Māmékam Sharañam Vraj: Follow me exclusively :1

Sarvdharmān parityajý,

Māmékam Sharañam Vraj

Denouncing everything else,

Follow me exclusively

DSM Satyarthi

The Father 



Chapter 1

 Kr’shñ Draupadī

I smiled.

“Who else is here?”

“You can’t run away from me. I’ll never let you.”

I looked at Draupadī gravely.


“’Kr’shñā’.” Draupadī interrupted me, “’Kr’shñasý patnī’, ‘Wife of Kr’shñ, ‘Kr’shñā’. I told you so many times.”

“Yes, I have seen now that even Pitr’vý Shrī, Drupad Uncle, is calling you, ‘Kr’shñā’.”

“That’s why he has invited you here, with your elder brother. Your father was too invited separately. Now since he has also come…”

“I don’t think my ‘Sakhī’, my girlfriend, doesn’t understand me enough to comprehend, she has to change herself for it.”

Draupadī laughed.

“How can you make to marry you conditional for us womankind?”

“I am not making conditional to marry me, you have yourself made it conditional to marry you. I am only responding to it.”

“Oh, I’ve made my marriage conditional? Consequently, you are justified in making your own marriage conditional too? Aren’t you denying our birthright thus?”

“I don’t think Āchārý Droñ deserves the punishment Pitr’vý Shrī, Drupad Uncle, has vowed for him.”

“I see.”

“You must have seen it far more before.” I muttered somewhat curtly.

“What? What did you say?” Draupadī was all-alert suddenly.

I smiled.

Draupadī was more emotional than my other Sakhīs, my other girlfriends.

“You must have seen it before you vowed to marry only the man who could kill Āchārý Droñ.”

“You won’t do it?”


“You think Uncle Droñ was right?”

“Certainly not. Nevertheless, Pitr’vý Shrī, Drupad Uncle, is himself not right that he vowed to kill Āchārý Droñ.”

“I don’t agree with you.”

“Why not? Didn’t you yourself kill even your own maternal uncle, Rāxasrāj Kans, because he arrested your parents illegally inhumanly? What you did is right, and it’s wrong if I do the same thing? I never imagined, even you have such a double standard.”*

I smiled.

“I appreciate your efforts to woo me, despite your vowed declaration that you would marry only the man who would kill Āchārý Droñ.”

“I am your wife already. “‘Kr’shñasý patnī, ‘Wife of Kr’shñ, ‘Kr’shñā. ‘Brahmcharyéñ kanyā’ yuwānam vindaté patim’, notPatih vindaté patnīm’.”

“Well, of course, I can’t stop any adult Yong woman to opt me her husband. Nevertheless, she can’t impose on me her own absurd ethics and/or her own absurd morals.”

“I don’t agree with you that my ethics and morals are absurd.”

“I know. That’s why I can’t marry you unless you won’t impose on me that I have to kill Āchārý Droñ.”

“He thinks Pānchāl is my father’s personal property that can be distributed between my father and Āchārý Droñ himself. It’s not Hinduism. It’s not Democracy. Āchārý Droñ is a yātudhān. He deserves to be awarded with death sentence for his yātudhānatv.”

I smiled.


Kr’shñā.” Draupadī interrupted me.

Kr’shñā,” I didn’t argue with her, “Death Sentence is the extreme sentence Ved suggests. We Hindus almost always try to avoid it.”

“Yet you killed your own maternal uncle yourself. Didn’t you?”

“Oh sure. With my fist. Didn’t I?”

“What do you mean?”

“If I really wanted to kill my maternal uncle, I would have prepared for it.”

“I still didn’t understand.” Draupadī looked at me quite perplexed.

“I would have using some weapon to kill him deliberately already, if I really wanted to kill him.”

“I see.” Draupadī smiled understandingly, “So you want to claim now that it was an accident that Kans was killed by you?”

“I wanted to arrest him alive and keep him as a prisoner for rest of his life as he kept my parents and my maternal grandfather in prison.” I said gravely.*

Draupadī laughed.

“Bosh and nonsense.”

“I know you can’t believe me.”

“Nobody will believe you.”

“I don’t blame anybody.” I said indifferently, “Usually the people think it’s justified if you kill someone if he had imprisoned your parents.”

Draupadī grimaced.

Rāxasrāj Kans hadn’t only imprisoned your parents. He imprisoned your maternal grandfather too. He was immensely against Democracy. He was a local tool of the utmost successful imperialist of today, Jarāsandh.”

“Sure,” I agreed with Draupadī, “I agree with you. But the question is should we Hindus kill every imperialist, and every human tool of an imperialist too?”

“Why not?” Draupadī asked curtly, “Don’t they kill us?”

“‘Māyābhirindr māyinam’?”

“Why not?”

“Oh, come on, Draupadī,…”


Kr’shñā, you know better.”

“I don’t.” Draupadī said doggedly.

“Yes, you do.” I too myself said insistently, “What I did, I did in self defense. I wasn’t executing death sentence on him. Neither the Ved Mantr ‘Māyābhirindr māyinam’ is as simple as you are implying it to be.”*

 Chapter 2


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Ashiddao Ǻlā alkuffāri ruħmāo baynahum

Ashiddao Ǻlā alkuffāri

ruħmāo baynahum

Severe against Kuffār

Merciful among themselves

DSM Satyarthi

Al Qur’an Al Kareem Sūrat Al Fataħ 48:29 states:


Wallazīn måhu Ashiddao Ǻlā alkuffāri ruħmāo baynahum.’

Muħammad is the Messenger of Allah.

And those with him are severe against Al Kuffār, Merciful among themselves.’

Musalmān terrorists and criminal/criminal

minded Musalmīn have interpreted this āyat-e-Karīmah in their favor that this āyat-e-Karīmah orders them to kill the non Musalmīn.

Well, it’s the interpretation Yazīd Malåūn, Ǻrab Burdāfaroshs and their supporters Mullahs and Maulavīs allotted to it.

They damn cared if this interpretation of this āyat-e-Karīmah is against Al Qur’an Al Kareem itself.


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Ved Bhāshý: Atharv Ved: Kānd: 5: Sookt: 3: Mantr:1

Ved: Ved Bhāshý:

Atharv Ved:

 Kānd 5: Sūkt 3: Mantr 1


DSM Satyarthi


 Mamāgné varcho vihavéshvastu

vayam tvéndhānāstanvam’pushém.

Mahyam namantām


pr’tanā jaýém.


Mam| agné| varchah| vihavéshu| astu|

vayam| tvā|indhānāh| tanvam|pushém|

Mahyam| namantām| pradishah| chatasrah| tvayā| adhyaxéñ|

pr’tanā| jaýém.


 1My splendour be, Agni2, in various calls3. We, kindling4, safeguard thee5, female body6. Let the four directions bow to me7. With you President8, let’s conquer great armies9.


1.  R’shi: Br’haddivo’tharvā

Dévtā/ Divine Subject: Agni, one who leads to light

Chhand/Vedic Meter: Trishŧup

2.  Mamāgné varchah’.

Agni, the person who leads to light is addressed here.

It means if a person who is reading this VED Mantr is

not ‘Agni’, not a person that leads to light, he/she has to get light himself/herself to the extent that s(he) can rise above his/her immense selfishness.

If s(he) doesn’t rise above his/her immense selfishness, s(he) can’t get benefited from this Ved Mantr optimum.

‘My Splendor be in various calls’ ‘‘Mamāgné varchah vihaveshu’.

We have called you in Ved variously various times.

Never forget in entire those various calls of Us that those calls are ultimately from Us.

Never treat them lightly if you really think the Ved is from Us.

The atheists, whether Westerners or their blind imprudent followers, never take Our VED Mantrs gravely.

Most of them are still imprudently have faith in the scientific facts as they were being preached when Communism was being publicized by Communists of those days.

They imprudently forget that Communism has failed politically almost everywhere.

Even a country that claims she is practicing Communism still today, is not true in her claim.

Moreover, she herself knows it extensively, profoundly.

Shouldn’t the scientific facts be studied, consequently, afresh coming out of the influence of that immensely failed era?

3.    Vihaveshu’.

We have called you in Ved variously various times.

Take the words We used there to call you gravely if

you really want to take guidance from Us.

If you don’t want to take guidance from Ved, no one is compelling you to do so.

You can immediately leave the organization(s) that are founded to take entire Ved gravely.

If you still want to remain a member of that organization(s), at least you must declare your true status to the rest of the members of that organization(s), if you are honest.

Our obedients are not indiscreet enough not to watch your activities extensively, profoundly.

They are running an immensely successful Movement after all for forty plus years now.

What do you think, it was possible for them if they were as indiscreet as you carelessly think they are?

They know very well what you are and what you are actually after.

They are eloquently letting you waste your time, if you are doing the unwise act.

If you are not doing it, and actually spying for others, never forget what Lord Ram did when Rāvañ’s two spies, Shuk and Sārañ, were captured spying in Hindu Army then.

Lord Ram instructed Vibhīshañ, Sugrīv, Pavan Putr, Angad and Jāmbvant etcetera to let them investigate everything they wanted to so that they could tell it to Rāvañ when they return to him.

Hindus, Our obedients, are never afraid of any nescience/Vr’tratv.

They are successfully defeating the nescience/Vr’tratv for forty plus years now and they continue their sincere efforts to defeat it.

None, whosoever he/she may be, can stop their spiritual Movement now ever.

Their unhistorical success is their inevitable destiny now due to their immense sincerity and profound honesty.

Just watch and wait for it.

Even the entire Multiverse is not capable now to stop it.

Test yourself/yourselves the truthfulness of their Movement physically practically, if you want to.

4.  Vayam indhānāh’.

Plural is majestic here.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā if kindled.

How can you kindle Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā?

He is already kindled Himself optimum.

Then how can His obedients kindle the already kindled one optimum, more?

Obviously, by kindling Him in their own hearts/brains.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā is already kindled optimum, but not the hearts/brains of his obedients too, optimum, necessarily.

That’s what His obedients have to do.

That’s what Eīshān means here by ‘Vayam indhānāh’ ‘We, kindling’.

Kindle your hearts and/or brains with the wisdom generated by Our Knowledge in Ved and your experiences in obeying Us.

5.   Tvā pushem’.

We safeguard you when you kindle your hearts/brains with Our guidance in Ved.

Peruse your own history.

You were not actually slaves even when the outsiders, Musalmīn and the British were ruling you.

Your history of the period is not written unbiased.

They couldn’t even understand you optimum.

How could they understand your history and your achievements then consequently?

They claim your history is fictitious.


Because they think, it’s impossible to dominate the ostensible rulers.

Nevertheless, you know it’s normal and routine for you.

Democracy isn’t even infinitesimal foreign to you.

Ved/Hinduism means Democracy.

Absolute Democracy.

If not, what else?

You are especially, laboriously, trained by your own religion, your own system of life, how to control your Democratic rulers every day, in your Stavans, Mandrs, Satrs and Adhiveshans.

Even your Teerth Gamans teach you the same thing.

Democracy isn’t being taught to you by Westerners.


The Westerners themselves have learned Democracy from your ancestors’ Democratic History, whether they acknowledge their contribution or not.

You cannot be safeguarded if you don’t kindle your brain/heart with Our guidance given to you in Ved optimum.

If you do it half-heartedly, you will be safeguarded to the same extent.

Never expect Us to safeguard you optimum even if your brain/heart isn’t kindled optimum.

In the Eternal Scientific System We’ve created for the Multiverse, survival of the fittest is an eternal law.

And if you think We’ve created an Eternal System in which the evil doers or lazy persons can survive you are acting against both the utmost prevalent eternal laws working always in Our System:

  1. Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt
  2. Yāthātathyatah.
  3. 6.  Tanvam’.

In Vedic Sanskr’t/Sanskr’t ‘Tanu’, meaning ‘body’,

is in feminine gender.

However, it doesn’t mean that this word ‘Tanu’ cannot be used for male body.

We have, Ourself, too used this word ‘Tanu’ for male bodies in Ved itself.

Why so?

So that you must understand, your body must be as dear to you as your own wife is/must be.

However, you are Not your body only.

You are actually your soul, not body.

However, your wife doesn’t need your soul only primarily.

Primarily she needs your body more than your soul even.

If your body is not capable to fulfil the physical needs of your wife, no sensible woman will marry you ever.

Neither will you, yourself, need any woman ever to marry her.

Entire your Gr’hasth Āshram, entire your family life, depends on your body too, as well as on your soul.

Of course, you are not your body only, but it doesn’t mean your body is somewhat less important to you, for your own evolution and/or consumptions.

Similarly, when you marry a woman, you’d never marry her if physically she were not capable to fulfil your physical and family needs.

Here again her body takes prevalence on her soul.

A marital relationship doesn’t depend on soul only.

It depends on physical bodies more.

Therefore never listen to the unwise persons/hypocrites if they say only your soul is important, not your body.

They are either hypocrites or damn fools.

In both the cases, they themselves need proper guidance instead of leading/preaching others.

7.   Mahyam namantām pradishashchatasrah.’

None should be imprudent enough not to understand

the importance of his/her body as well as his/her soul too.

Your marriage is utmost necessary if you really want to enjoy your life.

Your marriage is utmost necessary even if you really want to serve the people.

Either Most of the people are married, maintain live in relationship or at least enjoy sexual relations with woman/women.

It needs bodies.

But if you fully want to enjoy it, your soul must also be involved in this/these relation(s), whatsoever they are: marriage, live in relationship or physical relations only.

It doesn’t make any difference in the matter whether you are an atheist or otherwise.

Whatsoever the case maybe you need proper guidance in the matter, unless you opt for learning by mistakes.

That’s what most of the persons as you are, are doing and wasting their precious time in unnecessary labor.

If you are too one of them who waste their time in doing foolish efforts that’s your option and you are authorized to do it.

We are inviting here the wise persons only.

If you are one of the unwise ones and insist to remain the same, despite every negative consequence(s) you’ve gone through until now, there is no necessity for you to read, understand or peruse Ved.

Atharv Ved: Kaand 8| Sookt 1| Mantr 4


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Actually what the Western Culture is?

Actually what the Western



DSM Satyarthi

There are some persons who think I am the profoundest critic of the Western Culture.

They, naturally, are surprised immensely when they find that my own standard of living, and that of my family, is itself based profoundly on Western Culture.

Only my values are Indian/Hindu.

Why so?

Because I believe in FAMILY.

Sorry, most of the Westerners have lost their family altogether, either completely or at least on the path of losing it.

I don’t want to be one of them.

I not only believe in family, I believe in United family too.

The destruction of the family in the West is the root cause of most of the crimes, madness and suicides there.

Naturally, I want to safeguard my family members, and myself too, from these quite inescapable consequences if I too blindly follow the Westerners as so many of my friends are doing in their blind imprudent enthusiasm.

The Westerners are unfortunate enough that they couldn’t safeguard their families from these ultimate destructive negative consequences.

They were gradually led to it.


We can easily find out and understand it if we really want to.

The million dollar question is do we really want to find out and understand  it?

We should be at least sincere enough to admit to ourselves that most of us don’t want to do even it.

What a tragedy!

Most of us want to keep our eyes closed and continue to march ahead further in the path of destruction only because we don’t want to bring any POSITIVE change in our life style.

The fact we forget/ignore when we resort to this ever-detrimental luxury is that when we refuse to change ourselves, actually we refuse to follow our own evolution process.

We forget our evolution process is still continued.

It’s not complete yet.

Humanity is NOT the end of our evolution.

It’s only a temporary stoppage whence the journey of evolution is still continued ahead.

Our Creator hasn’t designed us to end as a human being only.

Our Creator hasn’t designed us to end as a mortal only.

Death is not an inescapable ultimate truth of life.

Most of the Westerners and their ever-blind ever-adamant supporters think every thing lies beyond our body.

Hinduism/Ved suggests us it certainly isn’t a fact.

Hinduism/Ved suggests instead everything is inside ourselves.

We can evolve ourselves even to the extent to be immortal and quite capable enough even to control the entire infinite Multiverse if we actually want it.

Our body/brain is the ultimate ever best creation, of our Creator.

If we use it properly optimum prudently, we don’t need anything outside except our sexual counterparts.

We can ourselves produce everything we need if we meditate and have our sexual counterparts with us.

Most of the Westerners/atheists do not even believe it, even if they are informed that it’s a fact.

They are, I’m sorry to inform them, but I can’t help it, childishly, incurable, negative thinkers.

They think life is not a permanent phenomenon the death is instead.

Hinduism/Ved is uncompromisingly, inflexibly, rigorously, resolutely, unwaveringly, unyieldingly, determinedly, doggedly, and absolutely against this ever detrimental negative attitude towards life.


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Never mistake it: It’s Suicidal

Never mistake it

It’s Suicidal

DSM Satyarthi

Some writers are quite mistaken due to their western, self-imposed blindness.

The Western Culture is actually a Business Culture.

Consequently, it’s natural that Humanity, Morals and Ethics are always secondary for it.

Of Course, it doesn’t accept it in so many words.

Who did accept his/her suicidal mistakes ever?

Everyone longs for his/her own survival, and why shouldn’t s(/h)e?

I’ve already commented on the subject:

The mental slavery of the English-educated Indians’.

I’ve said in the article:

‘This erroneous westerner view is entirely baseless.’

Actually, the western culture is doing the same mistake now, once HinduismPersianism,JudaismChristianityIslam and even the Communism did.

The history stands to evidence that once all these six global conquerors did this mistake, they could not survive.

We must try to understand this everfatal, suicidal, historical mistake that kills a dominant culture gradually ultimately.

The western culture is listing itself on its seventh place.

Soon we’d say:

‘Actually, the xxxxxxx culture is doing the same mistake now, once Hinduism, Persianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Communism and even the western culture did.’

Let’s analyze what this everfatal, suicidal, historical mistake is.

Ved/Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā instructs us to concentrate on two principles and never to forget them:

Yet, we forgot them.

The principles are:

1. ‘Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt’.

2. ‘Yāthātathyatah’.

We forgot them.

The Hindus were ruling the globe then:

‘The wonder that was India’.

Hinduism says:

‘As nar nahin janmeu jag māhīn,

Prabhutā pāi jāhi mad nāhīn.’

‘No such person has taken birth in the Multiverse that has got the sovereignty and hasn’t become mad.’

—Shri Rāmcharit Mānas

We forgot the admonition of Eishān Param Brahm Paramātmā/VED to us, and refused to understand the facts the Persians had realized then and requesting us to act accordingly:

1. ‘Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt’.

2. ‘Yāthātathyatah’.

We refused to see that those are the facts actually.

What happened?

The Constitution of the Creations, Ved, worked.

It was never biased in the favor of Pseudo-Hindus.

We lost our power gradually ultimately to the Persians.


Because, now the Persians were following the two principles practically, and we were NOT:

1. ‘Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt’.

2. ‘Yāthātathyatah’.

We thought we are Hindus whether we practice Ved actually or not.

The constitution of the Creations did not recognize our such authority.

It refused our victory, recognizing that of the Persians.


Had the Ved failed?


Certainly not.

It decided in the favor of Persians, because the Persians followed the two Principlesdiscussed above:

1. ‘Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt’.

2. ‘Yāthātathyatah’.

They did not have their names in Vedic Sanskr’t.

They had their own language that was a distortion of Vedic Sanskr’t.

They called it Persian.

They had their names in it.

Pseudo Hinduism was defeated and the actual Hinduism won.

Persians replaced Pseudo Hindus in leading the globe.

Unfortunately, even the Persians forgot the fact why and how did they win over the so-called Hindus then.

It was remembered till the original winners lived.

It did not last forever.

Their children and the children of their children, eventually, replaced them.

They were taught the wrong history.

They were not told the fact that their ancestors won on Hindus due to the mistakes of then Hindus.

They were told that their ancestors were great persons.

It always does happen, as if it’s an immortal law.

Every person, who is interested in studying how a culture is replaced by the next,must understand that it happens due to the mistakes of heirs of the successful persons.

Enjoying success of their forefathers/ancestors, their successors gradually forget how their forefathers/ancestors had achieved it.

No success is achieved ever, by anyone, by enjoying life only.

Enjoying life is an absolutely different thing from achieving success.

It’s one thing to get success, it’s quite another thing to live and keep it.

The successors of the achievers forget it.

They forget how the success was achieved, what hard work had been done to get it, and what sacrifices have been made.

They act very irresponsibly, and lose what their forefathers/ancestors achieved through anon stop chain of hard work and sacrifices.

The westerners are also suffering from the same process.

The word ‘Meditation’ does not come from Indo-European root med-, meaning “to measure”, as it’s claimed.

It comes from Vedic Sanskr’t Dhātu/root/verb ‘Médhr’ sangamé ch’ (Bhvādigañ 601), meaning ‘synchronization’.

The word ‘Médhā’, in Vedic Sansskr’t, is itself derived from this Vedic Sanskr’t Dhātu/root/verb ‘Médhr’ sangamé ch’ (Bhvādigañ 601), meaning ‘synchronization’.

According to ‘Mādhavīyā Dhātuvr’ttih’,  the word ‘Médhā’ is ‘Bhidāditvādang’(Bhvādigañ 601).

I strongly advise to put down the suicidal mistake, pointed out here in quite detail, and get the correct information.

Ved is Not in the Vedmantrs we recite


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Ved: 4 Atharv Ved: Kānd 14| Vivāh Kānd: Sookt 1| Mantr 3

VedVed Bhāshý

Atharv Ved

 Kānd 14 Vivāh Kānd:

 Sūkt 1| Mantr 3

DSM Satyarthi

Mantr 1

Mantr 2


Somam manyaté papivān yat sampinshantyoshadhim,

Somam yam Brahmāño vidurn’ tasyāshnāti pārthivah.


 1One conceives Som drinkable2 that crush the herb3.

The Som known to Brahmāñ4, pertaining to earth5 does not consume6 that7.


 1.R’shikā: Sūryā Sāvitrī

Dévtā/ Divine Subject: Som

Chhand/Meter: Anushŧup

2.  Papivānin original text.

William Dwight Whitney has translated the Mantrānsh ‘Somam manyaté papivān yat sampinshantyoshadhim’:

One thinks himself to have drunk Soma when they crush up an herb’.


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Ved: 4 Atharv Ved: Kānd 14| Vivāh Kānd: Sookt 1| Mantr 2

Ved: Ved Bhāshý

4 Atharv Ved

 Kānd 14 Vivāh Kānd:

 Sūkt 1| Mantr 2

DSM Satyarthi


1By Som  Ādityās strong2 by Som Earth great3

No doubt4, in the genital organ of these constellations5, Som is established optimum6.


1.R’shikā: Sūryā Sāvitrī

Dévtā/ Divine Subject: Som

Chhand/Meter: Anushŧup

2. Ved is revealed in a telegraphic language, not in any ordinary language.

This basic fact, about Ved, always must be remembered while studying Ved gravely.

I’m sorry to say that the Westerners never studied Ved gravely.

I’m sorrier to say that the Westerners were never serious not only about Ved.

They were never equally serious about Bible and Qur’an too, as well.

These scriptures were never seriously studied by the Westerners.

If they were ever studied seriously, by the Westerners; the Western Culture, now on the path of its certain suicide, would never were on its suicidal path.

It was an unfortunate tragedy that when Ved, Bible and Qur’an were being studied by the Westerners, the Communism was fighting its own war of survival with religion.

It made the Communist thinkers more biased those days than they are not biased even today.

No biased studies should be taken seriously ever.

Yet, isn’t it a tragedy that, the entirely biased studies of those days, by the Communist thinkers are still being taken seriously?

Isn’t it a time to re-study Ved, Bible, Qur’an and the related literature more seriously, scientifically and absolutely unbiased, for a change?

We have one more benefit the Communist thinkers of those days didn’t have.

The Communism in those days was utopian somewhat, even after the great scientific studies Karl Marx and Frederick Engels did then.

It was not a scientific fact, known those days that, the Multiverse is made of vibrations of energy basically.

This fact, revealed and accepted scientifically afterwards, has changed the entire scenario of scientific studies about the matters the Communist thinkers had done their studies.

Marriage institution is also one of them.

The persons who have studied Western Culture seriously know very well that the Western Culture does not stand on scientific grounds only.

In fact, no culture can ever stand on scientific grounds only howsoever it insists to stand.

Any theory, any fact, when it is brought into practice always succumbs to human emotions prevailing those days.

It has to.

It hasn’t another option if it has to come into practice.

Humans never react scientifically only.

Neither can they ever do it.

Scientific facts are never emotional until they are facts only.

As soon as they are brought into practice they have to deal with the humans.

Humans include both males and females.

Not only females are emotional ones, the males are also not very different in the matter.

No doubt, the females are more emotionals than the males.

Nevertheless, even the males are not devoid of emotions absolutely.

Hence, any scientific fact, however factually it is known to us, when brought into practice, is bound to succumb to the emotional needs of the humans those are bringing it into practice.

That’s why the theory and practice always differ howsoever honest its implementers are.

That’s why even Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā has instructed us not to confine ourselves to the principles only i.e. Ved, but  to the very Mission of Life/ExistenceKr’ñvanto VishvamāryamDharm Santānam, Dharm Sansthāpan, as well; to bring the principles into practice and study Divý Itihās, the Divine History for it:

  1. Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt
  2. Yāthātathyatah

This fact, once realized in its full form, can immensely help us to re-study about marriage institution once opposed by the Communist thinkers so insistently, so persistently.

The Communist thinkers of those days found marriage institution an immensely avoidable obstacle in their pathway to Communism.

They thought marriage institutions give birth to Private Property.

The Communist thinkers were right.

But they were not right in thinking that the family was the only institution that caused the accumulation of Private Property.

Moreover, owing to immense drastic failure of communist economic, social and political system around the entire globe, we have to think more gravely now do we really need to oppose private property anymore.

Aren’t the financial scams, not done by the advocates of Private Property, more serious, more dangerous and more destructive to the humanity and Democracy than the Private Property itself is?

We should never forget that the destruction of Private Property absolutely, leads to destroy the family itself.

Frederick Engels has already written in the subject as much as we don’t need any analysis more to understand the subject comprehensively.

We need Private Property to protect and safeguard a family.

We have no other option to it.

Consequently, why not support Welfare Capitalism and State Capitalism instead of opposing Private Property?

We have experienced bitterly that our industries can’t survive in so-called Communism.

Moreover, we have experienced bitterly too that Communism has led to a totalitarianism called Stalinism now.

We need industries to go ahead.

In fact, we need industries to march ahead.

The Welfare Capitalism and State Capitalism are more suitable for it then the so-called Communism or the ‘Socialism’ prone to nonstop Scams.

Shouldn’t we think over it more gravely now?

Today, we can easily observe around us that even the singles have Private Property.

Moreover, to be more exactly honest and sincere, the entire history of humankind has proven now that the singles crave for Private Property even more than the married persons do.

Why is it so?

Because the married persons have their family to take care of them in their old age, while the singles don’t.

They have only their money to take care of them in their old age.

It is the reason why the singles are found more corrupt than the married persons in accumulating Private Property and wealth.

That’s why Hinduism does not support single life, except only when a single can’t afford even a single wife.

It specifically orders:

S’ nah pitév sūnavé’gné sūpāyano bhav,

Sachasvā nah svastayé.’

‘He, be unto us, as a father to son, Agni, easy to access.

Be together optimum, properly, for our welfare.’

—      Ved: R’gved: 1| 1| 9

Ihaiv stam mā vi yaushŧam vishvamāyurvyashnutam,

Krīdantau putrairnaptr’bhirmodmānau své gr’hé.’

‘Abide ye both only here. Don’t be separated. Enjoy whole life sporting with sons grandsons, rejoicing in own home.’

—      Ved: R’gved: 10| 85| 42

Ihaiv stam mā vi yaushŧam vishvamāyurvyashnutam,

Krīdantau putrairnaptr’bhirmodmānau svastakau.’

‘Abide ye both only here. Don’t be separated. Enjoy whole life sporting with sons grandsons4, rejoicing in the lovely home.’

—      Ved: Atharv Ved: 14|1|22

The Communist thinkers never thought, neither they could, in those days of too limited resources to research anything that, marriage institution was not the only vice in their pathway to Communism.

In fact, the singles are more severe problems in their way.

The Communist thinkers wildly opposed marriage institution and family.

In fact they are still opposing it blindly, not even realizing the fact that the entire history of humankind has already proven them wrong now.

The Communism as a movement has lost its original momentum now.

It is not because it’s nonsense, as it’s claimed by its blind communal opponents.

The Communism as a movement is not nonsense.

It is necessary for the uplifting of the downtroddens.

Even Hinduism has the same goal as The Communism as a movement has.

The point where Hinduism differs with the Communism as a movement is not its goal, its means of implementation instead.

So, the Communism as a movement doesn’t need to oppose either marriage institution or family ever to achieve its mission.

Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, in fact no religion, basically, is in opposition to the Communism as a movement, at all.

The Communism as a movement believed that the mission could be achieved through the dictatorship of the laborers.

The subsequent history of humankind has now expressly proven that such a belief of the then Communists was wrong.


Because, as already said, the Communism was then only a theory.

It was never practiced by its propellers.

Every theory when it is brought into practice, always refines itself.

No theorist can ever anticipate, absolutely and flawlessly, what lies in its pathway in future.

After all, every theorist, whatsoever theory he/she propels, is a human being, and bound to remain a human being.

A human being is not an omniscient, neither he/she ever can be.

So, howsoever the theory he/she proposes is flawless when propelled, it’s bound to prove in future that it wasn’t so.

The laborers never knew how the enterprises are built up and run.

If they had known how to build up enterprises and how to run them, they would have already done it without any help of the Communist thinkers.

Why have they waited for the moment the Communist thinkers declare them the dictators of a country?

To build up any enterprise first of all an enterpriser has to dream of it to the extent that it becomes an obsession to him/her.

Until and unless it isn’t an obsession to him even an enterpriser can’t build up any enterprise let alone any laborer or a group of laborers.

An enterpriser builds up his/her enterprise first in his/her own mind with its each and every minutest details.

He is so obsessed with these minutest details that, he sees it in his mind.

This imaginary vision in his/her mind always exists in his/her mind while he/she attempts to bring it into fact.

Until and unless this obsession does not become his/her madness, he/she can’t bring into existence.

It’s also a labor, the original Communist thinkers never realized.

That’s why when they took hold of the excellently running enterprises and put them under the dictatorship of the laborers, even the excellently running enterprises failed to continue.

The dictators lacked this vision, this obsession, and this madness.

It was the oxygen an enterpriser supplies to the enterprises.

Unfortunately only he/she can do it, none else.

The Communist thinkers never realized it.

The Communist thinkers made the laborers dictators on the shrewd persons who knew very well how to win the obstacles in their pathways.

They bribed the laborers in administration heavily.

The laborers in administration had never seen money.

They surrendered to the bribery of shrewdest businesspersons.

The movement started suffering heavily.

And ultimately it flopped.

It had to.

The laborers in administration were most of the persons who were everlosers.*

Watch your present day politicians.

Who are they?

Isn’t it a fact that most of them are the persons who are highly Uneducated/Under educated?

Isn’t it a fact that so many of them are criminal/criminal minded?

Why is it so?

Because most of the laborers in administration were dictators, but the persons they dictated were shrewder and more efficient.

The businesspersons became kingmakers instead of kings.

Apparently the businesspersons were not administrators, the chosen representatives of the people were.

But the businesspersons were kingmakers and shrewder.

The dictatorship of the Uneducated/Under educated ones, on shrewder persons, made itself ineffective.

Administration requires prudence.

The laborers in administration hadn’t developed it.

The system, consequently, failed.

It had to.*

Ved: 4 Atharv Ved: Kānd 14| Vivāh Kānd: Sookt 1| Mantr 3


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