Ved Bhāshý: Atharv Ved: Kānd: 5: Sookt: 3: Mantr:1

Ved: Ved Bhāshý:

Atharv Ved:

 Kānd 5: Sūkt 3: Mantr 1


DSM Satyarthi


 Mamāgné varcho vihavéshvastu

vayam tvéndhānāstanvam’pushém.

Mahyam namantām


pr’tanā jaýém.


Mam| agné| varchah| vihavéshu| astu|

vayam| tvā|indhānāh| tanvam|pushém|

Mahyam| namantām| pradishah| chatasrah| tvayā| adhyaxéñ|

pr’tanā| jaýém.


 1My splendour be, Agni2, in various calls3. We, kindling4, safeguard thee5, female body6. Let the four directions bow to me7. With you President8, let’s conquer great armies9.


1.  R’shi: Br’haddivo’tharvā

Dévtā/ Divine Subject: Agni, one who leads to light

Chhand/Vedic Meter: Trishŧup

2.  Mamāgné varchah’.

Agni, the person who leads to light is addressed here.

It means if a person who is reading this VED Mantr is

not ‘Agni’, not a person that leads to light, he/she has to get light himself/herself to the extent that s(he) can rise above his/her immense selfishness.

If s(he) doesn’t rise above his/her immense selfishness, s(he) can’t get benefited from this Ved Mantr optimum.

‘My Splendor be in various calls’ ‘‘Mamāgné varchah vihaveshu’.

We have called you in Ved variously various times.

Never forget in entire those various calls of Us that those calls are ultimately from Us.

Never treat them lightly if you really think the Ved is from Us.

The atheists, whether Westerners or their blind imprudent followers, never take Our VED Mantrs gravely.

Most of them are still imprudently have faith in the scientific facts as they were being preached when Communism was being publicized by Communists of those days.

They imprudently forget that Communism has failed politically almost everywhere.

Even a country that claims she is practicing Communism still today, is not true in her claim.

Moreover, she herself knows it extensively, profoundly.

Shouldn’t the scientific facts be studied, consequently, afresh coming out of the influence of that immensely failed era?

3.    Vihaveshu’.

We have called you in Ved variously various times.

Take the words We used there to call you gravely if

you really want to take guidance from Us.

If you don’t want to take guidance from Ved, no one is compelling you to do so.

You can immediately leave the organization(s) that are founded to take entire Ved gravely.

If you still want to remain a member of that organization(s), at least you must declare your true status to the rest of the members of that organization(s), if you are honest.

Our obedients are not indiscreet enough not to watch your activities extensively, profoundly.

They are running an immensely successful Movement after all for forty plus years now.

What do you think, it was possible for them if they were as indiscreet as you carelessly think they are?

They know very well what you are and what you are actually after.

They are eloquently letting you waste your time, if you are doing the unwise act.

If you are not doing it, and actually spying for others, never forget what Lord Ram did when Rāvañ’s two spies, Shuk and Sārañ, were captured spying in Hindu Army then.

Lord Ram instructed Vibhīshañ, Sugrīv, Pavan Putr, Angad and Jāmbvant etcetera to let them investigate everything they wanted to so that they could tell it to Rāvañ when they return to him.

Hindus, Our obedients, are never afraid of any nescience/Vr’tratv.

They are successfully defeating the nescience/Vr’tratv for forty plus years now and they continue their sincere efforts to defeat it.

None, whosoever he/she may be, can stop their spiritual Movement now ever.

Their unhistorical success is their inevitable destiny now due to their immense sincerity and profound honesty.

Just watch and wait for it.

Even the entire Multiverse is not capable now to stop it.

Test yourself/yourselves the truthfulness of their Movement physically practically, if you want to.

4.  Vayam indhānāh’.

Plural is majestic here.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā if kindled.

How can you kindle Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā?

He is already kindled Himself optimum.

Then how can His obedients kindle the already kindled one optimum, more?

Obviously, by kindling Him in their own hearts/brains.

Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā is already kindled optimum, but not the hearts/brains of his obedients too, optimum, necessarily.

That’s what His obedients have to do.

That’s what Eīshān means here by ‘Vayam indhānāh’ ‘We, kindling’.

Kindle your hearts and/or brains with the wisdom generated by Our Knowledge in Ved and your experiences in obeying Us.

5.   Tvā pushem’.

We safeguard you when you kindle your hearts/brains with Our guidance in Ved.

Peruse your own history.

You were not actually slaves even when the outsiders, Musalmīn and the British were ruling you.

Your history of the period is not written unbiased.

They couldn’t even understand you optimum.

How could they understand your history and your achievements then consequently?

They claim your history is fictitious.


Because they think, it’s impossible to dominate the ostensible rulers.

Nevertheless, you know it’s normal and routine for you.

Democracy isn’t even infinitesimal foreign to you.

Ved/Hinduism means Democracy.

Absolute Democracy.

If not, what else?

You are especially, laboriously, trained by your own religion, your own system of life, how to control your Democratic rulers every day, in your Stavans, Mandrs, Satrs and Adhiveshans.

Even your Teerth Gamans teach you the same thing.

Democracy isn’t being taught to you by Westerners.


The Westerners themselves have learned Democracy from your ancestors’ Democratic History, whether they acknowledge their contribution or not.

You cannot be safeguarded if you don’t kindle your brain/heart with Our guidance given to you in Ved optimum.

If you do it half-heartedly, you will be safeguarded to the same extent.

Never expect Us to safeguard you optimum even if your brain/heart isn’t kindled optimum.

In the Eternal Scientific System We’ve created for the Multiverse, survival of the fittest is an eternal law.

And if you think We’ve created an Eternal System in which the evil doers or lazy persons can survive you are acting against both the utmost prevalent eternal laws working always in Our System:

  1. Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt
  2. Yāthātathyatah.
  3. 6.  Tanvam’.

In Vedic Sanskr’t/Sanskr’t ‘Tanu’, meaning ‘body’,

is in feminine gender.

However, it doesn’t mean that this word ‘Tanu’ cannot be used for male body.

We have, Ourself, too used this word ‘Tanu’ for male bodies in Ved itself.

Why so?

So that you must understand, your body must be as dear to you as your own wife is/must be.

However, you are Not your body only.

You are actually your soul, not body.

However, your wife doesn’t need your soul only primarily.

Primarily she needs your body more than your soul even.

If your body is not capable to fulfil the physical needs of your wife, no sensible woman will marry you ever.

Neither will you, yourself, need any woman ever to marry her.

Entire your Gr’hasth Āshram, entire your family life, depends on your body too, as well as on your soul.

Of course, you are not your body only, but it doesn’t mean your body is somewhat less important to you, for your own evolution and/or consumptions.

Similarly, when you marry a woman, you’d never marry her if physically she were not capable to fulfil your physical and family needs.

Here again her body takes prevalence on her soul.

A marital relationship doesn’t depend on soul only.

It depends on physical bodies more.

Therefore never listen to the unwise persons/hypocrites if they say only your soul is important, not your body.

They are either hypocrites or damn fools.

In both the cases, they themselves need proper guidance instead of leading/preaching others.

7.   Mahyam namantām pradishashchatasrah.’

None should be imprudent enough not to understand

the importance of his/her body as well as his/her soul too.

Your marriage is utmost necessary if you really want to enjoy your life.

Your marriage is utmost necessary even if you really want to serve the people.

Either Most of the people are married, maintain live in relationship or at least enjoy sexual relations with woman/women.

It needs bodies.

But if you fully want to enjoy it, your soul must also be involved in this/these relation(s), whatsoever they are: marriage, live in relationship or physical relations only.

It doesn’t make any difference in the matter whether you are an atheist or otherwise.

Whatsoever the case maybe you need proper guidance in the matter, unless you opt for learning by mistakes.

That’s what most of the persons as you are, are doing and wasting their precious time in unnecessary labor.

If you are too one of them who waste their time in doing foolish efforts that’s your option and you are authorized to do it.

We are inviting here the wise persons only.

If you are one of the unwise ones and insist to remain the same, despite every negative consequence(s) you’ve gone through until now, there is no necessity for you to read, understand or peruse Ved.

Atharv Ved: Kaand 8| Sookt 1| Mantr 4


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Ved: Ved Bhashy’: R’gved: Mandal 9: Sookt 46: Mantr 2

Ved Bhāshý:


 Mandal 9

 Pavmān Som Mandal

 Sūkt 46: Mantr 2

 DSM Satyarthi


Parishkr’tās indavo yoshév pitryāvatī, vāyum soma asr’xat.


 1Sanctified with constant efforts2, immensely richest persons3, as if a young lady, with her father, pride for him. Som created air/atomosphere.


1R’shi: Ayāsý Mahimvat Āngiras Dévtā/Divine Subject: Pavmān Som Chhand/Vedic Meter: Gāyatrī

2. ‘S’ tu dīrghkāl-nairantarý-satkārāsévito dr’đhbhūmih

‘But that is strong if longtime continuous, practiced with respect.’

Pātanjal Yog Darshanam: 1Samaadhipaad|14

Practices for short times, longtime but discontinued

every now and then, and longtime but with distaste and/or ignoring it, never produce the required results.

Parishkr’tās’, ‘sanctified with constant efforts’, means ‘bhr’gavahactually.

No person that isn’t sanctified with constant efforts can be immensely richest in Our eternal scientific mathematical system actually we have established in Our infinite creations.

Even if somehow s/he manages to do it, s/he can’t enjoy it ever.

There will be money as much as s/he wanted, but practically it will be absolutely useless for him/her.

Either s/he would be suffering from some disease(s) that won’t allow him/her to get benefited by this aparishkr’t, this unsanctified money, or there would be his/her ever-greedy relatives, friends and/or acquaintances that will be always around him/her to kill him/her, or declare him/her legally incompetent to have decisive powers on his/her impurely earned and/or accumulated money.

If you peruse the entire history of humankind you can never deny that it happens so many times around you, whether you notice it or not.

This is Our eternal universal, multiversal constitution actually.

None can get rid of it ever.

On the other hand, if you are one of the Parishkr’tās Indavah, one of the sanctified with constant efforts immensely richest persons, none can ever snatch away your well earned money from you despite his/her/their howsoever desperate and cunning conspiracies even.

The entire history of humankind stands to its evidence too.

Mantharā and Kaikéyī tried their best to snatch away from Lord Bhagvān Rām what he deserved to have perfectly, legally, democratically.

It was his parishkr’t, sanctified with constant efforts, assets.

It was in his well earned, legally earned, democratically earned Bhogchakr, Consumption Cycle.

What happened?

Bharat expressly refused to take it and surrendered it to Lord Bhagvān Rām with immense fanfare even.

No Mantharā, no Kaikéyī, no Rāvañ even could stop it.

Shakuni and Dhr’trñshŧr wanted to snatch away from Pāndavs what was legally and democratically theirs.

Could Shakuni and Dhr’trñshŧr succeed?


Your parishkr’tās assets are always yours.

None can snatch away them from you.

They are ever engraved in your Bhogchakr, in your ever-indomitable Consumption Cycle.

You are one of the Parishkr’tās Indavah, one of the Sanctified immensely richest persons.

3. ‘Indavo’ in original text.

Hinduism/Ved is not against its followers if they

are/want to be rich/richest.

Nevertheless, Hinduism/Ved is strongly against the means the persons use to get rich/richest if the means are harmful to entire humanity.

Hinduism/Ved believes in the ever  supremacy of humanity.

If a person gets rich/richest through the means harmful to humanity, Hinduism/Ved is against him/her.

Moreover, ‘Parishkr’tās indavo’ ‘Sanctified with constant efforts2, immensely richest persons3’ does mean: every obedient of Eīshān Param Brahm Paramātmā must try to be as much richest as he/she could be:

Shathast samāhar sahasrhast sam kir.’

Hundred handed one! Bring/collect properly. ‘Thousand/countless handed one! Distribute properly.

Ved 4 Atharv Ved 3|24|5:

Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam/Dharmsantānam/ Dharmsansthāpan/Aqāmat-e-Ħukūmat-e-Ilāhī/Establishing Kingdom of God cannot be completed ever, if the distribution of assets bestowed by Us on entire humankind isn’t proper optimum.

However, you can’t distribute anything if you don’t possess it.

How can you distribute anything you don’t possess ever?

Most of the crimes and injustice in humankind is either due to the ignorance of the persons, their idleness or improper distribution of the assets We bestowed on humankind.

If you really want to end this injustice, and you don’t have another option if you really are Our obedient/Sukr’t/ a noble person, there isn’t another practical peaceful way except to possess entire assets yourself/yourselves and then distribute them properly optimum.

Consequently, never criticize the person/persons who try to be rich/richest if they are Parishkr’tās indavah.

Try to understand with a cool mind and proper optimum prudence what they actually are doing.

Communism has already failed due to the immense selfishness of their incompetent leaders, if you oppose now  Hinduism even, there isn’t any probability of survival of humanity.

Try to understand the impasse you are creating for your own future generations and entire humanity by opposing the movement of Hinduism, if you are doing it.

It may be you can’t join it due to your own imprudence/idleness, but at least you are not compelled to join its opponents.

Are you?

Think with keeping your mind cool and trying to keep yourself above your blind inhuman ego, if you are really a human being and not a bi-pad animal still now in your own evolution process.

 Ved: R’gved: Mandal 9 Sookt 46 Mantr 3


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Ved: 4 Atharv Ved: Kānd 8| Sookt 1| Mantr 4

Ved: 4 Atharv Ved:

Kānd 8| Sookt1| Mantr 4

The Life Infinite

How one can achieve it

DSM Satyarthi


Utkrāmātah purush māvpatthā mr’tyoh


Māchchhitthā asmāllokādagnéh sūryasý sandr’shah.


1Step up from here2, O man3! FALL NOT DOWN4. LOOSENING DOWN THE FETTER OF DEATH5. Be not severed from this world6, from the sight of one who leads to light7, of the sun8.


1.       R’shi: Brahmā

Dévtā/Divine Subject: Āyu, the age.

Chhand/Meter: Prastār Pankti.

This mantr is important, not for the religious people only.

Actually the entire Ved is not only important to the religious people.

It’s equally, rather more, important to the persons who are devoted to their worldly life and worldly success.

Ved never promises only the better life hereafter.

It promises a better life here too.

‘Yato’bhyudaý nihshréyassiddhih s’ dharmah.’

‘Wherefrom progress here and success hereafter, that is Dharm.’

2. Utkrāmātah’.

Never worry how you’ll achieve the goal.

Just step forward from wherever you are.

It doesn’t matter where you are.

Select your goal, think out the correct direction

to which you have to proceed to achieve it, and step forward.

Never waste your precious time in thinking too much.

Of course you must think out optimum before proceeding.

But there is always a difference between thinking optimum and thinking endlessly.

If instead thinking optimum you think endlessly you’d never get anywhere.

Is that what you really want to do?

If not, stop thinking endlessly at once.

Think optimum and proceed.

Don’t waste your time in planning endlessly too.

There are so many persons who think endlessly and plan endlessly.

But they never proceed.

And consequently they never get anywhere.

They always promise themselves to proceed tomorrow.

But there isn’t any tomorrow in their life.

If you don’t want to get the same result, vow to yourself never to follow them.

They are the failures.

Never follow the failures if you really want to succeed.

Step forward and start your journey to success right now.

Tomorrow is only a pretense you are using to deceive yourself.

Forget tomorrow forever and start your journey right now.

Utkrāmātah purush, māvpatthā’ ‘Step up from here, O man, fall not down’ does also mean that on the pathway to progress, never stay where you are.

It’s always a suicidal mistake most of the persons do who want to progress.

It’s not possible on the pathway to progress that anyone can stay where he/she is.

There isn’t any point on the pathway to progress to stay.

You have either to proceed there from every point or you are bound to fall down.

There isn’t any point on the pathway to progress that’s stable forever.

If you watch life closely you can’t deny the fact that it’s always dynamic.

There is nothing steady in life.

Life isn’t static ever.

You have either to live it continuously nonstop, or you’d die automatically.

That’s why We’ve ordered you elsewhere:

Kurvannévéh karmāñi jijīvishéchchhatagvong samāh,

Évam tvayi nānýthéto’sti n’ karm lipyaté naré.’

 Doing Karm only, here, one should wish

to live hundreds of years.

Only this is the way for thee, none else;

So Karm cleaveth not to man.’

― VedYajurvéd: 40|2

3.       ‘Purush’.

It’s noticeable that We’ve addressed a man here.

It does not mean a woman can’t follow this order, or should not, or not has to.


It’s never intended in Ved.

We have created men and women both.

So, there isn’t any gender discrimination in Ved as far as the progress of humankind is concerned.

Both the men and women are equally responsible for their progress.

Yet, it cannot be denied that most of the women follow their men almost blindly.

Yes, there are some, few, exceptions to it too.

But never forget, exceptions are exceptions ever, nevertheless.

They are never rules.

It’s very rare that a man follows his woman/women.

Even if he does, he never stops to try to outdo her.

Anuvratah pituh putro mātrā bhavatu sammanāh

Jāyā patyé madhumatīm vācham vadatu shantivām.’

̶ Ved: Atharv Ved: 3|30|2,

While most of the women never even think of outdoing their man.

These are the cold and hard facts of life everyone must understand and never fight.

None can get anything in fighting with the facts.

That’s why We have based Our Guidance to you on two simple facts:

1.       ‘Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt.’

2.       ‘Yāthātathyatah.’

The fact is that the system of life We are proposing to you, is based on the pivotal role of Sukr’ts.

The women are made softies and the men are rather strong comparatively.

Therefore, if the man is ordered to do something, most of the women automatically follow.

Even the remaining women follow eventually, in due course.

That’s what the entire history of humankind stands to evidence to whether one likes it or not.

You maybe a feminist, but if so, even you can’t deny  most the feminists imitate men in dresses, hair styles and in other things too.

Why is it so if you are really a feminist?

Why imitate a man?

According to feminism isn’t a man your oppressor?

You fight with men because of the same grievance you have against them.

Yet you are never ashamed of imitating your oppressor.

Is it a rational thing to do?

Yet, can you deny most of the feminists act accordingly?

That’s why We’ve ordered only ‘man’ here.

Ved/Hinduism is a scientific and mathematical movement.

As feminism and the other emotional movements do, Ved/ Hinduism never fights with human nature.

It knows very well if the men are made to do something the womankind has to follow mankind sooner or later.

You may don’t like this blunt declaration of such a cold and hard fact, but the fact is there nevertheless.

You can accept it or reject.

You can do either.

Yet you can’t change the history of humankind and the historical facts derived from the same.

4Māvpatthā’ in original text.

This mantrānsh is very important to follow in our daily behaviour/daily routine.

The fastly failing Western Business Culture is unable to save humankind.

In its infinite greed to get material success, it has compromised with feminism to the extent it’s destructive to the entire human race.

It has advertised too much that the mankind always oppressed womankind.

It was mostly true, but not in Hindus.

It was true in non Hindus only.

The nescience/Vr’tratv has its own death in its very existence.

It was unfortunate for Western Culture that when feminism was fighting for its survival, Frederick Engels had written his now worldwide famous book: ‘The origin of the Family, Private Property and the State’.

The Communists advertised this book to their ever best capacity.

The persons who believed in the necessity of family were already fighting with Feminism, Atheism and Communism.

They couldn’t face successfully this new attack on the family.

The ever selfish ever shrewd businesspersons took advantage of this incapacity of the persons who wanted to protect their family.

They used this new weapon ‘The origin of the Family, Private Property and the State’, Feminism, Atheism and Communism too with their extraordinary financial power.

The Feminism had already destroyed the basic faith of womankind in family.

The then non Hindu societies were really oppressing their womankind keeping them uneducated mostly.

The non Hindu womankind, consequently, was already fighting against their own oppressor mankind.

Most of them used to flee away to the Hindus to get proper education, love, respect and a happier life.

It was impossible for them not to compare the behaviour of Hindus and non Hindus towards them.

The Hindus were, consequently, always the dream men of the entire womankind and still are.

Moreover, the Hindus will certainly remain the dream men of the entire womankind endlessly if they manage to maintain their Hindutv forever.

The ever shrewd businesspersons took advantage of this situation and they cunningly devised a smart yet dirty network for these non Hindu womankind.

They fell in the ever selfish ever shrewd network of the then immoral Businesspersons.

Men and women were not supplementary now to each other any more.

They were enemies mutually, instead.

The ever dirty hate campaign of the so called Western Culture was historic against entire mankind blindly.

The womankind opposed the protection from her mankind calling it their oppression as the Businesspersons suggested to them to use their womankind for modelling and thus enhancing the sales of their products.

Both the mankind and womankind must understand this shrewd conspiracy of the Businesspersons against their family.

Until and unless they don’t do it, none can stop the ultimate destruction of their family.

5. ‘Mr’tyoh padvīshamavmunchmānah’.

None can get rid of ‘mr’tyoh padvīsham’ ‘fetter of

death remaining static, remaining where you are.

Indr, préhi purastvam’.

Moreover, you have to get Kaivalý, if you really

want to get rid of ‘mr’tyoh padvīsham’ ‘fetter of


Mr’tyoh padvīsham’ ‘Fetter of death’ can’t approach a Sukr’t if he/she is really dedicated and devoted to ‘Sukr’tý’.

A Sukr’t is bound to be ‘av munchmānah’ ‘Lost down’ the fetter of death sooner or later whether man or woman.

There isn’t anything to be afraid of for two young women, ‘Yoshité’, who claim to be following Our orders.

The punishment they are afraid of cannot be given to anyone whether male or female.

Marriage isn’t any prize or punishment that can be granted to a person whether male or female.

It’s a means instead to Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam Dharm Santānam Dharm Sansthāpan.

We cannot snatch away this means from any person until and unless he isn’t a dushkr’t.

Moreover, a woman is entitled to her marriage with a Sukr’t even if she isn’t a Sukr’t herself.

Her marriage with a Sukr’t is itself a Sukr’tý, not less important than Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam Dharm Santānam Dharm Sansthāpan.

She offers in this way her entire future generation to ‘Kr’ñvanto VishvamāryamDharm Santānam, Dharm Sansthāpan.

Even if she isn’t herself a Sukr’t, this Sukr’tý of hers is enough for her to get Svarg/Jannat-e-Firdaus/Paradise with her Sukr’t husband.

How is it possible then to punish anyone with keeping her unmarried?

This isn’t Our way, neither it can ever be.

The reason their marriage is being delayed is somewhere else.

Try to think patiently and unemotionally according to Dhiyo yo nah prachodayāt and Yāthātathyatah.

Never let your thinking influenced by emotions.

The emotions keep you human and lead you to divinity but that’s all the function of emotions.

They can’t help you in thinking clearly and unbiased.

The emotions are not given to you to think and analyze anything.

Your wisdom is given to you for this purpose.

Use appropriate means for the work you want to do.

You can’t use any means whatsoever you may like to achieve any goal you need/want to achieve.

For every work the means are already decided by Us.

They are told to you in Ved.

Peruse Ved properly unemotionally to achieve any goal you need/want to.

The eternal laws working in the entire infinite creations cannot be changed to suit any person’s unscientific desires, whatsoever they may be.

The ‘Yoshité’ are being reminded recurrently to choose someone they find suitable for them, yet isn’t it a fact that they were doing everything except what they are told to do?

They are even guaranteed a superb successful happy life, if they do it and keep following our system of life We have proposed for humankind in Ved/Hinduism.

Until they don’t oppose Our movement Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam/ Aqāmat-e-Ħukūmat-e-Ilāhī/Establishing the Kingdom of God/Dharmsantānam/Dharmsansthāpan, their superb successful happy life is already guaranteed by Us Ourself.

What more they actually need?

Do they, or anyone of them, want to keep their anti Hindutv ideologies or philosophies influenced by Western Culture, feminism or the so called Western equality of women and men?

That is only a Western Business Culture’s propaganda, nothing else.

Do you really think the Western Culture has improved women status any more than Ved/Hinduism has done in the past ever?

If your answer is really in the affirmative tell Us, ‘how’? In which subject?

Equality with men in human rights is not given by Western Business Culture first.

Ved/Hinduism has already granted it to its own womankind.

If it were not the truth, Mantharā and Kaikéyī could have never succeeded in their ever dirty political conspiracy.

Dashrath would have kicked Kaikéyī with his foot, instead of granting her two boons.

Don’t you agree with it?

If not, why?

If men and women were not equal in Ved/Hinduism practically how Brahm Jagdambā Brahm Bhagwatī Sītā Rāvañi Paulastý could have gone to the forests with Lord Rām?

Wouldn’t she have been stopped by admonishing her not to imitate her household mankind, Lord Rām and Laxmañ?

Wouldn’t Lord Rām’s mothers have been stopped similarly joining Bharat when he went to forests to bring Lord Rām back?

As far as the fundamental human rights are concerned, Ved/Hinduism was the ever first that granted it to its womankind, not Western Business Culture.

Western Business Culture actually neither even imitated Ved/Hinduism in this matter.

It rather surrendered to feminism, instead.

That’s why its equality is actually immensely harmful, detrimental and suicidal to womankind instead of being benevolent, as the equality proposed by Ved/Hinduism.

The rapes, gang rapes, kidnapping of women, deceptions to them are natural fruits of your so much praised equality of women with men, proposed by Western Culture and feminism.

Don’t say Ved/Hinduism never allowed its womankind rule on its mankind.

Brahm Jagdambā Brahm Bhagwatī Brahm Mahā Laxmī Bhārgav did it successfully through her younger brother, Ushnā Kāvý Shukrāchārý Bhārgav, didn’t she?

She did it without jeopardizing her safety even a bit.

Who is actually behind the ever recurring Brāhm Kalp?


Param Purush?

Or, Brahm Jagdambā Brahm Bhagwatī Satī Dāxāyañī Brahmāpautrī?

Tell Us anyone, even a single woman in Vr’trs that is as successful as anyone of these womankind of Hinduism We mentioned here.

You can’t ever.

No one can.

Keep faith in Us, and never be impatient.

Get rid of your immensely negative thinking first.

Be Shwitīchayah first.

Do what We have told to do without referring to any past or excuses whatsoever.

Neither your past is your destiny, nor your excuses can solve your problems.

Don’t think the success of womankind, we mentioned here, could happen only in the past.

You know very well it has happened today too.

What someone else could do, you can too, if you only do what she did, without any excuses whatsoever.

Science does not have any room for any excuses whatsoever.

You have to fight with your inertia yourselves and get what you want to.

If you would be allowed to get any bounty from Us, without changing your psychology, your mindset, your blueprint, you would never be capable to keep it.

Never forget, We are not your enemy, ‘Yoshité’.

But, at the same time, no sane elder would ever allow children to play with the fire, howsoever immensely the children attempt to play with it.

Don’t We know better?*

Never be obsessed with your prejudices you have developed in your immense ignorance.

Never be obsessed with the Western Culture and/or feminism.

It seems to be immensely attractive to head, or even join, a fashion parade and being praised for your extraordinary beauty, talent and/or boldness.

But, is that enough?

We haven’t given you your extraordinary beauty, talent and/or boldness only.

Instead, at the same time, We have told you why ab initio We have given you these things:

Sā vishvāyuh sā vishvkarmā sā vishvdhāyāh. Indrasý tvā bhāgagvong soménātanachmi vishño havyagvong rax.’

‘1She is the life of all. She does all the work/She is the constructor. She holds all/She feeds milk to all. You the share of indr, I extend with som. All pervading, shield the sacrifice.’

̶ Ved: Yajurved: 1|4

Why should We grant you a Sukr’t husband, if you have already vowed, or at least already decided not to act accordingly?

Don’t you want to enjoy your life now, without taking any responsibility whatsoever, to protect humankind?

Don’t you want to be as irresponsible now as the other Vr’tr Western feminists do?

Isn’t it destructive even to yourselves, your family, your mankind  and the entire humankind gradually, eventually, ultimately?

Why should We allow you to play with the fire and destroy yourselves thus destroying others in the process first?

We haven’t made womankind to destroy themselves thus destroying others in the process first.

Can’t you see what the Vr’tr Beauties were doing everywhere?

Aren’t they even suffering themselves for it too?

Do you want to join the herd too?

Haven’t We ordered you:

Strī hi Brahmā babhūvith’?

Woman, be only creator of the Multiverse.’

̶ Ved: R’gved: 8|33|19

Never destroy it.

We have given you your extraordinary beauty, talent and/or boldness to keep Our administrator balanced.

Aham bhūmimadadāmāryāý.’

I have bestowed the land/earth upon the Ārý/better.’

̶ Ved: R’gved: 4|26|2

Not to destroy him and yourselves.

You are the balancer.

Whenever he deviates or deviated from right path, it’s you that have to bring him back.

Isn’t it a tragedy, and your immense incompetence simultaneously, that even the wicked ones could use you for their vile vested ever selfish dirty interests?

Can’t you understand if you can deviate them from right path, you can bring them to the right path too?

That’s why women outnumber men immensely in Our infinite Creations.

Can’t you understand?

Yes, the mankind is the administrator, but who is greater?

The one who is the administrator, or the one who can control even the administrator?

Isn’t an administrator actually a worker?

Isn’t the one, for whom he works, really enjoying her life, her existence?

A worker can afford to be irresponsible even, how the one that controls him?

What do you think, the womankind is being punished nowadays for nothing evil she has done?

Do We let injustice prevail ever in the Creations?


The womankind is being punished for her own continuous ever irresponsible attitude.

She has forgotten, even deliberately refused to follow, her role in Creations.

She is claiming equality with mankind in his wickedness, instead of pulling him back from the pathway of inevitable destruction gradually, eventually, ultimately.

The Western women and their alike are fighting for their rights to be as wicked as their mankind is.

That’s what the feminism is, what else?

Can’t you see?

Can’t you think?

Never expect from Us We’d ever allow you to destroy yourselves and entire humankind gradually, eventually, ultimately.

Haven’t you bothered to think ever why were you projected especially in a particular household?

Because We wanted you to be trained by Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak himself and lead the entire womankind.

Are you doing it?

Ask yourselves.

Do what you are expected to do and let Us take care of your every need whatsoever.

Do it if you really want Us do something for you.

And see what We do for you.

Never act childish, you are not child anymore.

Never act irresponsible, it’d lead you nowhere.

Our worship does never mean some rituals, or some sādhanās only for a particular period(s).

It needs constant nonstop taking care of yourself, your family, and entire humankind, in strictly the same order.*

Mr’tyoh padvīshamavmunchmānah’ ‘loosening down the fetter of death’ further means the Hindu Vishv also has to change its still now unHindu attitude towards everyone.

Not only the family of Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak, but the family of every Vishvarshi even, is the topmost responsibility of Our Hindu Vishv.

How can anyone believe that Our Hindu Vishv can take care of his/her family when he/she finds that it isn’t taking care of even the family of only one person that has sacrificed his entire life and everything for ‘Kr’ñvanto VishvamāryamDharm Santānam, Dharm Sansthāpan’?

How can anyone expect from Us to loosen the fetter of death for the persons who are as selfish as they always refuse to take the said responsibility?

They want there shouldn’t be even a single person to devote his life for ‘Kr’ñvanto VishvamāryamDharm Santānam, Dharm Sansthāpan’.

That’s why they are facing their own family problems they want to get rid of desperately.

They can’t, until they don’t fulfill their responsibility to the family of Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak/Vishvarshi.

They are forgetting that it’s Shāshvat Satyug replacing the ever rotten Vr’tr era now.

The eternal laws of Shāshvat Satyug cannot be adjusted to suit their vile and selfish desires ever.

If they really want to solve their own family problems they have to solve the family problems of Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak/Vishvarshi, first.

If they are adamant not to do it, why shouldn’t We too be adamant not to solve their own family problems?

They can leave Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak/Vishvarshi, how can We?

Isn’t their ungratefulness to Us tremendous?

And if it is so, why shouldn’t they get tremendous punishment also for their tremendous ungratefulness?

Mr’tyoh padvīshamavmunchmānah’ ‘loosening down the fetter of death’ further means: It’s your duty to loosen the fetter of death if you do really follow Our guidance given to you in Ved.

It’s an atheist belief/faith that everyone who is born is bound to die.

The atheists have done always disadvantages to the humankind more than they have benefitted the same.

Due to their limited wisdom and their ever stubborn ever pessimistic belief that the universal and eternal facts are limited only to the extent they know them, they argue stubbornly and childishly, pessimistically that, ever eternal life is impossible.


How can be they so certain about it?

There are so many things they thought were impossible.

Yet they are fact now.

How can they explain it?

Similarly the ever eternal life can also be a fact if you follow Our guidance in Ved stubbornly positively prudently Yāthātathyatah.

Tell the non believers:

Just wait and watch.

Your rotten era of self detrimental pessimism is changing fast into an era of never before huge gains and optimism infinite.’

6. ‘Māchchhitthā asmāllokāt’.

There are so many religions now that teach their followers to ignore their worldly life to improve their life hereafter.

Hinduism is not one of them.

Our Hinduism basically differs with them in this matter.

Its basic concept is that ‘This world is made for your consumption and not to renounce it.’

Tén tyaktén bhunjīthā mā gr’dhah kasý svit dhanam’.

With that renounced consume and enjoy. Covet no wealth of anyone.’

When it is basically made for your consumption itself how it can be possible that it doesn’t have enough commodities for all of you found at any time anywhere?

Never forget Ved is Our constitution for you for ‘Shāshvatībhyah samābhyah’ ‘for eternal subject/years’.

How is it possible if We haven’t provided enough means for ‘Shāshvatībhyah samābhyah’ ‘for eternal subject/years’ too?

It’s actually an atheist conception that the people here can be so many in numbers some time that the means this world has, will fall short for them.

We assure Our followers that it would never be.

Neither it can ever happen if you really follow the guidance We’ve provided to you in Ved.

But yes, if you ignore those guidelines provided to you in Ved you are bound to be on the pathway of your own suicide.

Only because We’ve given you wisdom and you can live Yāthātathyatah using your brain, doesn’t mean you don’t need Our guidelines provided to you in Ved.

The persons who boast to you so in vain are forgetting that you were on the brim of third world war when Our Antim Ācharañ Nāyak started his movement of ‘Kr’ñvanto VishvamāryamDharm Santānam, Dharm Sansthāpan’.

It is due to his very efforts and those of his followers that you are still living.

The Vr’trs/ evil doers still have all the means of your destruction and their own suicide but they are made incapable to use them using Our guidelines in Ved.

‘Māchchhitthā asmāllokāt’ ‘Be not severed from this world’ means you can even keep this world to you indefinitely if you want to.

Nothing is predestined here except the eternal laws told to you in Ved:

Yathémām vācham kalyāñīmāvadāni janébhyah, Brahmrājanyābhyāgvong shūdrāý chāryāý ch’ svāý chārañāý.

Priyo dévānām daxiñāyai dāturih bhūyāsamayam mé kāmah samr’dhyatāmup mādo namatu.’

 ‘Appropriately, I deliver this welfare speech for ALL THE PEOPLE: the intelligent ones, the politicians, the workers, the businesspersons, the self-praising ones.

Let me be dear to the divine ones, for daxiñā of the giver, here. My this Kām be enriched. Bow me he being near.’

Ved: Yajurvéd: 26|2

S’ paryyagāchchhukramakāyamavrañam

asnāviragvong shuddhamapāpviddham

Kavirmaneeshee paribhooh Svambhooryāthātathyato’

Arthānvyadadhāchchhāshvateebhyah  samābhyah.’

‘He has been attained from everywhere, Bright, Bodiless, Woundless, Sinewless, Pure, Which evil hasn’t pierced.

Intelligent, Analyzer, Omnipresent, Self existent, has constituted the aims, for the eternal people/years.’

Ved: Yajurvéd: 40|8

Except these eternal laws you can change everything

everywhere here to suit your positive needs.

Never forget this world is made for your consumption of it, you are not made for this world.

Neither humankind here is any accident as the atheists think it is.

Let them think and preach whatsoever they want to.

You have studied now the entire history of humankind till now.

Isn’t it enough evidence for you that the eternal laws as told to you in Ved are always in force and still working here without any exception?

What the more proof you require to believe in what We are telling to you?

Let the non believers be as pessimistic as they want to.

Be shvitīchayah and keep your optimism ever, if you really want to survive the ever destructive pessimism of atheists.

Ved: 4 Atharv Ved: Kānd 8| Sookt 1| Mantr 6


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