Yūsuf or Kr’shñ?-1

Yūsuf or Kr’shñ?

Who is our role model?

What do you want to be?

What do you want your children to be?

DSM Satyarthi

Chapter 1

The War Policy of the Hindus

Maulānah Imran looked at Ållāmah Ibrāhīm gravely,

“Ållāmah muħtaram, the problem is grave.”

“I know, Maulānah!”

“This new system of life is revolting our youth against Islam itself.”

“We can’t face it within the limits Islam has prescribed.” Akram said, almost complaining, “If we live within the limits, our daughters and sisters are revolting, leaving Islami Mumālik, in a large number, under this or that pretext. Once out of  Islami Mumālik, they are beyond our legal approach. They marry non Muslims, or just live in with them.”

“This new system of life is harming Islam more than even Durgesh has harmed.” Muħammad Ħasan could not control him.

Maulānah Imran smiled,

“Imām Sāħab, I don’t think Durgesh is responsible for this situation.”

Muħammad Ħasan looked at Maulānah Imran gravely.

“I can understand your dependence on Durgesh, Maulānah!”

“Can you suggest me any alternate from Musalmeen?”

“Nonsense, Maulānah Imran,” Ållāmah Ibrāhīm almost scolded, “do you believe Islam has failed? Allah, nauzbillah, has too?”

“Certainly not, Ållāmah muħtaram!”

“Then, will you please explain to me what do you mean?” Instead Maulānah Imran, Akram said impatiently, “It is not an ilmī baħas we are facing, gentlemen. My wife wants sex in broad daylight.”


“No, not Zubédah, Nasreen.”

“Allah kā shukr hai. That’s what I thought.”

“But Zubédah herself is not måsūm.”

“What do you mean?”

“She is the mastermind behind it all.” Akram informed them curtly.

It was Masjid-e Nabvīs.

Salāt-e-Isha’a was just finished.

The Musalmeen were just chatting after the Salāt.

Akram was not feeling comfortable.

He did not want to be another Imām Muħammad Ħasan.

It was Akram’s well thought conclusion that Imām Muħammad Ħasan has lost to Durgesh miserably.

After all, what more a man can lose?

Durgesh has successfully managed to maintain live in relationships with Imām Muħammad Ħasan’s every houselady.

Live in relationships.

Durgesh has not even bothered to marry them.

Imām Muħammad Ħasan thundered at Akram,

“So you want Durgesh to marry our houseladies?”

“Imām Sāħab!”

“Akram Sāħab, I didn’t know you are so against us Musalmeen.”

“What do you mean?”

“They are maintaining only their live in relationships with Durgesh.”


“Why do you want Durgesh to marry them?”

“Your daughters from them are also doing the same with Durgesh one by one. Naåīmah is the latest.”

“I did not know Nafīsah Salmān would fail as a mother, so miserably.”

“Imām Sāħab! Naåīmah still respects and love you as her Abbū, very much.” “I’m proud of her, Akram Sāħab!”

“Yet she surrendered to Durgesh in the moonlight, providing him a historical shab-e-urosi and honeymoon for complete one month with her.”

Naåīmah is still faithful to me, as well as to Islam .”

“Alas, none else of your entire extremely beautiful houseladies proved to be so.” Imām Muħammad Ħasan observed Akram Salmān Sheikħ with keen interest,

“Akram, Nafīsah is your own real sister.”

“Yes.” Akram Salmān Sheikħ said somewhat curtly, “yet we married her to you.”

Imām Muħammad Ħasan was hit under the belt.

Yet he managed not to appear his hurt reactions to come on his bearded face.

In the long run, ultimately, he had learned somewhat how to do it.

His face was fully covered with beard.

And it helped.

Inadvertently, his brain remembered his wife, Nafīsah Salmān’s hateful remark,

“Now I know, Muħammad Ħasan, why do you Musalmeen keep your dirty faces so full of beards.”

“We do it to follow the Sunnat-e-Nabvīs. You understood it once, yourself.”

“Yes!” Nafīsah Salmān winked at him, “yet, I did not know then, it’s one more benefit to you Musalmeen.”


“It helps you Musalmeen to hide your immense shame, for your inhumane deeds, behind it, although I doubt you Musalmeen feel any of such shame. It needs some inherent humanity to feel that.”


“Huzoors knew you Musalmeen’d need beard very much to hide your dirty faces behind these heavy dirty beards.”

“Then why burqah? To hide you Musalmān Beauties’ entire shameful bodies always surrendered to non Musalmeen shamelessly nude?”

“Thank you. I knew you have such dirty views of us Musalmān Beauties.” Nafīsah Salmān cooed not impressed even a bit.

Naåīmah hates you, your own daughter.”

“Yes, I know.” Nafīsah Salmān smiled, “but I know too who is poisoning her mind against me.”


Muħammad Ħasan, do you know why not even a single houselady of yours has accompanied you in your dirty fight against Durgesh?”

“Yes. Because you all have ravenous Musalmān Cunts that love to swallow Durgesh’s dirty Uncut Hindu Penis.”

“Dil ké bahlāné ko ‘Ghālib’, yé kħayāl achchhā hai.” Nafīsah Salmān smiled, “You couldn’t stop anyone of us, because you never tried to learn the real reason behind it.”

“That I’m impotent?” Imām Muħammad Ħasan smiled ironically, “Then what about other Musalmeen? Why their ardent Musalmān wives, their ardent Musalmān sisters, their ardent Musalmān daughters, their ardent Musalmān Ammīs, their ardent Musalmān Bahoo Bégums etc. etc. deserted them in favor of your own Durgesh and/or other Hindu Sex Maniacs?”

“They all are refusing to understand that we Musalmān Beauties also have our bodies and their physical needs consequently.”

“Oh, and only Uncut Hindu Penis understands it and quenches it?”

“I’m sorry to admit it, but it’s true nevertheless.”

“There are two ideologies, Nafīsah Salmān,” Imām Muħammad Ħasan said gravely, “one is represented by our Ħazrat Yūsuf ålaihissalām, and the second is represented by Lord Kr’shñ of Hindus.”

Nafīsah Salmān smiled,

“And you believe Ħazrat Yūsuf ålaihissalām is right?”

“Every true and ardent Musalmān must believe it.” Imām Muħammad Ħasan said observing his wife, Nafīsah Salmān, contemptuously.

Nafīsah Salmān observed Imām Muħammad Ħasan more scornfully,

“Why is it, Ħasan, that your Eimān is always aggressive when it has to do something against us Muslimahs and non Muslims?”


Why do you always put us Muslimahs with non-Muslims, Ħasan?”

“You are crazy.”

“Why are you Musalmeen not truthful with even your own womankind?”

Durgesh has poisoned your mind against us Musalmeen very much.” Imām Muħammad Ħasan said gravely, “that’s how the Hindus work.”

“What do you mean?”

Hindus themselves have accepted it always in their own history, written by them ownselves that the Hindus were never men of the battle fields. The Hindus were, and still are, always, the men of the bed, the men of our women.”

“And you think everyone should hate Hindus for it. Don’t you?” Nafīsah Salmān laughed scornfully at her husband.

“Why not? The cowards! Always seeking shelter into our women’s skirts. Hindus never fought us Musalmeen on the battlefields. They always fought us fucking our womankind. The greatest weapon the Hindus have against us Musalmeen is their Uncut Hindu Penis. Can any Hindu deny it ever truthfully?”

Nafīsah Salmān smiled,

“Why should they?”

“Why not?”

“You are accepting the fact that you Musalmeen were always, and still are, blood hounds.”


“And instead of being ashamed of it, you are shamelessly proud of it.”Nafīsah Salmān said curtly, “Hindus never hide the fact that instead of battle fields, they prefer sex more and more.”

Imām Muħammad Ħasan laughed ironically,

“And Hindus are proud of it?”

“Why shouldn’t they be?”

“Why should they be? Only the cowards can appreciate this policy.”

“Only inhumane can appreciate what you Musalmeen did in the history. It is full of blood and destruction. The entire humankind hates the blood soaked history of Musalmeen.

“And the entire humankind appreciates the sex oriented everdirty history of Hindus? The Hindus fucked our Musalmān houseladies in our own houses, on our own beds, when we were fighting with their fighters in the battlefields.”

“Well, it was war, Ħasan.”

“Oh, what a way to fight the wars. Send some fighters to fight with the Musalmeen in the battlefields, and send the second group of dirty sexy Hindus to the households of the Musalmeen to fuck their houseladies. Shame on Hindus.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Because you are sex obsessed for Uncut Hindu Penis.”

“It’s better to be sex obsessed for Uncut Hindu Penis than being blood hounds and the devils of destructions.”

“Shame on you.”

“Shame on me? No. Never. Shame on you, Ħasan. Sex is never destructive if used with good intentions by noble doers. War is never constructive. It’s always allowed as a last resort, by humankind, if there isn’t another way to the survival of humanity.”

Nafīsah Salmān kissed me on my lips,

“He is unable to understand our viewpoint, Durgesh!”

“I know, darling!”

“Can’t we do anything for Musalmeen, really?” Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan asked me.

“You can also try to educate your father, Naåīmah.” I said gravely, “We Hindus always prefer sex on wars. That’s why we used our Divine Weapons, our divyāstrs, always only for our self-protection. We never attacked any country, any nation, with them.”

“But you Hindus always attacked other countries and other nations with your Uncut Hindu Penis. Didn’t you?” Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan smiled cunningly, appreciatively.

“Well, darling,” I said gravely, “We never hide our policy in the matter. We are never hypocrites in the matter. We are not known for our Divine Weapons, our divyāstrs only. We have developed Kāmsootr,  Anangrang, Rati Rahasy’, Naagar Sarvasvam, Rati Manjaree, and even Tantrs, an Upved of Atharv Ved, too. Lord Vishñu went to the extent  to make love to his sisters in law/Salhajs Vr’nda and Tulsi, even deceiving them. Because, his brothers in law/Sālé Jālandhar and Shankhchoođ were evil doers. There is a complete Chapter ‘Pādārik Prakarañ-’ , Part 5, ‘About the wives of others’;  in Kaam Sootr. The Bachhalyas/Vatss followed this principle to the extent that they were termed to be Dev Gandharvs even. ‘Y’ gaam dhaaryati s’ gandharvah’.”

“Allah—Allah, I know, Durgesh.” Naåīmah Muħammad Ħasan interrupted me.

“Then what more you want to know?”

“I don’t want to know. I want to say something.”

“You are always welcome, darling, after that moonlight and after our honeymoon for one month, after all.”

“Musalmeen would never accept sex as a constructive diplomacy and a permanent policy of war.”

“And Hindus would never leave it. Why? I’ve already told you.”


“It’s not practical even.” I said, “War is destructive. It doesn’t contain any participation of women as women. No society can be built without an active participation of womankind. The policy ‘Imām nārīm sukr’té dadhāt has full participation of womankind in building a progressive human society. We Hindus have already done it by building an immortal society.”

Chapter 2


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Arātīyato ni dahāti Vedah: The untold history of our freedom fight

Arātīyato ni dahāti Vedah

The untold history of our freedom fight

DSM Satyarthi

Chapter 1

Imām Saåīd Muħammad

‘Jātvédsé sunvām somamarātīyato ni dahāti Vedah,

S’ nah parshdati durgāñi vishvā  nāvév sindhum durtātyagnih.’

‘We purify som for the one having born for Ved.

Ved certainly scorches off the persons, reaching those who don’t give Āýpanchmānsh.

He protects all our forts, like a ship, one who leads to light, bravely cross the sea.’

—Ved: 1 R’gved 1|99|1

Baji Rao II, 1775–1851 AD, looked at Imām Saåīd Muħammad,

“So, you want me not to fight with East India Company?”

“Bhāījān, why don’t you understand? We don’t want to be orphan again.” Imām Saåīd Muħammad said to him with all due respect.

Baji Rao II smiled,

“Are Zubédah, Musarrat, Naåīmah and Shāziyah, also want me to be a coward?”

All the four wives of Imām Saåīd Muħammad looked at each other.

Then, Zubédah, the eldest of them, said authoritatively,

“We need your life, Bhāījān, even if you don’t need it. We’ve already left Pune. Now we don’t want to lose Biŧhoor too.”



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Why did Lord Kr’shn marry 16,100 Sheikhzadis?:DSM Satyarthi

Why did Lord Kr’shn’ marry 16,100


DSM Satyarthi

I have faced so many questions on the subject on Pakistan Forum.
On Hindu Forum, the questions are not addressed to me directly.
Yet, they are there too.
I had promised to answer the question, as soon as I get proper time for it.
Unfortunately, other more important questions did not allow me to do it till now.
Now, let’s analyze the truth.

Shrimad Bhaagvat Mahapuraan’am, Skandh/volume 10: Chapter 59/ shlok 32 tells us:
‘Iti Bhoomyarthito vaagbhirbhagvaan bhaktinamrayaa,
datvaabhayam Bhaumgr’ham praavishatsakalarddhimat.’

‘When Bhoomi requested so, with the words with polite devotion; Lord gave her ‘DON’T FEAR’-ASSURANCE. He, master of all wealths and glamor, entered the palace of Bhaum.’

Next shlok states:
‘Tatr raajany’kanyaanaam shatsahasraadhikaayutam,
Bhaumhr’taanaam vikramy’ raajabhyo dadr’she Harih.’
‘There, the Lord saw more than 16000 daughters of kings.’

-Shrimad Bhaagvat Mahapuraan’am: Skandh/volume 10: Chapter 59/ shlok 33
The critics try their best to hide this utmost important truth, that they were KIDNAPPED SHEIKHZADIS.
They were not free women.
How many great persons of the critics can marry such  kidnapped girls?
They tell the story as if it was the sexual pleasure Lord Kr’shn were after.
If the critics are true, then WHY THE KIDNAPPED ONES?

Vishnu Puran’ states:
‘Devsiddhaasuraadeenaam nr’paanaam ch’, Janaardan!
hr’tvaa hi so’surah kanyaa rurodh nijmandire.’
‘The wicked had KIDNAPPED the daughters of Kings of devs, siddhs, mlechchhs/Arabs etc. and had stopped them in his own palace.’
-Vishnu Puran: 5/29/9

‘IN HIS OWN PALACE’ ‘NIJMANIRE’, not in the prison.
Naturally, he was not treating them as his sisters/daughters.
Even the worst critics can understand that none is so foolish as to kidnap the critics’ daughters/sisters, put them in his own home and NOT BED WITH THEM.
So, the unfortunate girls were bedded with that wicked, named Bhaumaasur.
Gentlemen! How many of you can marry with such unfortunate girls?
Criticism is easy, but WHERE’S YOUR OWN HUMANITY?
What else should, in your bright opinion, our Lord have done?
Would then he had done right?

Vishn’u Puran‘ further states:
‘Kanyaapure s’ kanyaanaam shodashaatuly’vikramah,
shataadhikaani dadr’she sahasraani, mahaamate!’

‘In the bedroom part, Wise one! that unique vigorous saw 16,100 young women.’
-Vishn’u Puran’: 5/29/31

Shrimad Bhaagvat Mahapuraan’am, Skandh/volume 10: Chapter 59/ shlok 34 states further:
‘Tam pravishtam striyo veexy’ narvaryam vimohitaah,
mansaa vavrire’bheeshtam patim daivopsaaditam.’

‘The women saw the best man, entering. The unfortunate kidnapped ones, madly influenced, analyzing, selected him, wanted husband, mentally.’

‘Bhooyaatpatirayam mahyam, Dhaataa! tadanumodataam,
iti sarvaah pr’thakKr’shne bhaaven hr’dayam dadhuh.’

‘God! let this man be my husband.
All of them, separately, established this emotion in the heart.’
-Shrimad Bhaagvat Mahapuraan’am: Skandh/volume 10: Chapter 59/ shlok 35

So, the truth is that Lord Kr’shn’ was not mad at their beauty, and decided to marry them.
The young women were mad at our Lord’s manly vigor.
It were they who decided and pleaded him to be their husband.
So, if the worst critics want to close their eyes to the SOCIAL ANGLE of the problem, and insist shamelessly on the SEX ANGLE alone;
even then the sex wishes go to the account of the unfortunate, kidnapped, young Sheikhzadis, not to Lord Kr’shn‘.
HE OBLIGED THEM, not wooed them.


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