Ashwani Kumar did for what he was made CBI Director improperly: DSM Satyarthi

Ashwani Kumar did for what he was made CBI Director improperly: DSM Satyarthi

I doubted the intentions of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh when they brought Ashwani Kumar from Himachal Pradesh to supersede ML Sharma one year his senior.

Manmohan Singh is a slave.

He was chosen to act as a puppet from Rajy’ Sabha, and he never faced any election to be a popular leader.

Sonia Gandhi is a habitual and experienced slave driver.

I think she is still an Italian more, than she is an Indian.

When Ashwani Kumar was made CBI Director, improperly, superseding ML Sharma his one year senior, Sonia Gandhi was preparing for three black deeds she did ultimately:

1. To arrange clean chit for Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar.

2. To punish Narendr Modi for his devout nationalism.

3. To arrange clean chit for Quattrocchi, so that he can use his black money and use it to protect himself, even by possible disappearance.

It is an example,  to the extent Sonia Gandhi can go to help her acquaintances and her maiden countrymen, on the cost of India and India’s welfare.

The traitors of India must take lessons from her devotion to her maiden country.

Now, there are some questions:

Should the Indians allow it to go on?

Should the vote hound politicians still support her against India’s welfare?

If yes, should Indians vote for these vote hound politicians?

I leave it to your patriotism and conscience.

I’m not asking you to vote for BJP.

You can vote anyone you want to.

I ask you only NOT to vote the persons acting against India’s welfare, if you are really an Indian, even to the extent Sonia Gandhi is an Italian.

Traitors, don’t you have any shame at all?


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