Origin of Xmas: Xmas controversy and Hinduism

Origin of Xmas:

Xmas controversy and Hinduism

DSM Satyarthi

It is interesting to note that present day secularism has become more unscientific, more undemocratic, more irrational and NOT more liberal than HINDUISM.

What a great change to be noted.

Isn’t it?

Gradually, HINDUISM is becoming a more competent leader of Humanity than the so-called secularism.

While HINDUISM preaches Religious Democracy, secularism is debating on how to avoid every Christian reference.

It is debating not only the historical existence of Lord Jesus Christ; it’s debating on every phase of it.

Therefore, the date of birth of Lord Jesus Christ is also debated.

They say, it’s not 25th December at all.

If it is right, the Xmas is being celebrated on wrong date.

Hence the controversy on Xmas and the origin of Xmas.

I am unable to understand why the so-called secularism is so afraid of religion.

If religion is really an unscientific belief, why the secularism does not state so, and let it go at that?

Hinduism, on the other hand, is never afraid of any ideology, be it religion or atheism.

It says:

Indram mitram varun’amagnimaahuratho divyah s’ suparn’o garutmaan,
Ekam sadvipra bahudhaa vadantyagnim yamam maatarishvaanamaahuh.’

‘They call Him Indr, Mitr; AgniDivine is He Suparn’, Garutmaan.

The noble persons with wisdom call One Existence in many ways. They call Agni, Yam, Maatarishvan.’

Ekam sadvipra bahudhaa vadanti’ ‘The noble persons with wisdom call One Existence in many ways.’ Is the key factor, even secularism is unable to understand and follow.

Hinduism is, I think, therefore, a better leader of humanity than even the so-called secularism.


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