The Muslim beauties are wooing Hindu men FASTEST

The Muslim beauties are

wooing Hindu men FASTEST

DSM Satyarthi

Present day Islam is suffering from an interesting problem:
My friend, Sidrah, observes:
‘Agreed, a few Muslims may have made a name in history, but do remember that so have Christians and so have Hindus, in larger numbers than Muslims have. However, what I’m talking about is not from a “celebrity” perspective, but more from a general perspective. If you’re finding what I’ve said hard to digest, then I’d like you to visit any Muslim locality, and you’ll realize why I’m saying what I am. Muslim men just don’t go for an education. They don’t work. They just hang out on the streets in clusters till late in the night and do absolutely nothing. Their only interest, apparently, is girls, and that’s the only thing they’re good at – chasing them. Today, a Muslim girl can pass through a Hindu locality with ease, but through a Muslim locality, she’s the target of lustful glares and what not. It’s, frankly, an embarrassment to walk through a Muslim locality. Muslim men are too narrow-minded and too restrictive. The last thing they’d want is for their women to have an education or for their women to work. Take a consensus. Ask a group of Muslim men if they’d allow a woman from their household to work. You’ll get the answer.
Compare that to the Hindu male. A Hindu man has an education. A Hindu man holds a good job or has his own business. A Hindu man is much more financially secure than a Muslim man. A Hindu man is open-minded and more accommodative to things like a woman working and a woman having an education. The list, I’m sure, will go on, and the Hindu man will outdo the Muslim man in almost every aspect.
So in short, a Hindu man has all the qualities that can make a Muslim woman happy that a Muslim man lacks in a serious way. And for that same reason, Muslim women have started seeking affairs with Hindu men.

I’ve witnessed several such cases myself.

Hindu men are just more desirable to Muslim women at present.
And if you don’t like it, which I’m sure most Muslim men don’t, then it’s high time you lot started changing yourselves. Give your women the happiness every woman needs, and they won’t be looking elsewhere for it. That’s all I have to say.’…
Farhan from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; said:
‘sidra come to me i ll show u wat r muslim guys?
i m well educated studied in pune
many of non muslim girls were want to be with me
but as i m muslim so i didnt think abut anybody.’…
Sidrah answered:
‘I don’t need to come to you, and I don’t need to go to any Muslim guy, for that matter. Your intention that I do just proves my point further – Muslim men can think of nothing but girls coming to them, or them chasing after girls. Okay, you may be educated, but does one educated man in a thousand uneducated men prove to be of significance? Why don’t you, for a change, come from where you are, and visit any Muslim locality. You’ll find that most of the men are uneducated, they don’t work, they live off their father’s money, and more than often, they’re standing on the streets with friends till late in the night, or hanging out with friends, or riding on their bikes in the locality, doing absolutely nothing. Try and prove that wrong. Even if some are are educated, or even if some do work, they don’t lag behind in the same narrow-minded mentality, as well as behavior, that the myriads of their uneducated and useless counterparts possess.’

My comment was:
‘Sorry. I have to agree with Saira and Sidra. Every body has his own type of experiences. I think Muslim girls, and my experiences are that even Muslim women do like Hindu males more because the Hindu males are more dependable. They respect the relations once established.’…

Sidrah further says:
It is true that Muslim women are starting to prefer Hindu men over Muslim men, and the basic reason for that is that Hindu men are better educated, more cultured, more financially secure, and more open-minded than Muslim men. Every woman desires a good life, and the way I see it, a Muslim woman has a better chance of being happy with a Hindu man for the rest of a life rather than with a Muslim man.’…

Saira says:
‘good evening sir, I am saira in bombay india, I only prefer hindu and sometimes sikh/chrsitian/buddist men in bed. sleeping around is always fun but muslim men are quite poor in bed and usualy insecure.’…

My one of the closest friends, Khadeejah Muhammad says:

‘You are right. The bastard does not know what a Muslim country is really like. India is heaven as compared to those living hells on earth. I don’t hate burqa. In fact, I myself use it. But it should not be forced, as it is in Muslim countries. India is better for us Muslimahs. We are not alone here, as India has a large Muslim population. In addition to that, we Muslimahs can have better lovers here too, Hindus I mean. Hindus treat us Muslimahs equal, not inferior to them as Muslims do. In fact, I recommend Hindu lovers for all the Muslimahs. Just try them and experience the real joy of life.’…

A Muslim guy from UK surrenders to the situation, thus:
‘sorry we muslim r not sleeping with others women. our relegion dont allow as. have a nice sleep with other men. u wann get muslim for ur bed.
thanks bech.’

This situation was not unanticipated to me.
I warned the entire sophisticated Muslim society from it repeatedly:…
‘The everdirty ABC has gone beyond all limits in his unique obsession with obscenity.

He writes:
‘Kanjar Durgesh talking of disgrace to noble Paks with his mouth piece randis talking in his support.’

Any man who opposes his extreme obscenity is a KANJAR.
Any sane woman who opposes his extreme obscenity is MY MOUTHPIECE RANDI.
And, he is NOBLE.
He calls me KANJAR, because I’m against his insane extreme obscenity.
He calls sophisticated respected MUSLIM LADIES like Khadeejah Muhammad, Saiyada Fatima, Zubeda Sheikh, etc. MY MOUTHPIECE RANDIS, disgracing the entire womankind, thus, actually.
I invite the entire womankind to kick the everdirty beast, hardest.
Let’s deal with the everdirty beast for once and all.
Let’s see the insanes who agree with this idiot.
He, and the persons like him, are a disgrace to their entire society.

The obscenity is ABC to XYZ /Hindukush Raid’s TRUE religion.
he is expert in obscenity only.
He can’t write even a single line without it.
What a moron!
He does not know anything about Islam, Qur’ane Kareem and Ahadeese Muqaddasat.
When he is confronted with them, he runs away; and reappears when the temperature is down.
If you have courage enough to go through all his posts, it’ll be easy to find out that his commitment to obscenity is too much far greater than even his commitment to Islam.

The morons ABC to XYZ, Hindukush Raid, Jack, KBK, Shul, Leo, AAAA, Double AAAA; are unable to answer me, still now.
It should be noted.
Thus, it is proved, extensively; that according to the globally respected scholar of Islam, Maulana Saiyad Abul Aala Maududi, rahamatullah alaihi; even the door to Qur’ane Kareem, is closed to these obscene persons.
They are not Muslims, thus; they are MUNAFIQEEN.

‘Whenever it is said to them, “Spread not disorder on the earth”, their reply is, “We only seek to put things aright”.
Al Qur’an Al Kareem: 2 Al Baqarah: 11
‘Beware! They do spread disorder but they realize it not.’
Al Qur’an Al Kareem: 2 Al Baqarah: 12

‘Andhantamah pravishanti ye’vidyamupasate,
Tato bhooy’iv te tamo y’u viyayagvang rataah.’

‘To blinding darkness go those who make a cult of Nescience.
The devotees of the so called science enter darkness that is darker still.’

-Ved 2Y|40|12.

This beast Double AAAA/ ABC to XYZ/the changing ID moron; is disgrace to Islam, not to me.
The Beast is, as one can see, fully exposed now.
I am not answering these beasts. They do not deserve that much attention from any sane person.
These are the persons who claim, they represent Islam.
This is the vulgar brigade of the fanatics.
As one can see from their entire vulgar and obscene posts, they are not talking of Qur’ano ahadees, even a slightest bit.
They even can’t.
They can’t discuss any issue.
They challenge, and when faced, they run away.
They are bloody black mailers, who black mail sophisticated persons that they don’t oppose them, otherwise they will have to face this entire garbage of vulgarism and obscenity.
They are only abusing their opponents calling them dirty, vulgar and obscene names and titles.
They think this is the holy work they are doing.
I am not asking them, to reconsider what they are doing.
They are beyond sanity.
I am not asking they should stop it.
They can very well continue it.
The key question is: To which extent the real Islamic society can bear these beasts?
If even now, none of the Muslims want to come forward and stop these beasts, the disgrace to Islam is continued.
After 9/11 as Islam is being thought synonymous to terrorism, and Muslims are disrespected everywhere, a new phase will be added more.
The name of Islam will be synonymous to vulgarism more and it will be observed as the most disrespectful ‘religion'(?) to the entire womankind.
A Muslim Woman is already REJECTING these beasts as her life partner, and has already started to marry Hindu males.
Sidrah, and my wife, Saiyada Fatima PhD, are only examples of the same.
They tried their best to make them responsible, but failed miserably.

Read these beasts’ obscene posts and think gravely.
Who sane woman can even agree to marry these beasts?
Let women alone, will any sane Muslim can marry his sister or daughter to these beasts?
The next step is: A woman will be shameful to tell anyone that she is a Muslim even.
And, this all is due to these beasts who claim to represent Islam.

If the entire Muslim society, the Ummate Wist, do not have any objection to this image of Islam, I have nothing to say.

It’s your people.

‘Whenever it is said to them, “Spread not disorder on the earth”, their reply is, “We only seek to put things aright”.
Al Qur’an Al Kareem: 2 Al Baqarah: 11

‘Beware! They do spread disorder but they realize it not.’
Al Qur’an Al Kareem: 2 Al Baqarah: 12

‘Do not revile those whom they invoke rather than Allah, because they will revile Allah in ignorance out of spite.’
Al Qur’an Al Kareem: 6 Al An’am: 108

‘Andhantamah pravishanti ye’vidyamupasate,
Tato bhooy’iv te tamo y’u viyayagvang rataah.’

‘To blinding darkness go those who make a cult of Nescience.
The devotees of the so called science enter darkness that is darker still.’

-Ved 2Y|40|12.

Alas, they did not pay any proper attention to it.
The consequence is here now.

The grave matter to be thought out is, that these Muslim beauties are determined to compete with other beauties in the matter, quite determined to win out them.
They are winning out, moreover.
The other normal Muslim women are watching these sizzling Muslim beauties with quite an envy.
Hindus are not aware of it that it’s a carefully thought out approach of modern westernized Muslim beauties.
Is everything really okay?
Or, is there  some sinister conspiracy behind it?

According to my recent information, the trend is going to an upward increase, more and more, day by day.

Even the live-in relationship, among Hindu men and Muslim women, has gone, miraculously, towards an upward increase.

The graph is going rather steep up, day by day.

Delhi, India


‘I have read all this blog. I am a tall and beautiful Muslim woman of 26 living in Dubai and Bombay. I know that Muslim women love Hindu men. Hindus provide great sex to Muslim women and as I know there may not be even a single woman in Bombay who is not having sexual relationship with a Hindu man. Muslim women say that when a Hindu fucks their vagina, his penis curls up inside giving them unknown pleasures and taking them to greatest heights of sexual enjoyment. That is the reason all Muslim women are mad after Hindus, right from India upto Saudi Arabia.’:

There is also one more protest against present day Muslim attitude to sex:

My daughter  is marrying  a   non-Muslim man

A MUSLIM actress has caused a storm by posing naked for Playboy.

The price of marrying a Muslim

Marrying a Muslim man

Women’s High status and Privileged Position


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