Allah does too forget it.

We have to follow Allah’s constitution, Allah doesn’t have to follow whatever the hell we understand erroneously due to our vile vested interests.

Wallāhu zul fazlil åzīmi

And Allah is of great bounty.’

─ 2 Al Baqarah| 105


Islam according to Ved

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Al Muħammad Al Qāsim’s utmost greedy relatives

Al Muħammad Al Qāsim’s

 utmost greedy relatives

  1.    Al Nadīm Al Quddūs Al Muħammad Al Qāsim’ half/real brother
  2.     Al Safiyah Al Ghaus Al Nadīm Al Quddūs’s awfully stunning wife, a mastermind, ex hostess of Las Vegas Nevada gambling house, the real brain power against Al Waħīdah Al Tawīd and Al Muħammad Al Qāsim.
  3.        Al Zakiyah Al Qāsim, Al Muħammad Al Qāsim’s sister
  4.          Vikram Bachhalyā, Al Zakiyah Al Qāsim’s husband
  5.           Al Lubnā Al Qāsim, Al Muħammad Al Qāsim’s one more sister
  6.           Pratāp Bachhalyā, Al Lubnā Al Qāsim’s husband
  7.          Al Hudā Al Qāsim Al Hāshmī, their advocate
  8.          Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan, Al Safiyah Al Ghaus’s friend, philosopher and guide
  9. Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan’s Seven Movements


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A detailed explanation of the Scripture

DSM Satyarthi

Va mā kān hāzalqur’anu anyuftarā min dūnillāhi va lākin tasdīqallazī bayn yadéhi va tafsīlAlKitābi lā raib fīhi min rabbil åālmīn.’

And it was not for this Qur’an to be produced by other than Allah , but a confirmation of what was before it and a detailed explanation of The Scripture, about which there is no doubt, from the Lord of the worlds.’

̶—Al Qur’an Al Kareem10 Yunus:37


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Ayesha Ahmed disagrees with the Women’s High status and Privileged Position

Ayesha Ahmed disagrees

with the

Women’s High status

and Privileged Position

DSM Satyarthi

Some of my readers have taken the trouble to inform me that an article of Ayesha Ahmed is not available to them when they click the link I’ve given to them in some of my writings.

I don’t know why it is so, if it is so.

However, I copy paste that article here for their, as well as others’ benefit, as I have previously did for some of the writings of my intimate friends Khadijah Muhammad and Sidrah Ahmad:

Women’s High status and

Privileged Position

by Ayesha Ahmed : Aug 2, 2003 :

Dear sisters: How many times have you heard this claim “sisters, you should be very happy that you have a very high status and a very privileged position in our religion” by the bearded ones in the mosques?

God alone knows what high status and which privileged position they talk about….

To be declared in the holy books that we are deficient in intelligence and that most of us will go to hell for being ungrateful to our husbands; and that we will make the big majority of the hell’s population?

To be told to share the husband with three other wives and many concubines, sex slaves and captive women which his right hand posses?

To be divorced by him at the drop of a hat by just his proclaiming 3 times “I divorce you” and we not having the same right to divorce him?

Husband getting 72 perpetually virgin beautiful houris with big eyes and swelling bosoms in the paradise and we getting the same old husband and share him with the 72 voluptuous houris? (Believe me sisters; he will be so busy there with the lovely houris that the only time he will see you will be in the hallways when he is going from one houri’s room to another houri’s room).

To be disciplined by the husband, by being beaten up by him with scourge (lash) and green sticks? (Unless you are into the kinky stuff and actually enjoy the beatings)..

Being raped and then be stoned to death for reporting it because you need 4 male witnesses to prove your innocence otherwise you yourself get accused of adultery? (Your only chance of finding 4 male witnesses is that if the attacker was of very low IQ or was really drunk and attacked you in the broad daylight in front of a bunch of degenerate horny men who watched and cheered and are later willing to testify)

Being wrongly accused of adultery by a conniving husband and be stoned for it because he does not need 4 male witnesses if he swears 4 times himself?

Being married at the age of 9 years to a much older man because it is sunna? To submit to him every time he desires you even if he wants it on the back of a camel, if he gets an untimely urge? (Not recommended, you both may fall down from camel’s back during the action and sustain injuries).

Being cursed all night by thousands of angels if you refuse him even for a genuine reason? (What a boring job for angels who are assigned to watch your bedroom, always waiting for the action, unless of course they enjoy watching; in that case they have a reason to be disappointed and pissed by your refusal).

To be declared half a person as witness in court or inheriting property?

To be asked to stay at home by scriptures and only leave home if husband permits; that too fully covered by a tent like garment even if it is scorching hot (hey, sweating is good for you as it opens skin pores, besides the tent covering protects you from the hot sun and elements which keeps you fair and beautiful; sisters you need all the help you can get to compete with the other wives and concubines).

The Muslim Beauties are wooing Hindu Men FASTEST


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The anti-Hindus are constantly being rejected now

The antiHindus are constantly

being rejected now

DSM Satyarthi

It is a good news for the better persons who aren’t pseudo secular that ultimately the citizens of India are proving that they are now intellectually free.

Congratulations to the citizens of India.

One must never forget that India is the only country that always refused to surrender to the tyrants and the conspirators against humanity.

It rejected the totalitarians always whether they are Persian dictators, Muslims or British Empire.

It rejected even Communism because it proposed the dictatorship of the downtrodden.

We, Indians, no matter we are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Dalits or whosoever we may be, must be proud of the fact that the entire history stands to evidence we Indians always refused to surrender to every dictatorship however disguised it may be.

The antiHindus tried to divide Indians in the name of religion.

They wanted to exercise traditional policy of the dishonest politicians ‘Divide and rule’.

Therefore they pictured Hindus to be the oppressors of the minors.


They said only antiHindus can protect the Dalits, Muslims and Christians from the ever tyrant Hindus in majority.

They succeeded in their dirty conspiracy by teaching fake oppressions of the minorities by the Hindus in majority.

They divided Indians and won the elections to loot Indians.

The black money and the so many scams are evidences to it.

Yet, the Indians have now understood very well what the antiHindus do really want.

Therefore now they have decided to defeat them continuously till they don’t surrender to the Jan Gañ Man Adhināyak of India.

Hissar by poll was the first warning.

The five assembly results were the second.

Now, MCD results are the third.

One can easily understand the next move would be the Centre.

Isn’t it obvious even now?

Good bye from power at Center, antiHindus.

Your shameless leader in India, Indian National Congress, is constantly being rejected by Jan Gañ Man Adhināyak of India now.

One can’t fool everyone forever.

Isn’t it?

The Ultimate Holy War with the anti Hindus


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The ultimate holy war with the anti Hindus

The ultimate holy war

with the anti Hindus

DSM Satyarthi

The esteemed election of the five states in India, Goa, Punjab, Uttarakhand Uttarpradesh and Mañipur is over.

The anti-Hindu media has tried its best to deceive the citizens of India that both the national alliances NDA and UPA have lost the elections.

It’s a rotten lie.

Our anti Hindu media has never spoken truth if the truth is pro Hindu.

It always licks the dirty impious feet of anti-Hindus.

It’s still serving the vested vile interests of anti-Hindus in India, irrespective of the fact that mostly Hindus inhabit India.

I’m not telling that India is a Hindu country.

No, India is a secular country, so it was always and so it would be always despite every rotten attempts of the imprudent anti Hindus to convert it too into an anti-Hindu country.

The fact is Goa is the biggest loss to anti Hindus and the biggest victory for really-secular Hindus in this election.

Every election in India is now actually between secular forces and anti Hindus forces.

The anti-Hindus forces call themselves secular forces but actually, they are not.

They always behaved anti Hindus and that’s what they are still doing.

So they have wept the tears of crocodiles once more that both the national alliances have lost these elections as if the rotten liars are actually impartial ones.

No, never.

These are the tears of the crocodiles.

They were never impartial and they are still not.

They have never spoken truth in the matter, neither they are doing it now.

They are glad if the pro scams party wins.

They are glad if Anti Jan Lokpal Bill party wins.

But they are weeping that anti scams and pro Anti Jan Lokpal Bill alliance has won.

The anti-Hindu media is a rotten liar and so it was always.

Goa is a big loss to the Pseudo Secular Forces.

Punjab is also the same to them.

Uttarakhand is also the same to them.

So, the Pseudo Secular Forces have lost these elections bitterly.

The secular Hindus have shown them that they are not so stupid anymore as they were once.

But is it the victory of only actually secular Hindus?


It is equally the victory of secular Musalmīn, secular Christians secular Jews and secular atheists.

What do you think, Goa is won by RSS?


Let the ever liar Pseudo Secular Forces tell it to deceive themselves.

They love to do it very much.

This very self-deception of them is their roadway to the ultimate defeat at the Center too.

Just wait and watch patiently and sophisticatedly.

Let them dance naked in the eve of their self-destruction not very far away.

They are enjoying telling themselves that NDA has also lost these elections as well as the pro scams and anti Jan Lokpal Bill UPA.

No, NDA hasn’t.

NDA has won Goa.

NDA has won Punjab.

NDA has won Uttarakhand.

Out of five states, NDA has won three states.

In Goa, it has successfully defeated the rotten pro scams and Anti Jan Lokpal Bill Pseudo Secular Forces led by Congress.

In Punjab, it has made a history by repeating the NDA Ggovernment after 46 years’ history of never repeating any government whichsoever.

In Uttarakhand, they have 31-32 dilemma.

In UP they have the ever-worst defeat of their entire history losing Amethi and Raebareli too.

The so-called yuvraj and the Prime Minister in waiting, Rahul Gandhi, could not save even their traditional seats.

Hurray NDA.

Congratulations for this great victory over the pro- scams, Anti Jan Lokpal Bill, Pseudo Secular Forces.


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