Ved: Ved Bhashy: R’gved: Mandal 3: Sookt 1: Mantr 1

Ved: Ved Bhashy:


Mandal 3: Sookt 1: Mantr 1

DSM Satyarthi

1.Somasý mā tavsam vaxyagné vahnim chakarth vidathé yajadhyai,

Dévān achchhā dīdyad yunjé adrim shamāyé agné tanvam jushasv.


Padpāŧh: Somasý| mā| tavsam| vaxi| agné| vahnim| chakarth| vidathé| yajadhyai|

Dévān| achchh| dīdyat| yunjé| adrim| sham-āyé| agné| tanvam| jushasv.


1.1You tell me the power2 of Som3, Agni4! You all5 have made the bearer6 for holy war7, for the worshiper in meditation8 and bearer9. One should bright10 the divine ones11 properly12 for unity13/I unite14. Protect the stone present15, Agni16! Love individually17 the female body18.


1.This is the third Book/Mandal of R’gved.

It contains 62 Sookts/hymns.

R’shi: Vishvāmitr Gāthinah.

Dévtā: Agni.

Chhand/Meter: Trishtup.

The first Sookt/hymn contains 23 Mantrs/Verses.


What can be done by Som.

Som is not only sexual intercourse.

We haven’t made man and woman for sexual intercourse only.

For the atheists it is easy to assume that man and woman may enjoy free sex.

They don’t think the creations have any purpose at all.

You can’t do it.

You are Agni, one who leads to light.

You are a responsible person.

3.‘You tell me the power of Som.’

Somasý mā tavsam vaxi’

You individually do it.

You personally do it.

‘Vaxi’ is in singular number, indicating that it is an individual, a personal responsibility, of a person who leads to light.

Of course you do have a responsible society of Sukr’ts/noble doers too.

The society, as a whole, is also responsible for all the goals, you are responsible for.

Yet, you can’t leave this responsibility on the shoulders of the society.

It’s your individual and personal responsibility, and you’ll be held responsible for it in the Life Hereafter, too, as well as in the life in this world.

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