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Upédaham dhanadāmapratītam jushŧām n’ shyéno vasatim patāmi.

Indram namasyannupmébirarkairyah stotr’bhyo havyo asti yāman.


Padpāŧh: Up| it| aham| dhan’dām| aprati’itam| jushŧām| n’| shyénah| vasatim| patāmi|

Indram| namasyan| up’mébhih| arkaih| yah| stotr’bhyah| havyah| asti| yāman.


1Only through worship2 I reach3 that gives wealth4, invincible5, the one who is used with love6, nest7 as if hawk8.

Respecting the controller of organs, with comparable suns9, who is able to self sacrifice10, for the persons that offer Stavans11, in the way12.


1.       R’shi: Hirañyastūp Mahimvat Āngiras

Dévtā/Divine Subject: Indr, the controller of organs.

Chhand/Meter: Nichr’t Trishŧup

Svar: Dhaivat

2.       up it’ in original rext.

3.       patāmi’ in original text.

4.       dhanadām’ in original text.

I reach individually, not because We are the

Creator, but because We are interested in her individually.

Dhanadām’ in original text is in feminine gender.

I never reach individually to a woman, even if she gives wealth, who does not worship.

Never forget Ved is a book of movement.

It does not want to create a nation.

It wants to federate nations instead.

It wants to federate the entire infinite creations even.

It does not want to destroy your individuality.

On the contrary, it wants to develop and evolve your individuality instead.

Hinduism is actually a federation of infinite individualities.

These infinite individualities are federated here for their own benefits, achieving their goals in such a way that none of others is harmed.

Yes, it is possible.


Ved answers this question principally and Our eternal Ācharañ Nāyak, Param Purush, answers this question practically.

The persons who think this movement is true and practical, but can’t/don’t join it due to their various individual reasons feel shame in not joining it.

So, they join the wicked persons knowingly or unknowingly.

They never talk on Hinduism rationally.

They tell Hinduism maybe right but Hindus are not.

Well, they know very well that they are not being called to be what the other Hindus are.

They are being called to join a movement.

What is the rational behind claiming that a movement is right, but he/she is not joining it because the other persons in the movement are not true to their convictions?

Even if they are not, are you?

It maybe that they are not true to their convictions, but it is the same with you too.

The kettle is calling the pot black.

Haven’t you yourself accepted that the movement is right?

Then isn’t it your own conviction?

Are you true to it?

I reach individually to a woman, who gives wealth, if she worships’ ‘Upédaham dhanadām patāmi’, means her giving wealth is not enough for Us to reach her.

She may be giving wealth to others.

She may be even giving wealth to Our movement, Our mission of life/existence, Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam.

But she does not have proper training for using Our grace she gets thus, to develop and evolve herself and others correctly.

So, it may be even harmful to her.

Our shaktipāt, Our grace, Our energy is only available to a person who takes proper training for using it correctly.

Of course, she could get financial benefits by giving wealth thus.

But there is a vast difference in getting financial benefits from Us and getting Shaktipāt from Us.

5.   ‘Invincible’, ‘Apratītam’.

This is one of the other benefits she may get, but not Shaktipāt however.

6.  Jushŧām’ in original text.

It is the second benefit she may get, but not Shaktipāt however, until and unless she doesn’t take proper training for it.

We don’t want the persons to be able to purchase Shaktipāt.

It cannot be purchased anyhow.

Even if a person gives every individual penny s/he has, s/he cannot purchase Our Shaktipāt.

S/he can get it through proper training and through proper training only.

It is Our System We have established for the benefits of Sukr’ts, and it cannot be changed, amended or destroyed.

You are allowed to fight against it, change it, amend it and even destroy it if you want.

But the history of humankind till now is in evidence that no such persons ever succeeded in changing, amending or in destroying it.

The Rāxas societies in the leaderships of Hirañý Kashipu, Hirañyāx, and Rāvañ etc. tried their best to do it.

Where are those Rāxas societies today?

The Pārsīs rejected Our system of Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam.

They called themselves Pārsīs attributing Hindus sex obsessed primitive pagans.

When they started, they established their own vast empire even, gradually, eventually.

But they couldn’t face the Islamic aggression.


If they were really Pāras, the stone that converted irons into gold, why couldn’t they convert the Musalmīn as well?

At least they should have saved their own identity and their own homeland.

Why they had to resort to the homeland of the primitive sex obsessed Hindus they despised so much?

The same Islam, with all of its aggression attacked the homeland of the primitive sex obsessed Hindus too.

What could it get?

Only Pakistan that too was divided into Bangladesh and Pakistan soon.

Doesn’t it prove that Our system to protect Sukr’ts is infallible?

7.       Vasatim’ in original text.

I never reach any dhanadā even, if she is not in a nest.

Our system does not accept the nestlessness of a woman even if she worships Us and gives wealth to Our cause.

It is not enough for a woman.

A nestless woman is open to the selfish and wicked ones.

We give her at least parents.

She cannot be nestless until and unless she refuses their patronage, or they are dead.

Even if her parents are dead, she must approach to a Sukr’t, or a society of Sukr’ts.

It is impossible there isn’t even one Sukr’t anywhere.

Param Purush is always there.

One may say that Param Purush does not exist, but then Our system also does not exist because it is based on Ved, and Ved acknowledges the immortal existence of Param Purush.

Védāhamétam Purusham mahāntamāditývarñam tamasah parastāt.

Tamév viditvāti mr’tyuméti nānyah panthā vidyaté’yanāý.’

1I KNOW this man2, the END of greatness3/the great End4, to be chosen5/having color LIKE SUN, BEYOND THE REACH OF DARKNESS.
KNOWING ONLY HIM, one crosses death.
There isn’t another way to live the life.’

Ved: 2 Yajurvéd: 31|18

8.   N’ Shyéno ’’ in original text.

It is believed that ‘Shyén’, hawk/eagle, is the utmost sexiest among birds.

I reach ‘dhanadām’, the woman that gives wealth, invincible, the one who is used with love, ‘I reach nest as if hawk/eagleUpédaham dhanadāmapratītam jushŧām n’ shyéno vasatim patāmi’ does mean that it is Our own responsibility, a woman must get optimum love and sex.

It’s her ‘Bhog’ she must get from Us.

It’s Our duty to provide her what she needs.

Naturally, the ‘Purush’ We have made, for it, is made quite capable to do it.

In his absence, Hindu Vishv must arrange accordingly optimum, as Hindu Vishv represents both Us and him, if he is not present somewhere.

Hindu Vishv, if it is really Hindu Vishv, can’t run away from its responsibility We have ordered here.

After its duties towards Our Ācharañ Nāyak/Vishvarshi/Hindu Vishv itself, the utmost prior duties the Hindu Vishv has to pay its attention to, is to arrange so that no woman is available to any wicked.

It must arrange and manage that every Sukr’t must be as if a hawk/eagle in this matter.

He must never hate sex/women.

We know the so-called cultured persons say it is itself wicked to think of sex even.

But this Mantr wants you to decide who will decide your system and mission of life and existence.

You cannot tolerate it any more.

How can you be a cultured person, a gentleman, a lady, if you cannot provide a woman even a Sukr’t husband?

Isn’t it the everfirst duty of an actual gentleman and an actual lady?

How can you bear that a woman is forced to transfer a wicked’s wickedness to the next generation?

And if you bear it, how you can be a gentleman or a lady actually?

Of course, the wicked ones and the fools would never agree to it.

But why do you too?

If they don’t care what you want, why do you care what they want?

Is their conviction to wickedness is more intense than your own conviction to humanity/Us?

If it is, should it be ever?

Should you ever be less convicted to humanity/Us than the wicked ones are convicted to their vile selfish wickedness even?

And if it is so, are you really a gentleman/lady?

And if it is so, who should improve him/herself?

We know, some of you want to avoid conflicts with the wicked ones.

But the wicked ones don’t want to avoid conflicts with you on the cost of their wickedness.

Do you want to avoid conflicts with the wicked ones on the cost of your humanity?

Then humanity can never win.

How the humanity can ever win on the wickedness, if its followers always surrender to the wicked ones?

Such coward persons can never run Our movement of Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam.

Hinduism is a movement of the brave persons, not that of cowards.

You can’t make all better, ‘Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam’, until and unless you don’t augment Indr, the controller of organs, urging the utmost beautiful girls and young ladies:

Été asr’gramāshavo’ti hvarānsi babhravah, Somā r’tasý dhārayā.

Indram vardhanto apturah Kr’ñvanto vishvamāryam,

Apaghnanto arāvñah.’

‘These Swift flowing tawny colored Som, with a stream of eternal truth, let loose/proceed, augmenting Indr, urging the utmost beautiful young girls and ladies,making all better, destroying the withholders.’

Ved: 1 R’gved: 9|63|4-5

You should never forget that to make all better, Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam’, it is not enough to be an Ārý, a better person, only.

You have to augment, expand Indr too, ‘indram vardhantah’.

Until and unless you don’t augment indr, ‘indram vardhantah’, you cannot complete your mission of life/existence.

You have to provide enough indrs to the women so that none of them has to surrender to any wicked, ‘apturah’.

Don’t listen to the wicked ones who criticize that no religion must do this.

And if Hinduism/Ved does it as a mission of life/existence, Hinduism/Ved is not a religion.

The wicked ones have to adopt this attitude for their own survival.

Do you want the survival of the wicked ones, keeping them wicked?

If not, how can you surrender to their selfish and vile wishes ever, at all?

They can adopt any attitude whatsoever they may see fit.

How can you?

9.   Indram namasyan up’mébhih arkaih’ in

original text.

Comparable suns’ ‘up’mébhih arkaih’ is said as a figure of speech here.

You have to study, peruse and even analyze the history of the persons who have already done it in the past.

Naturally, you have to face almost the same problems they had to face.

Yet, never forget, the path of ‘Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam’ is never always full of invincible problems.

The wicked ones are never absolutely invincibles.

Of course, Lord Ram had to face a great difficult forest life for fourteen years continuously because the wicked ones were more powerful then, for that particular period.

But, after those fourteen years, Lord Ram had never to see backward.

It’s similar with every one of our obedients who either wants to be an Indr, a controller of organs, or has achieved to be the same.

So many of the persons lose their courage when they see the difficulties of the path of Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam.

Yet, they forget it’s only primary stage.

After some time, when the wicked lose their power to the nobles/Sukr’ts, the Sukr’ts have never to see backwards, if they really follow Our System, as inteligentally as they should.

The wicked can never win indefinitely in Our System if the Sukr’ts do really follow Our System We have given them in Ved.

Indram namasyan up’mébhih arkaih’ means you can’t do it dishonoring and disrespecting the Indrs.

It is Our surefire System in Our infinite creations, that the persons who don’t control their organs, anindrs, can’t win over the persons who control their organs, Indrs.

The System never allows the ultimate defeat of an Indr, even in this physical material world.

If it were possible, communism did not have to lose its power within such a short time as seventy-two years only.

But the condition is, you have to follow the‘Comparable suns’ ‘up’mébhih arkaih’ ‘respecting the persons who control their organs.

You have to progress.

Our System is Progressive.

Indr préhi purastvam.’

Controller of organs, you keep marching ahead.’

Ved: 4 Atharv Ved: 20|5|3

There are so many persons who believe that the path of Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam is always full of sacrifices and sacrifices only.

You have even to die for it.

There aren’t any sweet fruits for you in it in this physical world.

You would get them only after you die, in heaven.


They are quite mistaken.

If what they hold is true, it means all the comforts and luxuries of this physical world are  only for the persons who don’t do Kr’ñvanto Vishvamāryam, ever.

Is it possible?

You have to sacrifice in this path only till your collective Shaktimān is not greater than the collective Shaktimān of vr’trs/dushkr’ts/ the wicked ones.

Once you cross them in your collective Shaktimān, there maybe some of you who don’t have their proper individual Shaktimān who still have to sacrifice somewhat longer, but not all of you.

Wickedness can’t win indefinitely on nobility in Our System spread all over in Our infinite creations.

We haven’t made Our infinite creations for the comforts and luxuries of the wicked ones.

They win on the Sukr’ts only when the Sukr’ts follow their own childish systems.

They don’t get guidance from Our Immortal Constitution.

Well, that’s their own fault.

They are given absolute freedom even to reject Us, abuse Us, reject Our Immortal Constitution, and do anything whatsoever they damn please.

We haven’t created infinite creations to exhibit Our almightiness.

We don’t need it.

Aren’t We almighty irrespective of anyone’s acceptance of it?

The people conceive erroneous ideas about Us and expect Us to follow them.

If We do really exist why should We do it?

And if We don’t exist as some of you think in their childish ignorance why should even then We do it?

10.  Havyo asti’.

No indefinite self-sacrifice is necessary, never forget.

You have to do it only till your individual Shaktimān doesn’t cross the collective Shaktimān of the wicked ones, and/or your imaginations, your mind, your brain and your heart is not purified optimum.

Once your individual Shaktimān has crossed this point, you would never have to see backwards.

Never learn anything about Us and Our Immortal Constitution from the persons who don’t themselves learn from Our Immortal Constitution.

How can We held responsible for their own childish ideas?

Haven’t We revealed Our Immortal Constitution for people?.      

11. ‘Stotr’bhyah’.

Only through worship2 I reach3 for the persons that offer StavansUpédaham patāmi stotr’bhyah’ is an important revelation.

It explains why do We reach individually even a woman that gives wealth for Our cause, even if she does not offer Stavans to Us.

Even it is done for the persons that offer Stavans’ ‘stotr’bhyah’, not for the persons who don’t offer Stavans to Us.

One may say why this condition is necessary if We don’t want Us praised.

But the question itself explains that neither the person asking this question has offered any Stavan ever to Us nor s/he does understand what a Stavan is.

Stavan is not Our praise even infinitesimally.

It contains two main parts.

The first part is Meditation.

It unites your  infinite etheric bodies in one united brain mentally.

It enhances your energy, collecting it, at a place.

It unites your diversified imaginations, ideas, thoughts, knowledge and plans into one unified entity, enhancing their intensity:

Tīvr samvégānāmāsannah.’

Pātanjal Yogdarshanam: Samādhipād 21

Mr’dumadhýādhimātratvāttato’pi vishéshah

Pātanjal Yogdarshanam: Samādhipād 22

Moreover, it synchronizes your brain with the Universal eternal facts, the persons present where you are and the entire infinite creations.

The second part of the Stavan is, understanding what’s taken in it.

It distributes the shaktipāt, received in Meditation, properly, in your body, to its proper places.

12.   Only through worship2 I reach in the way’  ‘Upédaham patāmi yāman’ does mean I do it only when a person, the woman giving the wealth, does it in Our path:

‘Nānyah panthā vidyaté’ýnāý’.

‘No other way does exist to live the life.’

Ved: 2 Yajurvéd: 31|18

If she does not do it in Our path, We never reach her, whatsoever wealth she may spend anywhere.

R’gved: Mandal 1| Sookt 33| Mantr 10


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