Who is the actual dream man of the world’s most Sexiest FHM Young Woman, Katrina Kaif?

Who is the actual dream man of the world’s most Sexiest FHM Young Woman, Katrina Kaif?

DSM Satyarthi

Katrina Kaif is the new Bollywood Queen.

No doubt at all.

She has revived the great long tradition of  Utmost talented Muslim Beauties ruling Bollywood.

Mumtaz was the last of them.

Suraiya, Nargis, Meena Kumari, Madhubala, Wahida Rahman,  Saira Bano, we can’t even count either their immortal films, or the immortal characters they played in those history making movies.

Can we forget ‘Mother India’ ever?

Can we forget Chhoti Bahu of ‘Sahab Biwi aur Ghulam?

Can we forget Anarkali of ‘Mughal-e-Azam’?

Can we forget Rosy of  ‘Guide‘?

Can we forget the mischievous girl of ‘Jangli’?

Can we forget the mischievous girl of ‘Bandhan’, Bidi smoking girl of ‘Roti’, unsuccessful beloved of ‘Prem Kahani’?


Certainly not.

Tabu promised to revive the great tradition, but she lost herself,  unfortunately, in meaningful cinema more.

Zeba Bakhtiyar and Salma Agha came from Pakistan and threatened the then ruling Bollyood queens.

Unfortunately, they were made victims of the dirty politics of Bollywood that has destroyed the great talents like Naveen Nishchol, Vinod Mehra, and even the great Rajesh Khanna evntually.

Thank God, they could not kill Katrina Kaif.

She is giving biggest hits with Axay Kumar, like ‘Humko Deewna kar gaye’, ‘Namastey London’, ‘Welcome’, ‘Singh is King’.

They attached her name to Salman Khan to revive Salman Khan boosting him, thus.

The audience have become wiser.

They rejected ‘Yuvraj’ starring Salman Khan with Katrina Kaif.

Even Katrina Kaif could not boost the super flop Salman Khan.

‘The Times of India’ has published a story:

‘I’m not involved with Salman Khan’

Men swear by this curvaceous lass. The women envy her. While Katrina Kaif , the glam world’s latest favourite person, just immerses

herself in her work, says Priya Pathiyan

Katrina Kaif. At 19, she’s worked with the likes of Kaizad Gustad (the soon to be released film Boom), Mahesh Mathai and Sandeep Chowta (for the popular Mitti music video

) and is currently doing commercials for big buck multinationals LG, Samsung and Coke as well as the much-awaited new Ogilvy & Mather ad for Fevicol. Not to mention the way she’s got the entire male population of the country hooked. Things that the average Indian hopeful can only dream of. And she’s not even technically Indian!

Yes, her dad is Kashmiri. But her mum’s bona fide Brit. And the peripatetic pretty face has travelled from Hong Kong (where she was born), to Hawaii

(where she grew up), to London (where she started her modelling career). A contract with the Models1 Agency and campaigns for prestigious houses like La Sanza and Arcadius and even a turn on the London Fashion Week catwalk. She was well on her way to a successful ramp career.

Why would she give all that up for the clamour and clutter of India

? “I like India because of my father,” she says. Adding the more prosaic reason as an afterthought: “Kaizad is London-based and he offered me a role in Boom. So I came here to do it. But then I liked it here and was getting a lot of offers, so I decided to stay on.” And she loves the city of Pune. “It’s like a little fairytale town, so sleepy and quiet,” she enthuses. “But I also love Jaipur, so colourful…” she ponders, in that delightfully exotic accent, which might soon vanish, as she is working on her diction and learning Kathak with Veeru Krishna so that she’ll have an edge when she bites into those meaty roles in mainstream cinema too. Talk about being prepared!

The curvy Kaif may not be the common man’s idea of a Girl Guide, but she sure does sound like one. When you quiz her on her supposed links with Salman Khan, she is quick to demur. “I’m not involved with Salman Khan. I’m just a close friend of his sister Alvira’s,” is all that you get. “I don’t have a love interest in my life,” she avers. “I’m just so busy, travelling every single day with my work. I’m not even an avid party animal. I’m content to hang out with my friends, Alison Kanuga (model) and Anna Singh (fashion designer),” she’d like you to believe.

Right now, she’s concentrating on her advertising shoots and looking forward to some good campaigns and readying herself for the onslaught of Hindi cinema offers. There’s plenty of work and she’s not complaining. So it’s Kerala one day, Maldives

the next. And a string of stolen hearts en route!

The million dollar question is:

‘Who is the real dream man of Katrina Kaif?

Some persons are suspecting that he is Axay Kumar, the new Bollyood King.

But, to our greatest surprise, some inner sources are disclosing the mystery that the real dream man of Katrina Kaif is AJAY DEVGAN.


Not only you.

I am myself too, if it is really true.


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